Show attention and love for children – this will add you value in the man’s eyes who sees both his beloved and the mother of his children in you.  

Age does not matter for love. There is a good reason for the words: “All ages are liable to love”. The man or woman of your choice may be your age, may be older or younger. It is better, of course, if you are of the same generation but there lots of situations in life and everybody has his or her own destiny.  

        Love yourself, love your close people and the world surrounding you, love our wonderful planet of Earth on which our life depends. If every person sends his love to the planet he lives on, which is manifested in actions, words, thoughts and feelings, the Earth itself being a living, rational organism like the man will feel this love and reward the mankind generously. Remember that Love is the creating spiritual energy of harmony, strength, good and beauty!

    Never refuse from Love (to a child, man, woman, mother, Earth, animal, etc.) – this is the life-creating energy of the Eternity, this is your force!    

Love saves us from death and gives life for many a year! Love lives! Just believe and its light will help you!..


VI. Optimism

“Miracles happen where people believe in them, and the more they believe, the more often they happen!”  said great philosopher Diderot. Optimists are the people who turn their life into a fairytale.  

For psycho-emotional, energy and world outlook reasons people are divided into pessimists, realists and optimists. The law of the ancient people says: Pessimists and realists are generally failures and it is optimists that are often treated kindly for the fortune.

Pessimists always forecast the probable development of the forthcoming events according to the worst and most unfavourable scenario for them. They are always morally ready to accept any failures considering them absolutely inevitable and the only possible thing. Such approach to life generally speaks about the man’s very low energy, about depression, constant doubts, indecision, cowardice, self distrust, lack of experience and information… Such an approach limits the man’s opportunities of having at least some positive influence on the development for the forthcoming, often unfavourable events. Neither in reality nor in his own consciousness the man admits the possibility of changing the situation for the better. It must be said that people with such an approach to life are always train wrecks…

Realists do not refer to the category of especially lucky people, either, as they correlate all their actions with real opportunities and never try to achieve more using risk or luck. Realists also limit their possibilities based on their idea of reality and their abilities.  

Optimistsgenerally reach better results as they often act in a nonstandard way and put fanatic faith in their forces. They act as their heart and intuition prompt them;even if they listen to advice of other people, they analyze but always act in their own way.   

It is no secret that we are often cheated in life. People often lose the last thing they have due to their improvidence. Remember that such problems arise when not you apply to somebody but when other people offer or impose something on you …

Never trust your major savings to anybody. As a rule, optimists seldom have such problems because they often act unpredictably; they have a keen sense of clairvoyance, and they feel danger well.

Optimists smile, are friendly and sociable. While a realist is still making plans of his future actions and getting ready for them, an optimist already performed “a reconnaissance in strength” long ago and tried to resolve the problem or task immediately as soon as he faced it. They often happen to get “in the right place at the right time” in such a way and get “the green light” for themselves and their actions.  

Optimists are loved by luck and fortune; they have the skill of using good moments, believe in wonders and providence, can dream, have a pronounced sense of humor, send their wishes and prayers into the cosmos, are confident of themselves and their forces. They are generally healthier and more energetic, overcome stressful situations more simply and easily. It should be noted thata stress practically always activates exacerbation of gene diseases in the man that start going faster as this activates the mechanism of self-destruction…

A nervous condition can trigger off a whole range of diseases. For example, there is a widely spread disease of retinal detachment arising from rueful feelings in young and mature people, which leads to substantial loss of eyesight.

Our diseases are largely a consequence of our negative emotions.If you manage to get rid of the reason that caused such emotions, you may get the ability embedded by the nature itself to cure the diseases yourself. A positive mood is necessary! Keep smiling! Let it be like in a song: “A smile will make things lighter for everybody!”

 Whatever happens remember that a stress may lead to irreversible consequences. Be optimists! If something unpleasant happens in the optimists’ life, they do not get especially upset but joke, get up and go forward!..

An optimistically minded man always has a young soul! At any age he is always young. At the age of maturity optimists have revirescence continuing to give the world a huge flow of energy of life, high spirits and new discoveries!

Optimists are more loved, healthier, happier and luckier.


VII. Contact with nature

    Dressing the man into artificial footwear, putting the man in cars separated from the surface of the ground by wheels, forcing the man to live in houses with synthetic finishing the contemporary life completely deprives the man of the contact with the living surface of the planet. Such a life creates conditions when the man turns into a body absolutely alien to the planet. Inside himself the man accumulates considerable negative energies that he cannot shake off due to the isolated lifestyle and lack of direct contacts with the planet and fails to align his energy potential that is not always healthy with the potential of the planet…     

   Contacts with nature enrich the man both spiritually and physically. When the man is lying or standing barefoot on the Earth, he seems to touch his beloved, he is filled with the force and energy of the planet, shakes off the negative potential…

        Remember that the planet of Earth is a living organism that feels, loves and hears. Love it and it is certain to help you.

Spend more time among nature, in a forest, near water, swim, walk, embrace trees, talk with them… Take natural stones in your hands – they have been turned by water and wind for a long time, and having enormous memory they instill wisdom in the man.

Before doing something think how you would behave if you were God!

Animals also have energy force having a beneficial effect on the man. Therefore, give your affection to your pets: cats, dogs and other animals. This will have a beneficial effect on you and your health.

    Contacts with the nature and animals are vitally necessary.  They let you feel that you are not alone on this planet. You mutually exchange your positive energies of health and love…


The knowledge and use of the principal laws of life open new possibilities and horizons to the man. You stop being an occasional grain of sand in the Universe and can merge with the saving and life-asserting divine energies…You can be a source or a conductor of these energies!..

You can build your life not as a temporary resident but as a conscious and eternally living energy (soul). You will feel a traveler in the vastness of the Time and the Space of the boundless Cosmos!.. You can be a stone, a flower, an animal, a human being, a planet, a galaxy, a universe… You have always existed and will always exist in the Eternity!..

Increase your spirituality! Get interested in these issues, change your life according to the new ideas about it – all this will enable you reach higher energy levels of life and consciousness, will let new, miraculous abilities and skills appear…. Remember that there is a great force inside you, you yourself are the wizard and magician of your destiny! Have faith in yourself and you will manage everything!

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