We will be glad to see you among the participants

II International scientific-practical conference

“Diaghilev: The Art of Producing.

Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!”

commemorating the 146th birth anniversary of Sergei Diaghilev

and the 110th anniversary of the “Opera seasons” in Paris

March 29, 2018


“Diaghilev’s Russian ballet, the most advanced ballet in the world,

should not linger at one stage, living only in the past and even in the present;

on the contrary, it must foreshadow the future, show the way for the crowd,

and discover things that have not been discovered yet by anyone”.

Sergei Diaghilev, 25.04.1924.



The Second International scientific-practical conference “Diaghilev: The Art of Producing. Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow!” will again become a challenging site for academic and practical communication. The site will be based on one of the oldest ballet schools in the world, which celebrates its 280th anniversary this year and which name is closely linked with rise and worldwide recognition of the Russian ballet school.

The first Diaghilev conference regarding producing took place on March 31, 2017 — at the day of Diaghilev`s 145th anniversary. Together with a “counterintuitive” concert in the Shiraev academic theatre where students of the Academy and special guests acted not only as ballet dancers, this Conference was dedicated to the 110th anniversary of the “Historical Russian concerts”.

This year, the year of 110th anniversary of famous “Opera seasons” during which Chaliapin’s appearance in Boris Godunov by Mussorgsky conquered the French, within the cultural programme of the Conference a VII concert of the international status project “OPERA-GALA. Soloists of the world’s opera houses in St. Petersburg” will be put on in the Grand Philharmonic Hall.

        The programme of the Conference comprises exchange of scientific and practical knowledge in the study of the phenomenon of Diaghilev and the "Russian Seasons"; interdisciplinary research of effective management tools and producing in the field of performing arts, cultural organizations and institutions; various aspects of theory and practice of creativity regulation; cross-cultural and global information communications; training of manager students and producers.


Organizer of the Conference — Vaganova Ballet Academy:

Ø Department of ballet art http://vaganovaacademy.ru/academy/structure/kafedri/baletovedenie/ 

Ø Interdisciplinary scientific-practical laboratory of the art of producing named after Diaghilev at the Department of ballet art of the Vaganova Ballet Academy (“Diaghilev’s Lab”).


Cultural program within the framework of the Conference:

Ø Thematic guided visit of the Memorial cabinet of the history of national choreographic education (Museum of Academy) http://vaganovaacademy.ru/academy/structure/uch-vspom-otdeli/memorial.html

Ø In honor of the 110th anniversary of the Diaghilev’s “Opera seasons” within the framework of the cultural program of the Conference a premiere of the VII program “BE MY LOVE” of the international status project“OPERA-GALA. Soloists of the world’s opera houses in St. Petersburg” will be held at the Grand Philharmonic Hall. One of the leading belcanto tenors, brilliant Khachatur Badalyan will perform together with Cellia Costea — Romanian star, soloists of the world’s most important opera houses. The program includes masterpieces of opera love lyrics, gems of belcanto, world’s opera classics overtures, arias and duets from famous operas by Massenet, Gounod, Bizet, Verdi, Puccini and Lehar. Concert starts at 20.00. Performing participants of the Conference will attend the premiere free of charge. http://www.philharmonia.spb.ru/en/afisha/206567/

Timeframe and procedure for registry:
Please, fill in the following registration form http://vaganovaacademy.ru/nauchnaya/seminari/dyagilev-konferencia.html

Time limit for report — up to 15 minutes (including questions).

Deadline for application forms and topics of reports is March 23, 2018. In case of not receiving the notification of successful on-line registration within two working days after it, please, contact the organizing committee at the following e-mail. Abstracts are to be sent to the following e-mail address diaghilevlab@vaganovaacademy.ru up to March 25, 2018.

Organizers reserve the right to decline applications which are not relevant to the theme and format of the Conference. Notifications will be sent to the authors of abstracts and reports no later than March 25, 2018.

Correspondence participation is possible.

Following the Conference, abstracts and reports can be approved for publication in the scientific magazine “Herald of the Vaganova Ballet Academy” (in case they meet the above mentioned requirements), which is placed on the list of SAC and RSCI.

Registration of the listeners of the Conference:

Registration is being held at the web-site http://vaganovaacademy.ru/nauchnaya/seminari/dyagilev-konferencia.html In the line “Full name of the report”, please state: “Listener of the Conference”. You can also send a listener’s application in accordance with a set form (from the site) by E-mail diaghilevlab@vaganovaacademy.ru.


Time of beginning of the Conference will be announced after completion of receiving and processing of the speakers’ applications. Approximately it will start at 12.00, finishing is at 19.00, with an intermission.

Research supervisor of the project:
Larisa Ivanovna Abyzova, acting head of the Department of ballet art of the Vaganova

Ballet Academy, Ph.D in Art history, associate professor. http://vaganovaacademy.ru/academy/structure/kafedri/baletovedenie/abyzova-l-i.html


Maria Olegovna Potolokova, corresponding member of World Academy of Science for Complex Safety, RANS, Doctor of Economics, professor of the Department of ballet art of the Vaganova Ballet Academy. http://vaganovaacademy.ru/academy/structure/kafedri/baletovedenie/potolokova.html

Rinat Rafisovich Dulmaganov, founder and the head of Diaghelev’s laboratory, member of the International Union of Musical Workers, General Producer of the National Opera Centre and Public Fund of Performing Arts, Ph.D candidate of the Department of ballet art of the Vaganova Ballet Academy. http://vaganovaacademy.ru/academy/structure/kafedri/baletovedenie/dulmaganov-rinat.html

Conference coordinators:

Inna Muaedovna Konotop,Ph.D candidate of the Department of ballet art of theVaganova Ballet Academy.

Almira Ilyasovna Zinnurova, second-year student in the Master’s programme “Producing of

choreographic art” of the Department of ballet art of theVaganova Ballet Academy.


Alexander Vasilyev, Zlata Voynova, Anastasia Demakina, Alla Leontyeva — students in the programs “Management of performing art” and “Producing of choreographic art” of the Department of ballet art of the Vaganova Ballet Academy.

Archive of the Conference:

In Englishhttp://vaganovaacademy.ru/international-conferences/diaghilev-conf.html and the Program in Russian http://vaganovaacademy.ru/vaganova/science/conferences/Dyagilev/Conf_Dyagiliev_program.pdf

Contacts: diaghilevlab@vaganovaacademy.ru

Address of the Vaganova Ballet Academy: 191023, St. Petersburg, Architect Rossi str., 2, tel. (+7-812) 456-07-65.

We will be glad to see you among the participants

of the International Diaghilev Conference!

Requirements for abstract:

Abstracts must be relevant to the theme of the conference and meet abstract requirements. Research supervisor of the project reserves the right to decline applications. The main body of the abstract either in Russian or English language is limited of 4000 symbols including spaces without metadata in Russian and English language (Microsoft Office 2007-2010, Times New Roman, 14-point type). Tables, charts, Literature section and accentuations are not permitted. References (if necessary) are given inside parenthesis within the main body of the text omitting separate chapter at the end of abstract’s main body. Page numbering, text wrapping are also prohibited. Page Setup: Alignment justified, headline complex – left alignment, indentation 1,25 cm, spacing before and after lines – 0 pts, 1,5 line spacing, all margins – 2 cm. Structure of abstract consisted of 3 blocks: 


Block 1 and 2 (metadata in Russian and English language), following one after another, must be placed before the main body of the abstract and includes:

- Full name and family name of the author (authors) – italics

- University or other organization title 

- Title of the abstract (semi-bold, lower-case letter)

- Annotation (limited to 250 symbols with spaces) 

- 3-5 Key-words.


Block 3: The main body of abstract in Russian and English (limited to 4000 symbols including spaces).

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