Exercise 1. Read and remember the words

To submit – представить на рассмотрение

2. successful - успешный

3. fill in - заполнять

4. to leave - оставлять, покидать

5. to move - переезжать

6. promising - перспективный, многообещающий

7. efforts – усилия, попытки, действия, работа

8. to expend – расширять

9. activity - деятельность

10. equipment - оборудование

11. training programs - программы профессиональной подготовки

12. to be responsible for – быть ответственным за

13. responsibilities – обязанности, задачи, сфера ответственности

14. obligations – обязанности

15. skillfully – искусно, технически грамотно

16. to negotiate with smb for smth – вести переговоры c кем-либо о чем – либо

17. negotiations – переговоры

18. to involve – включать

19. fair – ярмарка, честный, справедливый

20. trade fair – торговая выставка, ярмарка

21. reliability – надежность, добросовестность

22. loyalty - верность; преданность; лояльность

23. work under pressure – работать под давлением, работать в стрессовых ситуациях

24. to be accustomed to – быть привычным к

25. entrepreneur – предприниматель

26. to offer a job - предложить работу

27. references – рекомендации, ссылки

28. previous – предыдущий

29. review – пересматривать

30. to suit – подходить, устраивать

31. deadline – конечный срок подачи чего-либо

32. labour contract (labour agreement) – трудовое соглашение


Exercise 2. TST Systems was looking for candidates for the position of Commercial Director. Three applicants came for an interview after they had submitted their resumes. The third and the most successful was Mr. Klimenko. Here is the interview with him. Read and translate it.

- Good morning, sir.

- Good morning. Come in, Mr. Klimenko, isn’t it? Please take a seat. You’ll have to excuse me a moment while I finish signing these letters. Meanwhile please fill in the application form… there, that’ll do. Now I can concentrate on you, Mr. Klimenko. Tell me, how long were you in your last job with Alpha.?

- Five years. I’m only leaving because the firm is moving to Sevastopol, but I think a change will do me good.

- What do you know about our company? Have you got any questions for me?

- I know that this is a very promising company, so I’d like you to inform me what will be the major focus of efforts in the next few years?

- We plan to expend our activity with English-speaking countries, mainly England, to buy equipment and technologies from there and run training programs here. We need a team of creative people to make our company competitive in the world market.

- What will my responsibilities and obligations be during the first year?

- Well, first of all to be responsible for our contracts with English partners. You will need to skillfully negotiate for and buy equipment. The job will involve much traveling. There is likely to be a trade fair in London soon, which we hope you’ll be able to go to.

- Yes, I see.

- So tell me what are your three main strengths? 

- I think they are: reliability, loyalty and energy.

- OK. Do you work well under pressure?

- Yes. I’m accustomed to working under pressure.

- Are you a leader, an entrepreneur by nature?

- Yes, I think so.

- All right. Now, Mr. Klimenko, I am quite prepared to offer you a job with us. You have excellent references from your previous job. You’ll start on $450 and if you do well we’ll review it after three months. The hours are from nine to five thirty, with an hour for lunch and fortnight’s holiday. Does that suit you? Any questions?

- What about travel? Where will I go and for what length of time?

- Mostly to England for not longer than a month.

- All right. When do you want me to start, sir?

- In a week, if possible.

- I am afraid I can’t start working till the 10th October.

- No problem. We’ll be seeing you on the 10th then.

- Yes, certainly. Thank you very much. Goodbye.

- Goodbye.


Exercise 3. Translate from Russian into English

Заполнить анкету, уволиться с работы, переехать в другой город, перспективная компания, расширить деятельность, англоязычные страны, покупать оборудование, проводить обучение персонала, творческая команда, конкурентоспособный на мировом рынке, обязанности, отвечать за контракты, вести переговоры с зарубежными партнерами, вести переговоры о подписании контракта, работа включает в себя командировки, торговая ярмарка, достойная зарплата, основные достоинства кандидата, надежность, преданность, работать в стрессовых ситуациях, предприниматель, предложить работу, отличные рекомендации с предыдущей работы, часовой перерыв на обед, двухнедельный отпуск, это мне подходит, продолжительность командировок


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