III. Physical training and cold water.

Goddess of Good, Love and Beauty

Seven Laws of Eternity to Become Happy and Healthy





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 Goddess (Elena Aleksandrovna Atyurievskaya) is the winner of the research about the influence of the voice and touches on human health endowed with the natural gift of energy diagnostics. She is a poetess, a writer, a composer and a singer. She devotes a lot of energy to people as a folk healer… In spite of having the natural gift she always goes hand in hand with new achievements of science relying on new scientific researches and discoveries in this guide as well.

 Her unusual and fairylike name – Goddess – was born based on her creative work after Elena Atyurievskaya published a collection of verse “Love”, a collection of fairytales “Castle of Eternity”, a songbook for children and youths “Discovering Stars”, music albums “Loves Gives Birth to Life”and “Love Lives, You Just Believe” as well as other works revealing the many sides of Love and various mysteries of the Universe …

Goddess’ voice and energy have curative properties. The nature of this phenomenon is based on the fact that Goddess’ voice has a unique vibration frequency influencing human physiology, strengthening the organism’s protective properties manyfold, which results in a considerable increase of the number of recoveries from many diseases the treatment of which depends on the immune system condition.

You can hear Goddess’ voice at her website: wwwHYPERLINK "http://www.mirlubvi.spb.ru/".HYPERLINK "http://www.mirlubvi.spb.ru/"mirlubviHYPERLINK "http://www.mirlubvi.spb.ru/".HYPERLINK "http://www.mirlubvi.spb.ru/"spbHYPERLINK "http://www.mirlubvi.spb.ru/".HYPERLINK "http://www.mirlubvi.spb.ru/"ru At the website you will find a lot of interesting information about Goddess (E.A. Atyurievskaya) who is the author of fairytales, poems, pieces of music and performances...

    Well-known Moscow writer V. Strongin, Honoured Science Worker of the RF, Academician A. Sokolov, composer V. Uspensky, Professor O. Khromushin, playwright V. Zimin noted her melodic, literary and world outlook gift.

 In her creative work Goddess (E.A. Atyurievskaya) represents the thinking of the new millennium. Her collected works are in the Russian National Library, the USA Library of Congress (in the East-European section).

The primary task of the author’s (Goddess’) project is spiritual transformation and physical health of people on the basis of her knowledge, creative work, impact of voice and energy having a beneficial effect on the world. 

© Goddess (E.A. Atyurievskaya), V.A. Mikhailov, 2013.


Seven Laws of Eternity to Become Happy and Healthy


I Spiritual development

II Proper nutrition

III Physical training and cold water

IV Voice of Time

V Love

VI Optimism

VII Contact with nature


With love to people.


   Both at the beginning and in the course of one’s life when the person is fully and completely swept along by the life flow each of us, often consciously and sometimes not quite consciously, searches after happiness in life and tries to live out one’s idea of it.

    Before looking for ways to achieve a successful and happy life it is necessary to identify the very notion of it and to decide what happiness is.

     We will consider that happiness is the feelings of satisfaction and joy born from a whole complex of manifestations of the human being capable of emerging when material and spiritual wellbeing is reached, from achievements in the professional sphere, from fulfillment of one’s dream, from harmonic development of one’s life comprising love, studies, work, family, health…It is obvious that    genuine happiness in life cannot be reached without the moral basis as malicious ways will never lead to success in life because a committed crime breaches the fundamental laws of life and one way or another (according to the cosmic laws) will result in the material and primarily the inevitable spiritual collapse of the person... 

I will give an example in this respect: one man took away the life of another man thus cutting his energy “branch”. It means that the killed man will not have children and, accordingly, his more distant descendants who could positively influence the life will not be born and then the killed man himself could do a lot but will not do it...

 This energy negative adversely affecting the general Life Flow presses heavily, like some sort of an energy debt, on the person who created this situation. This person is bound to compensate such an energy debt with his or her own energy and life…

    Time severely punishes those who tear other people’s life threads depriving them of health, material values, love at the most unexpected moment or punishes them in another dimension already forcing them to compensate for the energy gaps created by them...

Any evil and not just a murder done against interests of life against laws of Cosmos has such consequences…

Every person is generally certain to have both bright and dark sides that always fight against each other but it would be glorious if Light won!

    Always remember the words: everything living wants to live!.. Give life and help everything good that surrounds you and Time is sure to reward you...

    There is a whole flow of diverse worlds around us. These are kindred rational creatures living on other planets, other worlds and various temporal spaces… The mankind has already long known about their existence, and many people sometimes come in contact with them…      

Most spiritual Masters say that death is attainment of a new life and transition to other world, to another reality… it is hard to develop correct, harmonic approaches to building one’s life without certain elementary knowledge about this reality. A person knowing the structure of reality, the cosmic laws of Eternity will never feel like somebody temporary living up to the principle: you live only once and must take as much as possible from your life and never care about the consequences.

A person knowing the cosmic laws of Eternity never fusses, never aspires after some unassured immediate “success”, rejects unrighteous ways of achieving material wellbeing. Such a person feels like the Great Lord of his or her world!..

This guidebook will touch upon some principal laws of human cosmic life and some laws of earthly life in its physical and spiritual development, thus opening the ways of harmonic and happy life.

    The combination of such factors as health, self-belief and optimism, determination, industry, patience, foresight, energy-based understanding of the situation, knowledge of the fundamental laws of life, love of the world, material and spiritual satisfaction, personal wellbeing, inspiration with love, psychical balance engenders success and happiness in life…

        In this guidebook I reveal the secrets and laws of Eternity. By understanding them and applying some willpower you will be able to enter the path of health and happiness.

    Dear reader! Let the thoughts and advice given in this guidebook help you to honorably and successfully live on the Earth and to protect you from troubles and misfortune!  


                                 I. Spiritual development

    A man of spirit is the strongest man on the Earth.Spiritual development implies lifelong perfection in the field of education, moral and practical activities. The man must constantly strive for new knowledge. This knowledge can lend the man wings opening new horizons and opportunities!.. The main knowledge for the man is proper ideas about the Universe and the fundamental cosmic laws of life. This is the basis; however, studying a foreign language is worthwhile even half an hour before death – it may be of use later!..

    One’s home, family, beloved and dearest people help the man to get a reliable support in this often tough world;  therefore, cherish and value the love of your close people. They are your salvation!..

    A good vaticinator sees the level of the man’s willpower – the major transforming force. A man always has seven vectors of development of his or her destiny… Things turn out the way the man wants.While choosing the way to act the man shapes one’s destiny, chooses one of its vectors… The man himself or herself through his or her actions either punishes oneself(creating the circumstances the victim of which the man then becomes) or finds happiness as a result of proper decisions…

    The man often just lacks some willpower to reach life success.

A strong man walking along the way of light cannot be led astray by any spell (evil eye, hex, etc.) no matter how effective it might be because the armour of light cannot be pierced.

    There is an energy aura around us. The evil directed at some person hits this aura and boomerangs to the person who sent it.  A person can certainly be anxious and worried about something, can have doubts but this is mainly just a certain psychological state. If a person has been told that he or she has been bedeviled or cursed, especially if the person has a great deal of trouble in life, this is certain to cause additional negative emotions. In such a situation the person generally starts looking for ways of breaking the hex spell instead of thinking about the practical ways to resolve the problems.   This position just confirms the weakness and psychological unbalance of this person who piles up even some non-existing problems contrived by the person himself or herself or by other people…

    One of the patients who came to see me complained that an old witch-like woman had cursed her and since that time she had been unable to meet a young man and fall in love… Upon hearing the girl out I understood that after meeting the elderly woman she herself started denying herself certain opportunities thinking that nothing could come of it anyway. Meeting the young men she liked she tried establishing meaningful relationship and in fear of losing the young man over-indulged him showing adaptableness and wimpishness.  As a result the young man tired of her…

    I explained the patient that there was no curse in her case; it was just her own autosuggestion emerging from the unpleasant meeting. I advised her to be more confident, more optimistically minded, to be more reserved, enigmatic and even a bit capricious in dealing with the man, to behave so that the man should not lose the desire “to be after” her. A week later already the girl called me and said that her problems had gone…  

    I’ll give another example. A man referred to me for help because he had been supposedly bedeviled by his former mother-in-law. From that time he started losing weight, lost his appetite, and started losing his forces. Having performed a physical and psychological diagnosis of the man I understood that for many years he had been drinking alcohol, smoking, often eating sausage sandwiches washing them down with strong coffee, often had stress. As a result, he got cancer, in my opinion. That was the main reason for the decay of his organism. His former mother-in-law certainly could abate his spirits but it was the man himself who brought himself to such a serious disease by his own wrong way of living. I advised him my own methods for recovery and alongside with that strongly asked him to consult a doctor because the disease demanded medical intervention. Seeing the doctors the man confirmed the diagnosis and started taking measures for recovery. He convinced himself that the reason for the malaise was not an evil eye but quite another thing.

These examples show that the so-called evil eye or hex spell is generally just a purely psychological influence on a weak, spineless person yielding to suggestion. Such psychological influence frightens, upsets, misleads and distorts life. Therefore, if you experience such moments in your life and such influence, try to take them all in good fun and to treat them lightly, then everything will be fine with you!

I recommend you to make yourself happy in a stressful situation: eat something tasty, go to a massage, have a good sleep, watch a funny program, read anecdotes, do exercises, go for a run, pour cold water on yourself, send good thoughts into the sky and continue living with new forces. Never give up even in case of physical ailments or psychological overloads! Fight for your life and your future to the end!..

    One can share the problem with a close person who will always understand and help, you can go to the church, see a doctor if necessary. First of all try to determine the real causes of your problems. Take care of your health and strengthen it. Do not take other people’s attitudes to heart; do not be a suggestible person. If you decided to apply to special people (extrasensory perception adepts, wizards, magicians, etc.) for help, this is your right.    

If you have problems and you need help, for example, if you go into labour, have strong pain in some place, call the ambulance immediately! In such cases only qualified doctors will be able to help you.

Never lose self-belief! This will help you in any situations in life! Be the magician and wizard of your destiny. Keep pronouncing the magic words: “Everything will be fine with me!..” Remember that words have force!Vibrations of good words have a beneficial effect on our world while vibrations of negative words can destroy it. The things we present in our words become part of our world.


    Science has proved that there are miraculous people or the so-called “natural elements” possessing unique abilities on the Earth but they are rare. I happened to talk to a woman who saw through human organs and could see what was going on in them. I have met a unique man possessing an unusually strong hypnosis. He is able to hypnotize anybody the way Volf Messing could do it. People with such abilities are unique and try not to attract to much attention to themselves.

    Since childhood strange pictures emerged before my eyes. It turned out later that those were various moments of the future, past and present. I felt unusual vibrations coming from some people and it was only after an examination that it became clear that those were manifestations of my natural abilities for energy diagnosis of the human organism. I understood that I felt vibrations coming from people’s sore spots. About every three months my eyes change their color for a minute or two and there appears glow in them. The examination also revealed that the vibrations of my voice and touches have a highly beneficial effect on the human health. Therefore, I help people to get health working in cooperation with various doctors. 

Although I am called “A natural element”, my spiritual masters advise me against interfering in the person’s current Time flow disturbing its sequence and predeterminacy. I try to follow their advice. 

But at my health promotion sessions I always direct the person to the best vector of his or her destiny giving the person health and the knowledge that will help him become happy. Every person is endowed with natural abilities; they just reveal themselves in different spheres: in mathematics or drawing or sports, etc. Any person with his or her Divine and willpower is capable of doing miracles and living out his or her dreams.

    How does interference in the current Time flow take place? Let me give an example. One of my patients was about to leave home after my session but I asked him to stay for 10 minutes because I spontaneously saw a scene of a future accident with a car that looked exactly like the patient’s one. The man said that he was being late for a serious transaction and could lose a lot of money. I told him that if he did not listen to me, he was likely to lose his life. My words stopped him and he waited for the necessary time and then left. Later he called me and said that ten minutes before his appearance an exactly similar car had crashed at the intersection and the driver had died. The man already understood that if he had left earlier, he could have been in the place of the dead driver...

I told my spiritual master about the case and he explained that such interference in the naturally current Time flow was prohibited. He said that logically the dead man was supposed to have stayed alive but the naturally flowing chain of the Time flow was disturbed and another man dies instead of the patient.

After those words I was greatly upset and called a scientist. The scientist said that if the man came to me and was warned about the danger, it was his destiny. Thus, he took one of its vectors. The scientist considers that the nature gives clairvoyance for the people capable of it to help the Life. But he also advised against opening the picture of the Time especially those related to lotteries, money and buried treasures. Only the Destiny and the Luck should supervise over these issues!..


     No matter how wrong the person’s actions might be, there will always be such holy notions as family, good and love… Neither should one forget that the good things in life can be destroyed easily and fast while their creation is a long and hard process…  

    The man punishes or rewards himself with his own actions. TheEternity does not forgive those who get in its way. The Eternity is endless development and forward movement of life and those who get in the way of life (kill, rob, sow evil…) are punished by the Eternity one way or another…   

Difficulties and obstacles just strengthen those who serve the interests of life. Don’t be lazy! Smile more often, do good things, love and everything will be fine with you! Remember that conscience is your faithful Guardian-Angel.

    To become a successful and happy person one should learn to set oneself necessary and proper goals and to look at them from the Cosmos and to see whether they serve the genuine interests of life.

    At first one should understand oneself and answer the question: What do I want?.. The answer to this question will determine your goals. I hope they will meet the light and kind interests of life. Then you will face the tasks: what exactly must be done and in which way to achieve the set goals.

    The man must learn to distinguish between the strategic – major – goals in life having a principal effect on life from the secondary aims that are not determinant in life. The man must direst his efforts at achievement of the major goalsrather than squander one’s time and energy to achieve secondary aims. The major goals of life may include: getting high quality education as the basis of further professional activities, creating conditions for life-long self-education and improvement of one’s qualification, solving “the housing problem”, creating a family, bringing up children (you’ve come to life, so help others). The man should strive not to become the cause of misfortune for other people. The man should strive not to cause death to animals, not to destroy the nature, to live in harmony with the surrounding world, to take care of and love the planet on which the man lives. One should never forget that indifference to life and the planet may lead to destruction of the human civilization. These will be the major goals and tasks for the Man in any epoch.  

    When determining the ways to achieve the set goals one should do one’s best to ensure that these are lawful ways meeting the standards of morals and virtue. Otherwise all your achievements will be ephemeral and illusive and according to the cosmic laws sooner or later you will have to answer for the unrighteous ways of achieving the goals…

    At the beginning of one’s life’s journey one must think about high quality education and wind oneself up for the further need to work much, hard and patiently. Besides, one should do one’s best to have a harmonic life and to have a family and children as well as to care about the close people and relatives as this side of life is your life support and protection.         

    Remember the criminal statistics… Single people are often naked to criminal infringements on their property, life and health. Besides, lack of relatives and close people, lack of the need to care of them are a factor contributing to degradation of the personality…

    Labor is the most important tool of achieving success and happiness.It is labor and vigorous activity that can change the reality and transform it in the way you need. It is desirable to come to like the very process of work, to learn to feel its joy, interest and significance.  It is important to choose a job to one’s liking rather than according to the principle of a higher pay… People committed to and passionate about their work always achieve noticeable success. Material wealth is certainly also important but a person does not need so much actually: you will not eat through two throats; you cannot fall asleep on two beds simultaneously, etc.

    Labor activity supports the man’s active way of living and promotes satisfactory physical and intellectual activity. Through the need to communicate with other people in the process of labor the man maintains his or her social image and status.

    And the last thing related to the notion of labor: life experience prompts the following approach: it is better to do more than to do too little!.. It is the unfinished jobs that contain future problems, emergencies and catastrophes…

    Patience as a notion is inseparably connected with labor activity. It is no coincidence that they stand together in the Russian proverb: “Labor and patience defeat all resistance!”. It is patience that enables the man to bring all things to their logical conclusion and to get results of his activity. The man needs patience to listen out all critical remarks made to him. An objective analysis of these remarks allows achieving better results. Patience and labor open the way to wisdom that is certain to promote spiritual development and happy life.

    Nonaggressive, friendly attitude to the surrounding people is very important. Always keep in mind that you have your own world: everything you come in contact with, everything you can influence and everything that depends on you!.. In this world you are the Great Lord and Master!.. And it is this world that you can change for the better!   Besides, it is quite desirable that you yourself should change, primarily at the spiritual level because your new spiritual qualities will allow achievement of more essential results!..

    The man should keep in mind that he or she is not an occasional little grain of sand in the life flow but that he or she has been created after the image and likeness of God. Having realized the cosmic laws of life, having changed one’s approaches to it at any moment and coordinating them with the divine approaches the man can become similar to God, become His part or conductor of His energy…

    The fundamental spiritual factor for human life is the knowledge that the man has an immortal soul! Upon completing one’s earthly way the man as a personality, as energy does not case his existence but transforms into a new energy state becoming part of thin energy matter. The first thing that astonishes the deceased man who did not accept this knowledge during his life is the fact that he is alive and possesses new wonderful properties…

    The knowledge that the man has an immortal soul and his life as the life of a personality does not stop upon the death of the body can crucially change the man’s attitude to life.  The man is no longer afraid that having lived his life he disappears absolutely and forever. The man understands that he will continue living in the flow of the Eternity being actually a traveler in the boundless and endless worlds of the cosmic Space and Time!.. How grandiose and beautiful it is compared to the life when the man is unable to see beyond his nose with his petty, meager, often quite selfish and illusive aims…   

    The human soul periodically goes through stages of embodiment in material worlds – at the place and at the time that correspond to its quality and tasks of the evolution… A spiritually enlightened, seeking and knowing soul evolves in the spiritual energy flow of the Cosmos.  A dark, unenlightened soul keeps going round in circles, falling into the same trap and often degrading to a lower level. Every embodiment of a dark and low frequency soul is generally agonizing and actually its punishment and life in the limbo…

    The next important spiritual aspect is the fact that by his or her previous embodiments, the quality of these embodiments the man himself determines the conditions, place and time of his next birth. The man is born in the heart of the world that he himself has created in his previous embodiments. All of us are different and therefore we all are born in different conditions: somebody is born a prince, another is born a beggar, somebody is born a lord and somebody is born God …

The man must remember that he was worthy of the conditions in which he came to life and there’s nobody to blame (if these conditions were not the best). The person has only himself to blame or thank!.. Your task is to understand this, to accept and to move on up the staircase of spiritual evolution to the light and divine worlds inspiring your soul with their limitless possibilities!..  .

    Like everything alive around the man is a curled and packed bundle of energy for some time. All the visible material world is just a small part of various kinds of packed energy permeating and saturating the Cosmos. The fact that the man is a bundle of energy explains many of his unusual properties: levitation, teleportation, ability to penetrate into other times, clairvoyance, etc. If the man is energy, then according to the energy conservation law it cannot disappear but just transforms from one kind into another. This additionally confirms the eternal existence of the soul…

    The souls carrying light and creation expiate their previous sins from an embodiment into an embodiment: these may be possible murders of other living beings, selfish deprivation (theft) of other people of their life energy (material values, money…) resulting in deterioration of their life situation.  This can be just harm done to other people and other living beings. Expiating these sins the souls carrying light move to the energy area of the Light. The Light strives for the Light, and there emerges the place and time in the Cosmos where the Light lives. There are no deadly dismal conditions for life there. Problems of another, higher level of development, happiness and freedom are resolved there…    

    The souls carrying darkness and destruction gradually increase their sinful burden from an embodiment to an embodiment and move to the low frequency energy area of impenetrable spiritual darkness, horror and death… The darkness is drawn, surrounded by darkness and devours itself depriving everything around of energy and life…The soulstriving for spiritual evolution, willing to enter the Light, desirous to find many new opportunities and abilities, striving to see the beauties of the Universe, wishing to become equal, to merge with the divine energies must carry Love, Good and Truth to the world!..  Help to other kind people in their light aspirations considerably increases your energy merits for the Cosmos and improve the conditions of future embodiments!..          

Understanding of these simple truths and their use in your daily life can transform your life and lead to happiness and success!..

From the side of the Eternity looking at the life of the people living on the planet of Earth one can see the following picture: the mankind is divided into a multitude of various economic, political zones of influence. These zones are involved in a hidden and open fight against one another. This fight is often caused by selfish state or corporate interests often leading to wars, conflicts and destruction of the people’s way of life, to death of the nature…  

    The mankind living on the planet is a single interrelated organism. This reminds of a situation when different organs in a single living organism start fighting and suppressing one another considering that they are the major ones. If we compared this situation with the human body, it would look as follows: the stomach, for example, would announce that it is the major organ in the human organism and all the resources of the organism should be sent to it only and it could live without the heart, the brain, the lungs…   

The fight of political and economic groups brings sufferings to the plant, destroys its life potential. The “consumer society” philosophy goes against the interests of the planet.   

A military man once said that if the mankind directed all the efforts it spent on military confrontation to the interests of the planet, we would be long living on a different, flourishing planet.  

The Eternity would like to see the people living on the Earth united by a single government that would direct its major efforts to solution of ecological problems, to maintenance of clean air, water and soil of the planet, to preservation of the live nature (flora and fauna), to social protection of the people. And then the planet of Earth as a living organism and the mankind living on it would exist in harmony and would avoid many problems and disasters…

II . Proper nutrition

        Good nutrition is one of the major factors of successful and happy life. To be healthy one should keep thinking about what you put into your mouth. It is no coincidence that most diseases are said to arise from improper food.  

Alcohol abuse, smoking, and use of drugs also lead to fast destruction of the human organism.   

Fresh vegetables and fruits, berries and nuts, various cereals and herbs, simple pure water as well as preliminary frozen meltwater are vital products to preserve human health.   

    When such products are used, acidic media is formed in the human organism in which any diseases, including gastrointestinal diseases, emerge much more seldom.           

There is a number of products that one must be especially cautious about. These are the so called products of death: butter, margarine, lard, heavy kinds of meat, sugar, coffee, beer as well as products containing a large amount of carcinogens, fats and artificial additives.

    Butter, margarine and lardcontain a concentrate of fats that contribute to slagging of vessels and the entire organism, which results in such diseases as a blood stroke, infarction, cancer, ulcer, atherosclerosis, etc. Therefore, I recommend using these products as seldom as possible.

    Heavy kinds of meat:high consumption of them also leads to the aforesaid severe diseases. It will be better if you substitute heavy kinds of meat with fish, other seafood or poultry. One should not use meat products more than once a day and one should not eat such products as butter, lard, eggs, fish one day a week at all using lighter food (curd, cereals, fruits, vegetables, prunes, etc.). It is good to make a fasting day once a month and to eat nothing for 24 hours. On this day one may drink only water or eat fruits. During this time the organism will have might recovery and get free from extra “rubbish”. Every cell of the organism cleans itself and starts “breathing” giving the man a strong charge of forces. 

    Sugar:this product is a strong concentrate. Its overuse leads to obesity, diabetes and other serious diseases. Therefore, I recommend using less sugar, jam, candies and other confectionery containing much sugar. You should sometimes substitute these products with honey, dried fruits or chocolate.

    Coffee: it is desirable to drink not more than two cups a day, better with milk or water. The third cup will have a destructive effect on your organism. It is better to wash coffee down with water; in this case its negative effect on the organism will be less.  

    Beer: this is a product that increases weight, turns a man into a woman, has an adverse effect on potency, kidneys and other organs. It should not be used often. In this respect some small consumption of vodka or wine is less dangerous...

        There are products that give the man health and refer to products of life. In Russia these are fresh and sour cabbage, green apples, tomatoes, garlic, black currants and cranberries.These products have unique properties of organism recovery and excreting slags and poisons…

    I’ll give you the recipe of the Salad of Life: chop fresh cabbage, crumple it, grate one green apple, cut tomatoes, add some olive oil, iodized salt to taste and mix everything. You can add other vegetables and herbs to this salad but fresh cabbage, apples and tomatoes have unique curative properties for the organism. They excrete slags and poisons. The people regularly using these products generally do not have such diseases as gastric ulcer, cancer, strokes, infarctions ...

     It is possible that you will use all products but before having a meal eat a plateful of the fresh salad the recipe of which I’ve given above, and your organism will work better and become much healthier…

 People with allergy or other serious diseases must agree on their food products with the doctor.

    A folk remedy to treat and prevent various diseases is garlic that has a favorable effect on human health. It acts as an anti-inflammatory, disinfecting, antibacterial, rejuvenating and cleaning agent and strengthens the protective properties of the organism.  

    Several berries of black currant or cranberry a day are natural pills for your organism. They have a strong favorable effect on human health. 

    It is good, of course, to eat vegetables, fruits and berries straight from the bush – they have the greatest amount of vitamins and life energy at this moment. But as the summer is not long, I recommend doing the following: put berries into a plastic bag, say a prayer or just your wishes consisting of kind words and freeze them. When you use these frozen berries, their effect on your organism will be a unique one. The berries will remember your information and wishes and when you use them, they will give it in full volume to your organism together with their principal useful properties and microelements…. In ths case berries may be different but black currants and cranberries will have a stronger effect on the organism.

    Natural frozen waterhas a similar miraculous, beneficial effect on the man. Take a container, pour some water into it and then say a prayer or good wishes to yourself. Then put it into the freezer. When the water freezes up, take it out of the freezer. Drink meltwater during the day. The meltwater that absorbs your prayers and wishes is a balsam for your stomach and the entire organism. This is really life-giving water! It is structured and has a crystal lattice similar to the structure and crystal lattice of intracellular fluids and blood; it is also saturated with your positive information…    

In case of serious diseases I highly recommend drinking meltwater with a prayer, especially during the first three days of treatment. During this time try not to use products of animal origin.

    Meltwater (with a prayer) helps people to give up smoking. A bottle with melted water must be always with you for that purpose. If you feel like smoking, take several sips and do so during two or three weeks. You can say good words with unfrozen water, too, and drink it. The effect will be positive.

     Various Biologically Active Additives are very popular in the field of nutrition. Some of them may be really well balanced and necessary in some cases but these are often quite expensive formulations; therefore, I orient people to choosing natural products affordable in any situations. I just want to specially note Omega-3 fatty acids having a beneficial effect on brain functions and eyes, regulating the vascular tone, which is especially important in prevention of blood strokes. Large amounts of these acids are contained in flaxseed oil (available in pharmacies) and cod-liver oil.  

    Improper nutrition is among the reasons for many diseases and even death, which, you must agree, reliably blocks the road to success and the more so to happiness.

One of my patients replied to my remarks about his heavy nutrition: “I will still eat a lot, drink, smoke and will die young…”. I responded to that that the process of dying might be not short but long and hard if the man had to stay in a wheelchair for five or more years suffering from pain…

Hear yourself from your future!Look a bit forward you’re your consciousness and intuition. You may shudder from what you see and want to follow the advice of the Eternity …

    An elderly man and his wife had a very sedentary lifestyle, were fond of meat products, often ate fat and roast food, a lot of jam and had several blood strokes as a result. After the third stroke the woman died and some time later the man got to hospital with the same diagnosis. His condition was very serious and there was no hope for recovery. The son took the man home but soon applied to me for help.  

    Following my recommendations the stout elderly man drank the water frozen with a prayer and ate nothing for three days. In this way his organism was substantially cleaned. On my advice he had massage made by specially hired beautiful women, which resulted in energy revival of the patient. After some time he started moving his fingers on the paralyzed arm and leg. Besides, he received hydrotherapeutic procedures that always finished with cool and cold water. While having a rest he watched his favorite sports programs, erotic movies and comedies…

After fasting, apart from melted prayerful water his diet started to include juices, porridge, fresh vegetables and fruits; some time later fish, boiled potatoes and small amounts of not heavy products were added. After some time he started doing affordable recumbent exercises. Later the patient started getting up, walking with the help of a device. Physical loads gradually increased. After a hot shower he always had a cold shower. All that time he continued drinking frozen water with a prayer and wishes of health. Before meals he ate several frozen black currant berries and cranberries as well as other berries. The room was always filled with fresh air. People often talked with the man and told him interesting stories and funny anecdotes. His relatives and close people hugged and kissed him boosting his spirits and creating the atmosphere of love. I had my curative sessions with him, of course. Soon the man was able to walk freely, watch his favourite football, look at women.    

Seven months passed only but one could hardly recognize him. By changing his way of living he recovered and found his revirescence…

    The district doctor was very much surprised at such miraculous recovery and specified in detail how it had been done. This method of recovery has helped many of my patients. However, there may be different diseases and sometimes medical aid (medications, surgeries, etc.) are vitally necessary. One should use all available possibilities to recover.

Listen to the laws of the Eternity and do not work yourself into irreversible circumstances. It is easy to lose health and it is very hard to get it back! If you have health, you have life. Nobody needs a sick person turned into “a vegetable”. Think how much money, time and forces is spent for recovery. Isn’t it better to add some willpower and to be healthy and strong and, thus, happy? You can live a long and happy life and leave it easily at a considerable, advanced age.

The topics related to nutrition are often brought up in printed media, and a person striving for knowledge in this sphere can easily find a lot of materials on this burning issue.    

In the present conditions there are a lot of products of animal origin on the table. These products are of two types. The first type includes the products obtained through slaughter, using brutal death of living beings (meat of all kinds and products made from it: sausages, wieners, pelmeni, pate, etc.). The second type includes the products obtained not through slaughter: these are all kinds of dairy products (milk, cheese, curd, kefir, butter, etc.). Such products may be conditionally said to include infertile hen, quail and other eggs as no chicken can grow from infertile eggs.  

    The products obtained through no slaughter (with the exception of butter being a strong concentrate) are no so harmful for a man as those obtained through slaughter and containing animal fats.

Some scientists with their own idea of nutrition consider that the choice of a certain kind of products of animal origin also has a spiritual side of the question: the man decides himself whether to be the cause of death and sufferings for various animals or not with all the negative consequences for the life of the living planet, for the human organism and soul… In the same way they think that intelligent life on other planets can emerge from various kinds of animals and therefore, even from the ethical point of view one must not eat species analogies of kindred rational creatures…

People standing at a higher spiritual level consider that if they eat killed animals, they rapidly kill themselves and cannot be considered rational people being in fact animals with all the ensuing negative consequences for their health and energy…  

For ultimate nutrition the man needs protein contained in eggs, soya, meat, mushrooms, etc. The man himself must decide how he should eat and what way to follow in life. The man’s spiritual level, organism and life itself will prompt the proper direction.

    There are heavy products (requiring great efforts of the organism and considerable energy for digestion) and light products (not requiring considerable energy and efforts for digestion).

    Heavy products basically include products of animal origin with a high content of animal fat: all kinds of smoked products, sausages, wieners, ham, etc; they also include butter and high fat processed cheese as well as strongly fried potatoes, too strong coffee, etc. The organism has to apply considerable efforts and produce highly concentrated gastric fluid to digest them, which generally leads to adverse consequences in the long term. Such adverse consequences can be heartburn, gastritis, gastric ulcer and even worse diseases…

    Concentrated gastric fluid digests the meat or other heavy food in the stomach but one should remember that the stomach itself is also meat just slightly covered by a mucous membrane. Long aggressive exposure of the mucous membrane to the concentrated gastric fluid generally results in a situation when the stomach starts digesting itself sooner or later – this is the way a gastric ulcer is formed…

    A craving for heavy products of animal origin that may be called “dead” food results in processes of decay of their remains in the large intestine with multiple increase of the pathogenic flora harmful for the organism and actively poisoning it with waste products that equal poisons by their effect.  The organism is slagged causing decline of strength, depression and chronic fatigue. One cannot speak about any success and happiness in life if instead of that one has to see doctors, go to pharmacie4s buying pills and other chemical preparations that often have negative side effects, which sometimes aggravates the patient’s situation. One has to treat oneself spending time and money that could serve other purposes. The most hurtful thing in this situation is that it is created only due to the man’s ignorance but can be eliminated practically free of charge…

    The absolute majority of the people with the aforesaid diseases I’ve met in life confessed that they were quite fond of various sausages, smoked products, ham, lard, foreign fast food with high content of animal fats that was often refined, overpurified and deprived of the majority of related useful substances and microelements. Besides, these people drank very little pure water, ate few fresh vegetables and berries.

    One should also bear in mind that as consumers we cannot know exactly what the various sausages, wieners, minced meats, pate, meat pies, pelmeni and other things are made from. What can guarantee that only high quality raw materials were used to produce them? Even if the meat products are made from high quality raw materials, they still have a large quantity of antibiotics, various growth promoting substances, stress hormones, and all this becomes part of ourselves through nutrition. A man is what he eats!..

    It is very useful to reduce consumption of heavy products, if possible. This will allow preserving the forces of the organism for solution of other tasks. It will allow strengthening one’s immunity and setting free a substantial part of energy of the organism that the organism can spend to strengthen itself and which you otherwise will inevitably lose. 

    Our organism is very sensitive to such measures and you will immediately feel better even if you partially refuse from heavy products…

    It is necessary to know some things about structured products. Structured products are live vegetables, fruits, berries and plants that have not been subjected to any thermal and other complex treatment as well as preliminarily frozen or natural water. All these products can be called “live” food.

    Every little cell of our organism has some fluid that ensures successful metabolism and numerous other functions. This fluid has its structure – a certain crystal lattice – that links the entire organism into a single information network and structure. It is this structured fluid that all the fluid coming with food should turn into. Certain forces and energy are spent on that. The juice of fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and plants has a similar live structure. The internal fluid in them is structured by the nature itself, and these products require considerably less energy for digestion and restructuring to meet the needs of the human organism. Besides, to get digested they do not need any aggressive gastric fluid, which preserves the healthy potential of the organism.   

    I would like again and specifically expand on the properties and possibilities of structured water. As I have noted, this is natural water from pure sources that has been frozen and melted. Such water has unique properties to remember information and to give it back later. And if you say a prayer, give your kind wishes (before freezing it) and then drink it (after melting), your organism will experience the processes improving your physical and energy health and well-being – the programmed water that remembered your wishes will start working for you… 

    Thus, we have found another possibility of saving additional energy for life. Remember:

“Dead” food is a dead man!..

“Live” food is a live man!..

    The most difficult thing for a person is to change one’s habits and wishes. Over the years the organism physiologically gets used to a ceratin lifestyle, to certain products and drinks and strictly demands abidance by the established rules. It is overcoming oneself and getting rid of undesirable habits that can be considered a real human deed. Changing oneself for the better the man inevitably changes his destiny for the better, too.  

    In the real, cosmic sense the man changes the world for the better only when he himself changes for the better… Have a healthy lifestyle and then everything will be great with you!

    Trying to strengthen one’s health it would be useful to regularly eat soups made with vegetables, legumes or other vegetables crops without using meat products. One should use fresh vegetables, fruits or berries in every meal. Instead of the customary sausage, bacon, ham, etc. In sandwiches one should get used to using lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, slightly roasted marrows, boiled and grated beetroot, vegetable marrow paste. If required, add cheese, brynza … and then add your fantasy!..    

    Not everybody can certainly become a vegetarian. These people have not just refused from eating meat and some of them have refused from any animal food; they have reached a new spiritual level and they just cannot do otherwise. Their philosophy is based on the principle that animals, fish, birds are rightful living beings capable of evolving and, therefore, cannot be a source of food for people. Vegetarians also consider that when animals are killed, the animals experience stress with a high release of hormones that are then transferred to the man disturbing the man’s energy and chemical composition, which results in loss of intuition, memory, ability to foresee things.  Vegetarians substitute meat products with nuts, mushrooms, legumes, soya products. They drink water, eat vegetables and fruits. Their diet contains vegetable oils as well as flaxseed oil (Omega 3). Most vegetarians use dairy products and fish. Statistics has shown that compared to those fond of meat and fatty food vegetarians live much longer and rarely have such diseases as cancer, blood stroke, infarction, gastric ulcer, etc..

    It is of interest that both the Orthodox and some other religions have fasting during which people refrain from eating animal food for some time at least. Ancient people clearly understood that this is good for human health. This proves that one should think about this issue. The custom of saying a prayer before a meal is no coincidence, either...

    It is sometimes very hard to refuse from habitual meat and fatty products partially or completely. One should not force events. And if you feel very much like eating something of them, eat it but try to use the products the quality of which you are sure of. Let it be natural fish, meat or poultry rather than something processed into some strange thing. Do not get upset about that. If you have firmly introduced fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and water into your diet, after some time the organism itself will dictate you new eating habits beneficial for you… 

    Feeding your organism the man must remember that one may get poisoned not only by the quality of food but by its quantity as well!

    Nutrition must be diverse and include all necessary vitamins and microelements. However, since childhood we should learn to be temperate in eating and know about the harm of overeating.  Overeating results in overloading of the digestive functions of the organism and can bring the results of all the previous efforts to nought. A large quantity of eaten, even proper, food can eliminate all the saved energy reserves.  

    If a child does not want to eat, never force it. I assure you: by the age of forty he will get his necessary kilograms and even more, maybe.  

    If you have missed your breakfast, lunch or dinner, it is just a plus for the organism. After the age of 18 a person can have fasting days depending on his well-being and physical condition. One can have fasting days once a month, every ten days or once a week completely refusing from eating for twenty four hours or using limited quantities of light products, such as apples, water melons, etc. (People having serious diseases should consult their doctor about fasting days.)

    During fasting days the vesses and other organs of the body get rid of slags and toxins, life expectancy increases, there is a larger inflow of the energy increasing the man’s ability to foresee things, intuition develops, the man becomes feeling the waves of thin spiritual worlds and thin cosmic vibrations…

    It should not go unmentioned that intense or frequent use of alcoholic drinks, narcotics, smoking results in fast aging and physical, spiritual and energy degradation of the man, which substantially leads the man away from success and happiness.  

    I also recommend dubbing a convenient area of your body with iodine at least once a month. Use iodized salt or other iodine-containing products as the organism often lacks this substance.   

    As many people have dental problems, I will depart from the nutrition subject a bit and give a piece of advice. There is a very effective remedy for caries. It has been recommended to me by a Finnish dentist. Take half a glass of water; add a bit of three-percent of hydrogen dioxide available in pharmacies. After brushing your teeth gargle your mouth before going to bed. Do this procedure at least once a week. This radical remedy disinfects the mouth slightly whitening your teeth. You can also use this solution to gargle your throat, which is very effective in case of a sore throat.  

If your child has permanent teeth already, go to the dentist and have the young permanent teeth covered with a special sealant. In this case the teeth will be much less subject to caries for several years.


III. Physical training and cold water.

    To be young and beautiful since youth teach yourself to do physical training. Thirty-minute exercises give an excellent charge of vigour. The exercises must involve all muscles. For example: forty push-ups, squats, abdominal exercises, stretching exercises, lumps and so on. Jogging is very revitalizing. During jogging all your “entrails” shake and a large amount of slags are excreted from the organism. Jogging strengthens muscles and has a good effect on the heart and lungs. (If you have serious diseases, consult your doctor.)

Special attention should be paid to the spine. The spine is the column of life. For the spine to be healthy, one should do various exercises in the form of bending, extension, leans. A good effect on the spine is also provided by swimming and suspension performed by several stages: ten seconds, twenty seconds, twenty five seconds. One should perform suspension in a relaxed condition. These exercise allow to stretch the spine and eliminate the “accordion” formed with years, often resulting from a sedentary lifestyle. There are often various spinal curvatures, slouching, hernias and so on in this area. Therefore, moderate physical exercises are quite vital for the man.  

 Do sport. Movement and action are life, youth and health.

    Happiness is obviously impossible without health as it is health that provides the physical and energy foundation for successful life. Physical exercises and sport are an important part of the formula of success and happiness. However, I do not mean the sport of great achievements. Moderate but regular sport is more important for the man as well as going to the gym, swimming pool, choreography, dancing. Simple physical exercises involving all groups of muscles performed at home. Morning exercises, jogging do not generally need any special conditions and devices and are affordable for everybody.

    Sports give the man a powerful charge of energy. A man doing sport is always in an active condition; he is more determined, athletic, attractive and handsome, has a faster response to events, has a stronger life resource; he is stronger than a man who does not do sport and, hence, he is more competitive than the latter.  

    An additional strongest revitalizing agent for the organism is cold water that can be rightly called “life-giving” water and that should be used to complete all sport activities, exercises, jogging. Moreover, I consider dousing with cold water an obligatory element of the single bunch with sport activity and physical training.

    Cold water will prove to be a desirable benefit, a source of joy and euphoria for a body warmed up by exercises and physical loads. At the initial stage it may be enough just to rub oneself with a towel damped with cold water. Those who are not sufficiently warmed up by physical loads can be advised additional warming under a warm shower or with the help of a bathhouse.

    Cold water bears a lot of information; it is like fairytale “life-giving” water. In the fairytale plain, unprepossessing Ivanushka jumps into it and then jumps out of it looking a handsome young man. 

Cold water improves blood circulation, revitalizes the man, adds life forces…

    In winter it is good to go to a Russian bathhouse but do not make the temperature too high in it as very high temperature may be dangerous for some people. Take a steam-bath with a switch of green birch twigs. It acts like a good massage on the body and then one can be soused head and ears in an ice-hole three-four times or just pour cold water on oneself. The man has a mighty revitalizing effect thereby. I always admire seeing expectant mothers in the health center dipping themselves in an ice-hole (these are generally women who have been friendly with cold water since their childhood and youth). Such hardened, sporty future mothers will have real athletes and the child-bearing process will be much easier.

Dousing with cold water out of a pail, a cold shower, swimming in natural water sources, dipping in an ice-hole generates a most powerful energy charge in the human organism. Cold water makes stronger, renews the man, rejuvenates, washes away the energy negative, huge flows of cosmic positive information penetrate into the man, the man gets a keener sense of intuition and clairvoyance…

    Cold water acts like lightning reviving the man; he feels as if he were born again. The man gets the desire to live and strive for success.

    My beloved man, my children and myself are good friends with sport and cold water and, therefore, colds stay away from us.

    It should be added that the optimal variant for the man is the maximum possible use of pure natural water as it should be remembered that human skin actively absorbs water and the quality of water is very important here…

    Sport, physical exercises and loads together with cold water have one more strongly pronounced property important for many people. They reduce appetite noticeably, which allows successful control of one’s weight. This important property is based on the fact that after physical loads and cold water the man feels certain joy and pleasure. In case when the organism lacks or has too few sources of joy and pleasure it makes the man eat food to get satisfaction at least from the feeling of being full. This is the hidden reason for overweight, alcohol and drug addiction.   .

    Do exercises, douse with cold water and you will immediately feel that everything has changed: you have become a different person, much more cheerful, healthier and, hence, much more successful!

    Scientists say that water is a whole Universe, all wonder of nature and life itself. Water makes 70% of the man; therefore, to be happy and healthy one should purify water inside the organism. It can be done by staying in a maximum frequent movement. Water or blood stagnates in the body of a sick man. When blood stops flowing, the body starts dying. Blood congestion can be considered as congestion of emotions. Contemporary researchers have shown that the condition of one’s consciousness has a direct effect on the condition of the body. When you have a full life and enjoy it, you feel better physically as well but when your life is filled with disorder, apathy, lack of activity, you gradually die. 

          When positive emotions flow through your body, you feel joy and are filled with physical health.    

    I recommend the people wishing to get rid of the general depression or the chronic fatigue syndrome first to have a good sleep and then have a general massage. After the massage have some rest and do easy stretching exercises for your muscles, ligaments and joints. For that purpose do leans, turns and bending… While doing the exercises you can turn on nice music. It is not necessary to do force exercises (considering the degree of depression). Having stretched your muscles, ligaments and joints warm yourself in warm or hot water for 10-15 minutes. Then take a contast shower several times trying to get as much pleasure as possible from that. Then have a light breakfast using vegetables and fruits and then go for a walk!.. You are sure to feel a surge of energy!.. And after that everything is in your hands!..  



                          IV. Voice of Time

       The past, the present, the future as well as the surrounding worlds exist nearby and it is important to be able to hear their voice as well as one’s own voice and other signals from the time… Energy understanding of the situation, responsiveness and intuition give the man an opportunity to control his destiny and to influence the world. Some people are more endowed with these abilities, others less but it is necessary to develop them. Remember that a thought or a word sent by you into the Heaven is certain to be heard. After some time the Cosmos will turn your wishes into reality…    

Let me give you an example: an outwardly successful, clever man with whom everything was to be fine kept pronouncing junk words: “fool”, “I’m out of luck” and other involuntarily blurting out bad words.  He failed to take into account that all those expressions in the form of energy went into the Cosmos that perceived them as a desire of the man who had sent them and fulfilled those wishes, which resulted in the man’s failures and disappointment…  

  Another man not being especially clever or successful kept pronouncing that he would be in luck, that everything would work out well. Even when he stumbled, he said: “Save me, God!” or something like that. And those wishes resulted in success in his life… .

    The words escaping our lips can be similar to flowers and precious stones or can be similar to some filth.

    One must strive to get rid of bad words and expressions but if some non-words, junk words do occur in your everyday language, try to say something positive after those involuntary words. Remember that everything you talk about is perceived by the Cosmos as your wishes and the Cosmos will try to put it into reality.  

     One of my patients told me that before getting into an accident his car would not start, then he was stopped by his beloved woman who asked him to have a cup of tea with her, then his friend called him and insisted on coming to see him because he needed help… Despite these three voices of the Time that tried to stop and keep him, he still went along the planned route and got into an accident in which he suffered seriously.

 It must be noted that until the future has become accomplished, it may be changed by turning to another vector of the destiny!..Learn to hear the voice of the future and notice the signs of your destiny!.. Develop this ability of human consciousness and soul!..

The signs of destiny can be manifested in different ways. For example, you are in a hurry and being late but somebody stops you and asks for help in some insignificant thing: they ask you to show the way, to help cross the street, etc. You are annoyed by this unexpected waste of time but, nevertheless, this delay, so annoying from your point of view, can prove to be life-changing. This may happen to be the way used by your destiny to shift you to another Space and Time and save you from a forthcoming mortal danger. Your mother or father may have prayed for you or it may be the love of your children and the beloved or your own voice from the future or the past may reach you at a difficult moment of your life trying to save you from a disaster, to help you find luck.  

One should be able to hear and feel these saving voices of the Time. Something stops or hastens you, before some event you suddenly have a headache, you have a dream predictive of something, ec. Pay attention to these facts, and it will help you and your close people to protect yourselves against possible misfortunes.

I would also like to add that a man striving to do good is always protected by the Heavenly Forces much more strongly than those indifferent to good things… 

Being in the present pray for yourself and your loved ones in the present and the future. I assure you that in a hour of need it is your voice that is bound to help you and your close people…

    The destiny almost always warns by its signs, words, actions and only then hits the life and you …  

    In the Time we often come across various signs that attract light or darkness, give pain or joy; therefore, be careful when you draw something on your body (tattoo) – this is not always safe… For example, tattooed predators with open mouths often attract darkness and problems in life… Such signs as water, sun, flowers, scenes of nature attract light. But it is better to have a clean body to be free from any external exposures related with certain signs and forces…  

Some people came to see me who sometimes complained of failures and problems in life. Seeing their aggressive tattoos in the form of grinning predators I recommended removing them or changing them for some neutral images to correct the situation. Those who followed my advice called later and said that their life situation improved considerably…

    Value your time!Human life is fleeting. It flies like a blink. Just yesterday you were joyful girls and boys and today you are already grandmothers and grandfathers…  

Live so that looking back at your life you would say that you were born on this planet for a good reason, so that you would not feel ashamed of the years you lived before the Eternity and the Heaven.So that looking at yourself from the side of the Cosmos you would see your creations of the Light and the Good and feel glad that you have helped this world to become more beautiful…


V. Love

   Love in its multifaceted manifestation is the strongest energy on the Earth. In the same way as the Sun warms the ground without expecting anything in return, the man who loves gives his heart, energy and warmth to the object of love. “Love moves everything and vivifies everything”,said Leibnitz.The feeling of Love can be manifested in the attitude to life, to the planet, the Motherland, nature, to relatives and close people. Love is a great spiritual force that nobody can ever defeat!    

Every person generally has people who love him. These may be the mother, father, children, relatives and close people. Their feelings like invisible vessels feed the person whom they love, protect him against troubles, give care, health and luck. You must talk with the people who love you more often, see them, hug and kiss them. Warm relations and life in love are very important for your health and longevity. In this case your life is fleshed out and filled with meaning… People capable of faithful love are worthy of respect. The only thing that cannot be bought for any riches is love and health. If a person is capable of love, he has not lost the quality of being called the Human Being.   

There sometimes happens one-sided love when he loves but she does not or vice versa. If you are not loved, you should not make a dead-set at the object of love by right or wrong. Your forces will be wastedand eventually great disappointment will come. Understanding the situation you stop relations at once. Although there may be rare exceptions. Remember that the world is huge, and you are certain to fall in love and to be loved and to find real happiness.  

We sometimes come across homosexual relations when a woman loves a woman and a man loves a man. This is certainly an upset of the natural harmony at least because homosexual feelings do not lead to the major purpose of life – to its generation. Some complicated combination of circumstances of one’s destiny or other problems may lead people to such choice; well, it’s their right and their free choice. But I am opposed to propaganda of such relations in cartoons, television programs, books and street demonstrations.  I consider that this propaganda leads to an increase of such relations and, hence, to decreased birth rate and contributes to degradation of the society. There is an opinion that some forces strive to decrease the population on the planet in this way… I also consider sex reassignment an upset of the natural harmony… 

Life is constant movement and action. The world changes every instant and is created anew every instant.The desire to diversify one’s life in every sphere is human; therefore, consistency of love relations between a man and a woman – the so called swan’s faithfulness – is rather rare.  Such relations are mostly achieved by sexually moderate, not very attractive and calmer people. It should be noted that basically it is active people, including sexually active, that move life forward.They have more children, they manage to create more but more problems as well …

The desire to diversify everything – food, clothes, leisure – is human. By nature a man is an explorer while a woman is very curious. Therefore, the people who have lived together for several years often gave situations when their love and sexual feelings to each other fade. They keep living together but not as a man and a woman but rather as a brother and a sister or as friends continuing keeping their household and bringing up children. At such moments people have new feelings and sexual desires that sometimes result in divorces.

The man is certainly free in his choice and diversity is likely to relieve him from a certain stagnation, gives a surge of new energy and hormones, generates exciting sensations. Life is very agile in its manifestations. If you diversify your sexual life and do not want to leave the family, never confess to that to your soul mate. Such truth generally results in complete destruction of your mutual relations. 

And, nevertheless, I would like to explain that sexual diversity becomes unnecessary if one really loves somebody because your heart is filled with the object of love only with whom you always want to be together, to breathe in his or her fragrance, to see his or her eyes only. When you are in love, you do not notice the shortcoming of your beloved, try to show care and tenderness. No medicine can be compared to the healing force of love! As scientists say, life is immunity! Love is the divine light of the man from the inside, a condition of a life surge. It is at this time that the man feels the greatest happiness.

Despite the present-day reality when money often control development of relations between men and women I still admire at such qualities as faithfulness, loyalty, love and kindness. These may be rare qualities today but it is these qualities that save us, generate life, give plain human happiness.

I think that every person wants to be loved and loved faithfully, to be waited for when the person is far away from home and family. If you have such a male or female friend, if you have children, know that you are a happy person!

Despite the multifaceted activity the people who are in a permanent search for love are often liable to destroy themselves what they themselves have created. I consider that one’s home, family, close people must be the major and eternal human value.The family is the foundation of life on which a person can always rely; this is the world where you are loved and waited for, when you will be always understood and warmed. Fancies can and go while one’s home, world of the family stays. It happens that life together becomes unbearable and people part. In this case children often suffer. One should understand that after some time sexual likes fade, and after three or four years of life together the man may be in a search again.   

It should be remembered that the worst thing for a man is to stay alone…Loneliness is a disaster of the human destiny and our civilization, and before destroying the created relations and the family know that you may fail to find another variant like this. Understanding of this fact and disappointment in the new relations may come later but it will be too late then…

It is real happiness when love reigns in the family! Then the worlds of the loving man and woman are drawn to each other turning into an immense Universe!  

Value the people who love you – this is your salvation! Value the people who love just you rather than your material position!..H. de Balzac wrote: “A poor man who is loved can be sure that he is loved for himself rather than for his money…”

    Many people applying to me for help wondered what should be done to be liked by the opposite sex.

Relying on the world researches in this issue I will reveal some simple secrets to men and women. I’ll start with men. A man must certainly be athletic, neat; he must certainly have an occupation or profession capable of providing for his family in futureor if it’s quite a young man he must have aspirations that will lead him to material balance in future.       

A low male voice is very attractive for a woman arousing sensuousness in her. Therefore, I advise the men to lower the tone of their voice while communicating with the object of their love. Be joyful, optimistic, smile more often. Positive people are always more loved, remember that.

The glance or the ability to look at the woman whom you liked is quite essential. A plain look will hardly draw her attention but if you look at her in a sensuous way radiating the thought: “I want you…” this is sure to arouse a flow of response emotions in the woman.

An important manifestation in the relations between a man and a woman is the words of love. Women love with their ears, and therefore, the ability to speak, sing for her, write love letters, poems will help you to conquer the object of your love. For example: “I liked you a lot, I’m thinking about you, I’m eager to meet you…”. More substantial words, such as: “I love you, I want you, you are the only one for me in the whole world, I’ll love you even when you’re old, I’ll never give you to anybody…” and other similar expressions are said after the acquaintance has taken place or even later. There are a lot of variants and everybody decides himself. You’ll feel that, especially if you are in love, your heart will prompt you everything.  

    At the date you must giver her flowers. It does not matter whether these will be expensive roses or simple chamomiles… A flower is a conductor to the woman’s heart. She will always appreciate this attention. Communicating with a woman take her hand and kiss it tenderlyaccidentally on purpose. Your beloved is sure to love this gesture. She will feel respect to herself, which is very important for development of mutual feelings. Do not be afraid to draw the woman a bit closer at a convenient momentand lovingly to take her a bit below the waist – this is quite a brave gesture but it generally warms up her feelings still more.      

Remember about the emotional behavior that brings you closer to intimacy with your beloved. Women are fond of being taken in one’s arms,of being circled around, to be carried up the stairs to the apartment. This influences their feelings. Not every man, of course, is so strong, but I think that everybody is capable of just taking into his arms.

An athletic, well-cared-for man certainly has more chances to conquer female hearts as following their natural instinct women choose stronger and healthier men.

 A very important merit of a man is manifestation of care about the woman. My beloved, for example, bought something tasty, took me to fairground attractions, to the cinema, dances, cafes, taught me to drive. At home he cooked often and well, washed me in the bath, tried to understand everything I live by. As I was writing poems and fairytales, being a painter he started making illustrations to my fairytales. My book of fairytales “Castle of Eternity” and the book of poems “Love” have his illustrations. It was impossible not fall in love with him, and we got married. Throughout my life the man of my choice has been caring about me, our children, showing wonderful qualities of being able to do everything. He built the house himself, taught me to swaddle the baby, did his best to provide for the family. At the same time the man of my choice has treated me with great tenderness and love. If such a man has found reciprocity, he is sure to make the woman happy and will be happy himself.         

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