Give an account of current views on smoking

It goes without saying that smoking is one of the major maladies of our century. And it’s the hardest habit to break. Millions of non-smokers all over the world are trying to fight the war against nicotine, but in the USA it’s became a battle. Smoking is a real big issue in the US nowadays; it’s a fighting issue. Even if you want to carry on smoking, it’s impossible; the anti-smoking lobby is just too strong. The non-smokers’ rights groups, the we-deserve-clean-air-to-breathe groups are adamant, they are overpowering, they are and they are winning. But the smokers don’t give up, they stick up for their rights. I think it’s a typical scene, isn’t it? I respect that in the USA there are non-smoking and smoking sections in planes, restaurants, cafes. I’m in favour of that, because smoking really damages our health greatly, even if we breathe in the cigarette smoke. Well, to crown the picture, the general trend in the USA is that the non-smokers are very vehement and adamant. They tend to scream, yell, jump up and down, pound their chests, beat on the floor and scream about their rights to live. But at the same time the smokers’ rights shouldn’t be restricted as well, and they shouldn’t be made feel guilty about smoking in society. May be, they want to give up smoking but just can’t do it, as it’s really very-very difficult if you are already addicted to it. So the society should be more patient and tolerant. I’m really for that.


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