Задание 2 Стандартный морской навигационный словарь-разговорник

Задание 1 Чтение

1Прочтите текст лоции, проставьте рядом с номерами пропущенных в тексте слов буквы соответствующих по смыслу слов из списка (одно слово – лишнее):

В этих текстах будут пропущены слова!

Lights:Two leading lights are exhibited, the front light, at an elevation of 12 feet, from a light-structure, situated on the northern side of ZamalinHarbour close to the coast and about 8cables northwardof Crew Point of the northern extremity of Allan Island; and the rear light at an elevationof 20 feet, from a circular hut, situated about three-quarters of a cable northward of the front light. These lights in line, bearing 346°, lead into ZamalinHarbour.

Lights:Rearlight, on the western edge of Hope Shoal, in 9 feet water, is shown from a white steel framework structure on a concrete base, at an elevation of 55 feet above high water. Vessels passing to the westward should give it a berth of at least 2 cables.


Buoys and Beacons:The channels are also marked by leading beacons, consisting of posts with diamond shaped topmark, painted black with a white vertical line, erected on the banks of the river.

Buoys and Beacons:A light-buoy, exhibiting a fixed redlight, is established southward of Auts Bank in a position about l¾ miles east-north-eastward of Colpoys Point; A light-buoy exhibiting a fixedgreen light is established near the anchorage in a position about 5 cables north-north-eastward of Range Point. The positions of the lightbuoys are not to be depended upon.

Buoys and Beacons:Hid Reef, the outer part of which lies 2¼ miles south-westward of Cedar Point, and its inner end about one mile off the western side of Annette Island, shows three rocks which dry from 5 to7 feet, with narrow passagebetween them. The outer rock is marked on its northern side by a red conical buoy with a diamondtopmark.

Buoys and Beacons:A black and red, vertically striped conical buoy marked “S.M.” with a topmarkconsisting of a cone point down surmounted by a cross, is established off the entrance to Stingray,and about l¾ miles eastward of Saldera light-and-whistle buoy.

Anchorages:Anchorage,sheltered from easterly and southerly winds may be taken off Vagavik, in a depth of about 16 fathoms, fine sand andmud, northward of Vagastapi. The anchorage is dangerous with northerly winds which sent in a heavy sea.

Anchorages:Temporary anchorage during southerly winds could be found in the south-western part of Flokkavik, but only by vessels with localknowledge, for this part of the coast is fringed with rocks, a number of which do notdry.

Anchorages:With north-westerly or north-easterly winds, Eastbourne Bay affordsgood shelter in 3½ fathoms, sand, abreast of the Grand Hill with Wellingdon Church spire open westward of the redoubt, 3140 true, and Langney Point 25° true.


Dangers:There is a drying ridge on west banks, about 2 miles south-eastward of South Trees Point and depths of less than one fathom (1m8) extend about 2½ miles farther south-eastward.

Dangers:Bullock Patch (Lat. 50°42' N., Long. 0°55' W.), consisting of 2 patches of 4½ and 5 fathoms, lies 255° true, 5 miles from Selsea and about the same distance southward of the entrance to ChichesterHarbour.

Dangers:Groves Bank, over which the least depth is 19 fathoms, is a detached bank extending in a northerly directionfor a distance of about 7 miles of the northernmost extremity of Grimsey.

Tides and Tidal Streams:It is high water, full andchange, at San Sebastian Bay, at 3 h. 20 m.; but the tide is accelerated or retarded according to thewind; ordinary springs rise 12 feet, and neaps 9 feet. With strong winds from SW to NW the tide rises to 1½ feet above the usual level. The tidal streams are felt in the bay. On the coast in fine weather, the flood stream sets eastward and the ebb westward. During thick weather the current runs strong to the eastward.

Tides and Tidal Streams:It is highwater, full and change, in Portsmouth Harbour, at 11 h. 30 m. mean springs rise 13 feet, neaps10½ feet above the datum, which is a quarter foot above the level of mean low water springs.


Directions:Madura Haven is not sufficiently lighted for safe night navigation much eastward of Sill Rock, except with local knowledge, but secure anchorage may be reached, either in Day Road or south-eastward of Stone Rock; in the latter case, however, a vessel must be careful to avoidthe submarine telegraph cables, remarked on above.


Задание 2 Стандартный морской навигационный словарь-разговорник

Повторите фразеологию словаря по темам 3 курса:

Лоцманская проводка

Haveaheavinglinereadyatpilotladder                               Бросательный конец у лоцманского трапа приготовить

Putonlightsatpilotladderposition                          Выставить освещение у лоцманского трапа

Stand by the pilot ladder                                     Лоцманскийтрапприготовить

Lower/ lift up the pilot ladder/ hoist                    Опустить/ поднятьлоцманскийтрап/ подъемник

Make a lee on the port/ starboard side                 Привестилевый/ правыйбортподветер

Stoptheenginesuntilthepilotboatisclear                            Застопорить машины, пока лоцманский катер не отойдет от борта

Keep the pilot boat on the port/ starboard side    Принятьлоцманскийкатерслевого/ правогоборта

Rig pilot ladder on port/ starboard side                           Лоцманскийтрапслевого/ правогобортавооружить

Pilot ladder is rigged on port/ starboard side                   Лоцманскийтрапвооруженслевого/ правогоборта

Rig gangway combined with pilot ladder                       Вооружитьзабортныйтрапслоцманскимна

on port/ starboard side                                         левом/ правомборту

Gangway is rigged combined with pilot ladder   Забортныйтрапвооруженслоцманскимналевом/

on port/ starboard side                                         правомборту

on-board radio station                                                      судоваярадиостанция


May I have your manoeuvring data? Могу ли я получить Ваши маневренные элементы?
What is the diameter of the turning circle? Каков диаметр циркуляции судна?
What are the advance and transfer distance in a crash stop? Каковы смещения вперед и вбок, проходимые судном по инерции при аварийном реверсе?
How long does it take from hard-a-port to hard-a-starboard? Каково время перекладки руля с борта на борт?
Is the turning effect of the propeller very strong? Очень ли велик поворотный эффект винта?
Where is the whistle control? Где находится управление свистком?
What notice is required to reduce from full sea speed to manoeuvring revolutions? Какое предупреждение надо дать для перехода с полного морского хода на маневренный режим?
Is there an automatic pilot? Имеется ли авторулевой?
Is the automatic pilot reliable? Надежен ли авторулевой?
Is the helmsman experienced? Рулевой опытный?
Does the helmsman understand English? Понимает ли рулевой английский язык?
Give ... short/ long blast(s) on the whistle Подать ... короткий(их)/ продолжительный(ых) сигнал(ов) свистком
Put a man on look-out Выставить впередсмотрящего
Keep a speed of ... knots Держать ход ... узлов
What is her (manoeuvring) speed at full/ half/ slow/ dead slow ahead? Какова (маневренная) скорость судна на полном/среднем/ малом/ самом малом ходу вперед?
Her (maneuvering) speed at full/ half/ slow/dead slow ahead is ... knots Скорость (маневренная) судна на полном / среднем / малом / самом малом ходу вперед составляет... узлов
Fairway speed is ... knots Скорость на фарватере составляет ... узлов
What is full sea speed? Какова полная морская скорость?
Full sea speed is ... knots Полная морская скорость ... узлов

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