V. Match the halves of these sentences

I. Match the words with their definitions

1.A piece of writing in a newspaper or magazine media
2. a journalist who writes a regular series of articles for a particular newspaper or magazine. gossip column
3. radio, television, newspapers, the Internet and magazines, considered as a group. commentator
4. a short news broadcast talk show
5. the title of a newspaper story, printed in large letters tabloid
6. a serious type of newspaper that is printed on large sheets of paper. columnist
7. a television or radio programme in which people answer questions in order to win prizes newsflash
8. someone whose job is to give a description of an event on television or radio as it happens. editorial board
9. a title at the top of a page or piece of writing. channel
10. a television or radio programme in which famous people talk about themselves and their work. editorial
11. a short broadcast of an important piece of news in the middle of a television or radio programme. quiz show
12. someone whose job is to give information about television or radio programmes between other programmes heading
13. a newspaper that has small pages and not much serious news headline
14. a television station and the programmes that it broadcasts announcer
15. an article in a publication expressing the opinion of its editors or publishers. foreign correspondent
16. part of a newspaper where you can read about famous people’s private lives. broadsheet
17. a group of people, usually at a publication, who dictate the tone and direction the publication's editorial policy will take. bulletin
18. a journalist who reports on events in other countries article



II. Make the sentences complete using the topical vocabulary.

1. As a ___ , I’m allowed to express my opinion in ways that other journalists are often not allowed to.

2. This week we’ve got a special ___ on new children’s books.

3. Your general knowledge is very good; maybe you should go on a quiz show.

4. We interrupt this programme to bring you a ___ .

5. I don’t know why you waste your money on that ___ . It’s just full of gossip about minor celebrities.

6. There’s a two-minute news ___ on at 11 o’clock.

7. The ___ has just said that Big Brother is not going to be on tonight after all as they are showing a football match instead.

8. The whole of the front page of the paper was taken up with the ___ “YOU LIAR”.

9. “The Daily Telegraph” and “The Guardian” are both examples of ___.

10. I’d love to be a sports ___, but I don’t think I can talk quickly enough.

11. If you look at the ___, it’ll tell you what the paragraph is about.

12. The Sun is a typical tabloid newspaper. Its ___ is full of celebrity stories.

13. Robert is a ___ for The Times. He travels all over the world to report on different events.

14. The ___ in this newspaper always supports the government.

15. I buy the Sunday newspapers for their ___s on fashion.

III. Circle the correct word or phrase.

1. It’s a great computer programme / program once you get the hang of it.

2. I hate tabloid / broadsheet newspapers; they are just full of gossip, scandal and lies!

3. As a journalist / columnist for a local paper, you don’t have to interview people or attend events. You just have to express your opinions about the issues of the day.

4. On some TV channels, an announcer / a commentator tells you what the next programme is going to be.

5. Join us at half past nine for a live broadcast / channel of the State Opening of Parliament.

6. There’s a great talk / quiz / game show on BBC1 tonight. Contestants have to race through a supermarket as quickly as they can, filling up their trolleys as they go.

IV. Complete using the correct form of the words .

1. I generally trust what I hear on the news, but rarely believe I read in the …. . 2. The … involve print journalism, TV, radio and even electronic forms of communication such as the Internet. press media
3. We interrupt this programme to bring you an urgent … . 4. And we’ll be back with our regular … at seven o’clock. bulletin newsflash
5. Did you see the newspaper … this morning? 6. If you give every paragraph of your report a …, it’ll be easier to read. heading headline
7. Living Today has got a special … this month on healthy diets. There are interviews with nutritionists, menus, recipes, and loads of other things too. 8. There’s an interesting … in the paper about the Constitution of the European Union. feature article
9. Johnny Depp rarely … invitations to do interviews. 10. Johnny Depp … to appear at a press conference to promote his latest film. agree accept
12The politician … to say more when questioned by reporters this morning. 13.John Sanders, MP, … any involvement in the scandal when asked about it yesterday. deny refuse


V. Match the halves of these sentences

1. Most newspapers cover the same current

2. There was an interesting news

3. Rolling Stone is the best magazine for in-depth

4. The student newspaper had such a small

5. I’ve just read a sensational

6. I read a worrying feature

7. The Sydney Olympics made headline


a. about genetic engineering the other day.

b. coverage of pop music.

c. events every day of the week.

d. item in The Times today. It was all about extreme sports.

e. circulation that the university closed it down.

f. story about a UFO sighting in the tabloids.

g. news whenever a British athlete won a medal.


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