Environment. Ecological problems

My family

My name is …………… 

I’m 17.

I was born on June 16th, 1999 in the town of Gantsevichi.

My father is a …………………………….. . He is 40.

My mother works as a …………………………. . She is 37 years old.

I also have a sister and a brother.

They are both pupils.

Our family is very united.

In the evening we watch TV, read books and newspapers, listen to music and discuss different problems.

We often go to the village to see our grandparents.

We are happy when we are together.

I have some other relatives: uncles, aunts and cousins.

I also like to spend time with my friends with whom I can laugh and joke.

As for me I appreciate people's honesty, kindness, intelligence and a sense of humour.

I like music, travelling and going in for sports.

In future I hope to have a  successful career, to build the home of my dreams and to find someone in my life to share all

that with.





The Republic of Belarus is situated in Eastern Europe.

It borders on Russia, Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania and Latvia.

It has an area of 207 thousand square kilometers and a population of about 10 million people.

The capital of the country is Minsk, with the population of about 2 million people.

The largest cities in Belarus are Brest, Vitebsk, Gomel, Grodno, and Mogilev.

There are about 20.000 rivers and streams in Belarus.

The longest rivers are the Dnieper, the Neman, the Western Dvina, the Pripyat, the Berezina, the Sozh and the Vilia.

There are about 11.000 lakes in Belarus.

The largest is Lake Naroch.

Forests cover a third of the country.

The climate in Belarus is moderately continental. 

There are several National parks and reserves in Belarus such as BelovezhskayaPushcha, Braslavsky and Narochansky

National parks, Berezinsky reserve and others.

Today Belarusian industry produces tractors, big lorries, computers, TV sets, bicycles, watches, fertilizers and textiles. 

Agriculture specializes in milk and meat production.

Belarus is a republic of well-developed science and culture. 

I like my country very much.




Clothes. Fashion

The first impression people make  fully depends on what clothes they wear.

These days, many people don’t think about clothes very much.

They just like to be comfortable.

At theatres and concerts they put on whatever they like: elegant suits and dresses, jeans and sweaters.

But any clothes should look clean and tidy.

Sometimes it’s important to wear the right thing.

In offices business people wear formal clothes: suits and ties for men, dresses and skirts for women.

Some people are dedicated followers of fashion, others put on the first thing they find in the morning.

As for me, I like to keep up-to-date with the changes in our society.

Fashion designers create beautiful clothes in which you look good and comfortable.

They know what young people want.

Sometimes my parents and friends say that my clothes are a bit strange.

I like to stand out from the crowd, to shock and provoke people around me.

If I need to buy something new, I choose what I like best and what I can afford to buy.

When I am not sure what to wear, I simply watch what other people do or ask the advice of my friends.

At school I usually wear a uniform.

At home I prefer to wear comfortable, baggy things.

For discos I put on bright, fashionable clothes, jeans and a pullover.



Customs and traditions

Lots of customs and traditions date back to early days.

They are the reflection of the country’s history.

To know customs and traditions means to understand people, their art and culture.

The British have such holidays as New Year’s Day, Christmas, St.Valentine’s Day, May Day, Guy Fawkes’ Day, Boxing Day,

Halloween and others.

Like many other countries, Belarus has its own holidays.

They are of two kinds: traditional national holidays and religious holidays.

We celebrate New Year’s Day, Christmas, Easter, the 8th of March, the 1st of May – the holiday of labour and spring.

Then comes Victory Day on the 9th of May.

One of the most important events in Belarusian culture is Kupalle – a holiday of nature.

Many people take part in this holiday enjoying music and spectacular rites.

People are fond of holidays as they bring fun and excitement in everybody’s life.

My favourite holiday is St. Valentine's Day.

February 14th is the day of lovers.

Boys and girls, lovers, husbands and wives exchange greetings of affection.

People give and get presents decorated with love emblems: hearts, roses, ribbons.

I like both giving and receiving presents.

I think that St. Valentine's Day is one of the best holidays of the year.



Environment. Ecological problems

Many years ago people lived in harmony with the environment because industry was not much developed.

Now the situation is quite different.

Newspapers and magazines write a lot about water pollution, air pollution and land pollution.

Large cities with thousands of smoky industrial enterprises appear all over the world.

They pollute the air we breathe, the water we drink, the land we live in.

Waste from factories, electric power stations, the chemical industry and heavy industry are very dangerous.

As a result many rare species of animals, birds, fish and plants disappear forever.

The accident at Chernobyl nuclear power station in April 1986 caused radioactive pollution of a vast area.

There are different international organizations which pay much attention to these problems.

The international organization Greenpeace is doing much to preserve the environment.

Radiation is also a very important problem because it is very dangerous for people's health.

Ecology studies the relation between people and the environment.

Each of us must do everything possible to keep our environment clean for ourselves and for the next generations.

We all want to live in a clean world.



Food. National Сuisine

There is a good proverb : “We eat to live, but do not live to eat.”

Nevertheless I like tasty food.

My daily meal consists of light breakfast, lunch (at school), dinner and supper.

In the morning I usually have some porridge and tea with toast and jam.

For dinner when I come home I have some soup, salad and fried fish. 

For supper we usually have different kinds of potato dishes or pasta.

I also like fruits and orange juice.

I like eating tasty food and Belarusian cuisine is my favourite.

Modern Belarusian cookery is based on old national traditions.

The most popular dishes are draniki, babka, zatirka and different meat products.

English people have three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The traditional English breakfast consists of bacon and eggs, cereal, toast with marmalade and a cup of tea or coffee.

For lunch many people eat a sandwich, cheese and biscuits or soup and bread.

A typical evening meal is meat with vegetables.

As for fast food (like McDonalds) I think it’s very bad for your health. 

In general to be healthy you should follow some rules.

Moderation in eating, reasonable hours of labour and study, enough sleeping time, rest and sport lay the foundations

for long healthy life. 



My Friend

I have a lot of friends.

Most of them are my schoolmates, but my best friend is …….....

He (She) is 15.          

………. has blue eyes, a round face, fair hair and a broad smile.

He is tall and strong. /   She is short and slim. /

I have known him (her) since our first school years.

I like …………... because he (she) is well-bred, jolly and kind.

……………..does well at school.

He (she) knows a lot of interesting stories and funny jokes.

We have much in common: we like discos, sport and computer games.

At weekends I come to his (her) place.

We listen to music or visit our friends.

We have a good time together.

We help each other and try not to quarrel.

I am happy to have such a friend as ………………. .

I am sure we’ll be friends forever.




Great Britain

The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland is situated on the British Isles.

It consists of four parts: England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland.

The territory of the UK is about 244.000 square kilometres.

The population is more than 55 million.

The capital of the country is London.

The United Kingdom is a monarchy and the Queen is the head of state.

But in practice it is ruled by the elected government with a Prime Minister at the head.

The British Parliament consists of two chambers: the House of Lords and the House of Commons.

There are three main political parties in Great Britain: the Labour, the Conservative and the Liberal parties.

Great Britain is a country with old cultural traditions and customs.

The most famous educational centres are Oxford and Cambridge universities.

There are many places of interest in Great Britain but most of them are in London.

They are Trafalgar Square, Westminster Abbey, the Houses of Parliament, Buckingham Palace (the residence of the

Queen), the National Gallery, Big Ben, the Thames, the British Museum, Tower Bridge, St Paul’s Cathedral,

the Tower of London and others.  

London is also famous for its beautiful parks such as Hyde Park and Regent’s Park.

Visiting the UK, one can't forget about its natural attractions such as the Highlands, Loch Ness, where some people think

a large monster lives, the Lake District – the place, associated with the history of English literature and a prehistoric

monument Stonehenge.



Healthy way of life


Everybody wants to live a long healthy life.

Nowadays a healthy body becomes a fashion, an ideal of modern life.

There are many ways to keep fit.

Healthy food is a very important factor.

We should eat low-fat food, more fruit and vegetables, meat, milk products, which are rich in vitamins and proteins.

To be healthy, a person must stop smoking and drinking much.

Nowadays there is a problem of taking drugs, especially among young people. 

Cigarettes, alcohol and drugs destroy both body and brain.

And the best way to be healthy is to go in for sports.

Sport is very important in our life.

Regular exercises make you feel and look better.

Sport makes people healthy, keeps them fit and more organized.

Many people do morning exercises, train themselves in different sections and take part in sport competitions.

We can go in for sports in winter and in summer, indoors and outdoors.

To keep fit, it’s useful to walk a lot, to play active games and spend a lot of time in the fresh air.

Physical training is an important subject at school.

So if you think that physical fitness and health are important, you are to go in for sports.



My Hobby

There are many different kinds of hobbies.

Some people take part in sports activities, dance, watch TV, do crafts, go on picnics.

Others like painting, computer programming, gardening, learning foreign languages or collecting something.

Family visits to country-houses and leisure parks are also popular.

Lots of people spend part of their leisure time travelling.

 All these occupations are for our enjoyment.

 As for me, I like to listen to music, play computer games and play chess.

Chess is a very interesting game.

It makes you think and train your brains.

Music allows to have a rest and relax.

Besides, I like some dynamic games.

I like to play volleyball most of all.

But I enjoy not only playing volleyball, but watching it as well.

In general, I like to mix with interesting people and it's my hobby too. 

Our hobbies are not constant, they are changing during lifetime.

I hope that some of my hobbies will last all my life.



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