IX.  Read the text and complete gaps 1-7 with the correct form and tense of each verb

Test module 3                                                        Starlight 11


Task I Listening

You will hear a conversation between two people. For statements 1-7, decide if each statement is TRUE, FALSE, or NOT STATED.

  1. Mike’s friends are going to watch football on Saturday night.

A True           B False           C Not stated

2. Claire will watch the parade from the start.

A True         B False          C Not stated

3. There will be fireworks at the football match.

A True        B False             C Not stated

4. Mike is concerned about what he will wear on Saturday night.

 A True        B False           C Not stated

 5. Mike is going to wear a jacket to the football match.

A True       B False               C Not stated

 6. Mike will take a bag to the match.

A True        B False           C Not stated

 7. Claire will meet Mike at the parade on Saturday night.

A True         B False           C Not stated



Claire: It’s carnival this weekend. Are you coming to

the parade? They say it’ll be bigger than last year!

Mike:Yes, I’d like to. Some of my friends are going, but I

have a problem...my favourite football team are playing

on Saturday night and I’d like to go and see them play.

But I love going to the parade so I don’t really want to

miss it. Oh, I can’t decide what to do!

Claire:Well what time does the football start? Could

you go to watch it after the carnival parade?

Mike: Maybe.The football starts at eight and it will take

me half an hour to get to the stadium. It depends really

on when the carnival parade begins, and I definitely want

to see the fireworks.

Claire: The main parade actually starts at half past five

but I’m going at six to meet some people from school

and watch the fireworks. Come with us if you want to

and then afterwards you can go to watch the football.

Mike: Yeah, that’s a good idea, but what about a

costume? People normally dress up for carnival don’t

they? I can’t wear a big costume to the carnival if I’m

going to the football straight after!

Claire:Well no, I guess not. I’m going to dress up, but

why don’t you just wear a mask. That way when you go

to the football you can just take it off and put it in your


Mike: Ok, sounds like that’s all the problems solved! I’d

better go now and get my ticket for the football and I’ll

meet you to watch the fireworks on Saturday.

Claire: Great, see you then.

Task II Vocabulary and Grammar

I. Make the sentences complete. Use the following words in the correct form.


Low income, store, unemployment benefit, suspect, account for,  let off, engage, point out, install, charge


  1. You can ____ your photos on your PC once you ____ the appropriate software.
  2. Although most people thought the new scheme was good, Sam ____ that there were still a few difficulties with it.
  3. Computers ____ 7% of the amount of electricity used in the country.
  4. As it was his first offence, the judge ____ him ___ with a small fine.
  5. Police have arrested four ____ in connection with the recent acts of vandalism.
  6. Families on ____ sometimes find it very difficult to pay their bills.
  7. He is said to be ____ in criminal activities.

II. Choose the right word.

  1. Sylvia gave urgent/vital information to the police – they couldn’t have solved the crime without it.
  2. Going out to eat in restaurants is not a(n) option/choice for poor families.
  3. Although Jim’s monthly earnings/profits are not high, he gets a number of salaries/perks like a company car.
  4. The shopkeeper decided not to put/press charges.
  5. The amount Owen invests/pays in stock exchange is high but he hopes to receive a large benefit/profit from it.
  6. The lawyer advised her client to claim/plead innocent in court.
  7. The security guard disarmed the thief before he could steal/rob the bank.


III. Complete the sentences using the words in bold. Use two to five words.


  1. Bob was the only one who didn’t get a pay rise.

       apart                            Everyone got _______________ Bob.                                   

  1. Nobody spoke for about five minutes.

before                          It was about five minutes ____________ anything.                 

  1. I use the Internet to check anything I don’t know.

up                                If I don’t know something, I ________ on the Internet.          

  4. Everyone thinks she’ll be promoted next month.

expected                     She ___________ a promotion next month.                               

5. We last heard from Jim ten years ago.

since                            It _______________ we last heard from Jim.



IV. Complete each of the sentences with a word formed from the words in brackets.


1. Unemployment is high simply because of the ________ of jobs.         (available)

2. He received a number of ______ letters before his invention succeeded.  (reject)

3. Christine’s most valuable ______ is her piano.                                    (possess)

4. The organisation’s top ____ is to find a home for the orphaned children.   (prior)

5. The look of _____ on his face showed that he didn’t like my plan.       (approve) V. Fill in the correct preposition.

  1. Citizens should be prevented ___ speeding in school zones.
  2. Vandals show little respect ___ private or public property.
  3. He was released from prison and is now ___ probation.
  4. It’s easy for burglars to break ___ if you leave a window open.

  5. My dependence on others weighs ___ my conscience a lot.

VI. Choose the correct answer.


  1. He _____ to be one of the most successful businessmen alive.

A. will claim B. be claimed C. will have claimed D. is claimed


2. Henry ____ his computer repaired at the moment.

A. will have  B. is having   C. has had      D. was having


3. The clockwork radio _______ by Trevor Baylis.

A. was invented B. is invented C. invented D. is being invented


4. Jane ___ her mobile phone stolen last night.

A. has had B. was C. had D. is


5. Sony Playstations ______ in Japan.

A. have made B. have been made C. are made D. will make


VII. Rewrite the sentences using appropriate modals.


  1. A policeman can’t go to work without a uniform.
  2. It’s not a good idea to talk to strangers.
  3. It isn’t allowed to walk on the grass.
  4. Is it OK if I make a phone call?
  5. The race was difficult but in the end she managed to finish first.


VIII.Open the brackets to complete the sentences.


  1. In some parts of the country the climate is _____ (bad) than in others.
  2. The instructions are very complicated. They could have been _____ (simple).
  3. They saw a man____( run) away from a police-officer.
  4. Can you smell something ______(burn)?
  5. Have you ever seen him _____(dance)? – No, never.
  6. _____(be) unemployed, he doesn’t have much money.
  7. _____(finish) her work, she went home.
  8. December is _____ (twelve) month of the year.

9. Yesterday was his great-grandmother’s ____ (ninety) birthday.



IX.  Read the text and complete gaps 1-7 with the correct form and tense of each verb.

Test 3a

David knew that he was a good student. Ever since starting school all those years

ago, he 1)....................(be) the top student in his class every term, not making even

a single mistake in tests and exams. His teachers all 2)...................(say) he was an

outstanding student and that he 3)...................(have) a brilliant future.

So when the time came for David 4)..................(take) the university entrance exam,

he was full of confidence. “I’m sure this 5)....................(be) easy,” he thought to

himself, 6)...................(start) to look over the exam paper. But then, as he

7)...................(read) the questions in front of him, he suddenly felt afraid. He could not

answer any of them. His mind had gone blank!



Task III Reading


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