What is the composition of the Senate? Its main functions? What are the main stages of passing a new law?


What are the main stages of passing a new law?

- House of Representatives

1. A bill is introduced, numbered, printed...

2. ...and referred to a committee which studies it and issues a report to the full House...

 3. ...which debates the bill and votes for or agaist passage.


4. The bill, now called an “act”, is delivered to the Senate; here, too, it is assigned to a committee...

5. ...debated and voted on, perhaps with amendments. Since Senate and House versions must be identical, it is referred to...


16. What is ‘the pocket veto”?

- A pocket veto is a legislative maneuver that allows a president or other official with veto power to exercise that power over a bill by taking no action (instead of affirmatively vetoing it).

What is the judicial branch in the USA represented by? Who is the head of the judiciary?

- The judicial branch in the USA represented by Courts.

What is the composition of the Supreme Court?

- The Supreme Court is composed of nine judges, who are called justices.

What are the main functions of the Supreme Court?

- Settles disputes among states, hears appeals from state and federal courts, and determines if federal laws are constitutional. It interprets the laws and reviews them to determine whether they conform to the U.S. Constitution.

What cases are called “civil”?

- Civil cases include violations of other people’s rights, such as damaging property, violating a contract, or making libelious statements.

What cases are called “criminal”?

- Criminal action under federal jurisdiction includes such cases as treason, destruction of governmental property, counterfeiting, hijacking, and narcotic violations.

What is the judicial review?

- Judicial review is a process under which executive and (in some countries) legislative actions are subject to review by the judiciary.

What political parties of the USA do you know?

- Democrats, Republicans, Libertarian Party, Green Party, Constitution Party.

Why do some people split their vote?


What are the primaries?

- Primaries are first, or preliminary, elections, in which voters choose delegates who are pledged to support one of the announced presidential candidates of their party.

26. What determines people’s support of this or that candidate?

- The personal qualities of a candidate (charisma) or family traditions which, as polls show, are the most important in determining party membership.

What is the procedure of electing delegates to national party conventions?

-The elections process starts with the conventions which take place in the summer of the election year. State delegates to these conventions are chosen in various ways. About onethird of the states select their delegates at local party conventions. The other states elect their delegates in primaries held during the spring.

What activities does the election campaign include?

-TV and radio, press advertising, such as travel costs of the candidate and his staff, campaign literature. Campaign communication, Campaign advertising, Media management, Mass meetings, rallies and protests, Modern technology and the internet, Husting.

What is a “ticket”? What combinations with this word do you know?

- The presidential and vice-presidential candidates together are called 'ticket' . ;the straight ticket, the dream ticket.

What are the main stages of the presidential election in the USA?

- According to the United States Constitution, a presidential election is to be held once every fourth year. The process of electing a President and Vice-President begins long before Election Day(on Tuesday after the first Monday in November). Represent a political party and a candidate must be nominated by that party. the delegates from the states cast votes for the person who will represent the political party in the November general election. The candidate for President then must choose a vice-presidential candidate. If a President is running for re-election, this nomination process must be completed. The national conventions of the political parties are the culmination of the primary election process The candidates campaign right up until Election Day. However, the President is not chosen by direct popular vote. The Constitution requires that a process known as the Electoral College ultimately decides who will win in the general election. After Election Day, on the Monday after the second Wednesday in December, these electors assemble in their state capitals, cast their ballots, and officially select the next president of the United States.

-Presidential elections take place every 4 years. The 2 main parties: the Democrats and the Republicans, host big get togethers where they choose their Presidential candidates, the person they think will be the best leader roe the nation. The winning candidate then chooses their Vice Presidential candidate known as their Running Mate to help support the campaign. Presidential candidates usually choose someone with different areas of skill or knowledge so they present voters with the best package. Together they are known as a ticket. Presidential candidates from both parties then start out on massive election campaigns to gain as much voter support as possible. They travel across the country and hold great big campaign rallies where they set out the policies and their ideas for the whole country. When it comes to election day the public go to the polls to vote the one Presidential Ticket.

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