The narrator considers himself an optimist as he

А) has a strong religious belief. B) believes the world is perfect.

C) believes in the power of human mind. D) knows how to develop one's creativity.

After the narrator first used a computer he

А) got fascinated with its size. B) used it to solve his problems.

C) could no longer do without it. D) was amazed at its unlimited possibilities.

The initial dream of the narrator and his friend proved to be

А) naïve. B) manageable.

C) wishful thinking.D) optimistic but unreal.

The narrator believes that computers are perfect to

А) be human friends.

B) create new fields of knowledge.

C) provide people with creative ideas.

D) be used as an instrument to solve human problems.

5. The narrator "tap-dances to work" because he enjoys

А) meeting new people.

B) watching dancing contests.

C) teaching people basic computer skills.

D) doing his job very much.

The narrator believes that

А) a lot of people in the world need help.

B) it is impossible to make the world better.

C) people in the world have too many needs.

D) the computer is the only way to improve the world.

The narrator sees the development of

А) new unknown diseases.

B) new methods in education.

C) new technologies in medicine.

D) new creative ways of thinking.


America’s fun place on America’s main street   If any city were considered a part of every citizen in the United States, it would be Washington, DC. To many, the Old Post Office Pavilion serves A __________. If you are in the area, be a part of it all by visiting us – or B__________. Doing so will keep you aware of the latest musical events, great happenings and international dining, to say the least. Originally built in 1899, the Old Post Office Pavilion embodied the modern spirit С __________. Today, our architecture and spirit of innovation continues to evolve and thrive. And, thanks to forward-thinking people, you can now stroll through the Old Post Office Pavilion and experience both D __________ with international food, eclectic shopping and musical events. All designed to entertain lunch, mid-day and after work audiences all week long. A highlight of the Old Post Office Pavilion is its 315-foot Clock Tower. Offering a breath-taking view of the city, National Park Service Rangers give free Clock Tower tours every day! Individuals and large tour groups are all welcome. The Old Post Office Clock Tower also proudly houses the official United States Bells of Congress, a gift from England E __________. The Washington Ringing Society sounds the Bells of Congress every Thursday evening and on special occasions. Visit the Old Post Office Pavilion, right on Pennsylvania Avenue between the White House and the Capitol. It is a great opportunity F __________, this is a landmark not to be missed no matter your age.  


1. by joining our e-community
2. that are offered to the visitors
3. its glamorous past and fun-filled present
4. that was sweeping the country
5. to learn more about American history
6. as a landmark reminder of wonderful experiences
7. celebrating the end of the Revolutionary War

Lindsay Wildlife Museum

Lindsay Wildlife Museum is a unique natural history and environmental education centre where visitors can listen to the cry of a red-tailed hawk, go eye-to-eye with a grey fox and watch a bald eagle eat lunch. More than fifty species of native California animals are on exhibit here.

Thousands of school children learn about the natural environment in their classroomsA __________ of the museum. Nature- and science-oriented classes and trips are offered for adults and children. More than 600 volunteers help to feed and care for wild animals,B__________. Volunteers are active in the museum's work, contributingC__________.

The museum was founded by a local businessman, Alexander Lindsay. Sandy, as friends knew him, started teaching neighborhood children about nature in the early 1950s. Initially housed in an elementary school, the museum began offering school-aged children summer classes,D__________.

After nearly a decade of the museum operation, it became apparent E__________. With a new 5,000 square-foot home, the museum could now develop and display a permanent collection of live, native wildlife and natural history objects.

People came to the museum for help with wild animals F__________ urban growth. In response, a formal wildlife rehabilitation programme – the first of its kind in the United States of America – began in 1970.



1. that needed public attention and a new building
2. through education programmes and on-site tours
3. many hours of service to wildlife care and fundraising
4. that a permanent, year-round site was necessary
5. as well as field trips focused on the natural world
6. that had been injured or orphaned because of intense
7. as well as teach children and adults about nature



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