It’s high time the mankind united and directed all its efforts to solution of the huge number of ecological problems.

Characteristics of nutrition are a major component of your health, longevity and energy abilities. You are what you eat!.. with all the ensuing consequences for your health and energy …

Whether you are a vegetarian or not, eat more vegetables and fruits, drink natural water!

Physical exercises and moderate sport, cold water are a great source of energy and health!Do everything you can in this direction and you will be different!..

Be attentive and sensitive to the thin energy manifestations of the signals and signs of the Time and the Destiny, trust your intuition, and thus you will save yourself and your close people, you will be luckier!

Love the Earth, nature, your Motherland, relatives and close people. Take care of them. Care about those who love you !..

Always believe in better things! Let optimism be your faithful friend!Treat difficulties and problems as temporary and passing phenomena. Remember that many things can be corrected or changed…. 

Have more contact with nature, keep it clean – it is the treasure of your energy and health!.. Remember that our planets lacks love on the part of people!..

Before getting the grace of the Heavenly Forces one must first give it! Therefore, if you cannot go to the church, turn your face to the sky and sincerely say the words of the Eternity: 

I send you my Love, my beautiful Universe!..

I send you my Love, my dear planet of Earth!..

I send my Love to everything living that surrounds me!..

Following the advice of the Eternity in your life, you are sure to find health and happiness!..

2013                                           With love your Goddess.

(Elena Aleksandrovna Atyurievskaya)

Folk healer, writer, singer and composer.


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