Show love and attention to children as the woman of your choice sees both a beloved man and the potential father of her children in you.

    When intimacy arises between the lovers, I advise to show as much love diversity as possible. The exception may be young women who have not had men before. In this case the man must be softer and understand the situation…

    At the beginning of the intimacy with the woman the man must show tenderness and only then can be more emotional and passionate. Kiss your beloved, embrace her, clasp her to your heart. If you love, don’t be afraid to tell the woman: ”I love you!..” or other pleasant words at the moment of complete intimacy. Your beloved will never forget this night and your words and acts will touch the strings of her heart. Remember that the so called “naked sex” when the man cares only about his own satisfaction will never delight the woman. Only the feeling of love manifested in a combination with passionate desires will arouse response feelingsand the woman, even if a bit tired from your love is certain to say: “A real Man! A real Knight!”  


    Women are also capable of conquering the heart of the man they like, and I give this advice to you – the most beautiful creatures in the world. Your charm is your voice. Try to make it softer and tenderer when talking, do not say too man words and think about what you say.Get rid of adolescent rudeness and rusticity in your behavior. Your force is your appearance that can be really beautiful in combination with a deep inner world and femininity.  

 Men love with their eyes; therefore, throughout your life take care of yourself and do not neglect taking care of the situation. Do sports, study, develop spiritually. Remember that your should match your demands. A beautiful woman is primarily a healthy, charming and clever woman. Following their natural instinct men try to choose a healthier and more intelligent woman, the future mother for their children.

Ideal looks are rarely given by nature but there is such a notion as charm, and the woman must and can strive to be able to create a charming and attractive image out of her appearance. 

Use cosmetics skillfully; it can work wonders and will help you to become much more attractive. Be neat, take care of your hands, dress sexually but not vulgarly when going to a date. It may be a short skirt (if you have beautiful legs), a bit open bosom, heels making you taller and slimmer… However, you yourself are likely to know a lot of secrets and tricks of creating an attractive image… 

If your life does not shape well and you think that the reason can be eliminated only by surgery, this is your choice and your right. Science advances and helps people in many issues. For example, many weak sighted people have an operation according to the system of Svyatoslav Fedorov and are quite satisfied with the result after which they forget about glasses for a long time. Some people correct the shape of their nose and then find happiness. There are lots of such examples. But before taking this step, consult the doctor and choose a worthy surgeon as only a professional will be really able to help you.  

     When dealing with the man you liked remember that he is “a hunter”. He mostly likes to achieve the desired thing himself. If you agree to intimacy at once, you won’t give him an opportunity “to hunt” and the man is most likely to lose interest in you. Your task is to make this “hunt” for you or “conquering” of you more active and to warm it up.Then the man you liked will appreciate the culmination of the intimacy. Never look at the man with tough look. Let your eyelashes be a bit lowered, show some modesty. Some little resistance on your part also “winds up” the man…They are not so much fond of too naïve, yielding, weak women who lack any skills. The woman must have a character that should be revealed through little caprices, requests and sometimes some light indignation. It is necessary to show your merits, achievements to the man you liked, to tell him about some plans, to share your aspirations, to smile more often. Joyful and cheerful women appeal to men more. Always stay a riddle for the man.Do not give all your feelings to the last drop because if you are doomed to part, it will be very hard for you, especially if you loved.   

Let the man think that he has a rival. You can just say that men look at you, that one of your colleagues shows increased attention to you… Remember that if somebody else needs the woman, it will add value to his beloved. It is no secret that any man considers his woman his property and is quite jealous when he has a rival. In this case the man fights for his woman and his desire for her just grows…

You must show tenderness and care of your beloved; help him in an hour of need; love the man of your choice but don’t forget about the golden mean in the relations. Never overdo with your love confessions, be tender but reserved. Remember that exorbitant clinginess holds the man off, and he goes “hunting” abroad. Mysteriousness and understatement make the man conquer you again and again.  

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