The Revolt of Satan, and the Battle in Heaven

The Cave of Treasures  


Better known by the name The (Successions) of the Generations



A record of the first chapters of the book of Genesis, written in the generation of Constantine, circa AD 350, the book is the seventh canonical edition of Genesis. Mentioned here in the notes, the Book of the Bee was an 8th or 9th edition of Genesis, from the era of the Crusades and the Schism circa 1100 BC. It is a book which covers the entire Bible history, yet was partly corrupted.



The First Thousand Years,

Adam To Jarêd


The Creation. First Day

The Creation. Second Day

The Creation. Third Day

The Creation. Fourth Day

The Creation. Fifth Day

The Creation. Sixth Day


The Creation of Adam

The Revolt of Satan, and the Battle in Heaven

The Making of Eve

The Symbolism Of Eden

Satan's Attack on Adam and Eve

Adam's stay in Paradise

Adam's expulsion from Paradise


The Birth of Seth

The Death of Adam

The Burial of Adam

The Rule of Seth

The Rule of Enôsh

The Rule of Kainân

The Rule of Mahlâlâîl

The Rule of Yârêd



The Second Thousand Years,

Jârêd to the Flood

Of the Transmission of the Art of Playing the Harp,

that is to say, of Music and Singing and Dancing.



In ancient times, the calendar year was two years every 12 months. According to the Mayan calendar, the Garden of Eden was at circa 4000 BC. The generation of Jared would be at approximately 3500 BC, two centuries before the Flood circa 3300 BC.


Some estimates place the creation of Neolithic man at 13,000 BC, one week of millennia before the start of the Mayan calendar. It is presumed that certain native tribes were thus formed before Eden was built, 4000 BC when the enhanced genetic archetypes were introduced into the already populated planet Earth.


The Garden of Eden is known to literally be Lebanon. And also metaphorically, in the early years of ancient civilization, Anatolia (Turkey) and the Western half of Mesopotamia. And, also the Nile regions of Ethiopia and the Red Sea were the cradles of civilization, interacting with Polynesian India and southern Africa, the zoological Eden. And, also the Mediterranean Sea, where it is said that the Celts and Phoenicians ruled in the West since the dawn of time from Ireland and Morocco, and where the Greeks were established in the centuries before 2000 BC, claiming a certain quality of Eden to their society. Later, many areas of tropical paradise, and eventually the Northern European regions, and forests in general, were said to be Eden (when ruled by beneficent kingdoms).



The [Succession] of the Generations                                                                    CHAPTER ONE

Divisions 1-30

The Cave of Treasures


The Scribe's Prayer                     

                                                                      Written circa the generation of Constantine AD 350

By the might of our Lord Jesus Christ we begin to write

the Book of the Succession of the Generations,

that is to say, Me'ârath Gazzê, which was composed by Saint Mâr Aphrem.

 Ephraim the Syrian, deceased AD 373

O our Lord, help Thou me in Thy Mercy.

The Syrian city of Antioch was a Christian capitol



THE FIRST 1,000 YEARS:                                                                           

ADAM TO JARÊD [4000 BC to 3500 BC]                                                                                 



The Creation. First Day


In the beginning, on the First Day, which was the holy First Day of the Week,

the chief and Firstborn of all the days,

God created the heavens, and the earth, and the waters, and the air,

the fire, and the hosts which are invisible,


(that is to say,

the Angels, Archangels,

Thrones, Lords,

Principalities, Powers,

Cherubim, and Seraphim),


and all the ranks and companies of Spiritual beings, and the Light,

and the Night, and the Day-time, and the gentle winds and the strong winds (of storms).


All these were created on the First Day.


And on the First Day of the Week the Spirit of holiness, one of the Persons of the Trinity,

hovered over the waters,

and through the hovering thereof over the face of the waters, the waters were blessed

so that they might become producers of offspring,


and they became hot, and the whole nature of the waters glowed with heat,      [volcanic heat?]

and the leaven of creation was united to them.


As the mother-bird maketh warm her young by the embrace of her closely covering wings,

and the young birds acquire form through the warmth of the heat which [they derive] from her,

so through the operation of the Spirit of holiness, the Spirit, the Paraclete,

the leaven of the breath of life was united to the waters when He hovered over them.


The Creation. Second Day


And on the Second Day, God made the Lower Heaven, and called it REKI'A'                (Raqia)

[that is to say, "what is sold and fixed", or "firmament"].


This He did, that He might make known

that the Lower Heaven doth not possess the nature of the heaven which is above it,

and that it is different in appearance from that heaven which is above it,

for the heaven above it is of fire.


And that second [lower] heaven is NÛHRÂ (Light),

and this lower heaven is Darpition

and because it hath the dense nature of water it hath been called "Rekî'a."


And on the Second Day God made a separation between the waters and the waters,

that is to say, between the waters which were above (Rekî'a)and the waters which were below.


And the ascent of these waters which were above heaven took place on the Second Day,

and they were like unto a dense black cloud of thick darkness.


Thus were they raised up there, and they mounted up,

and behold, they stand above the Rekî'ain the air;

and they do not spread, and they make no motion to any side.


The Creation. Third Day


And on the Third Day, God commanded the waters that were below the firmament (Rekî'a)

to be gathered together in one place, and the dry land to appear.


And when the covering of water had been rolled up from the face of the earth,

the earth showed itself to be in an unsettled and unstable state,

that is to say, it was of a damp (or moist) and yielding nature.


And the waters were gathered together into seas that were under the earth,

and within it, and upon it.


And God made in the earth from below,

corridors, and shafts, and channels for the passage of the waters;


and the winds which come from within the earth ascend by means of these corridors and channels,

and also the heat and the cold for the service of the earth.


Now, as for the earth, the lower part of it is like unto a thick sponge, for it resteth on the waters.


And on this Third Day, God commanded the earth,

and it brought forth herbs and vegetables,

and it conceived in its interior trees, and seeds, and plants and roots.


The Creation. Fourth Day


And on the Fourth Day, God made the sun, and the moon, and the stars.


And as soon as the heat of the sun was diffused over the surface of the earth,

the earth became hard and rigid, and lost its flaccidity,

because the humidity and the dampness [caused by] the waters were taken away from it.


The Creator made the sphere of the sun of fire and filled it with light.


And God gave unto the sphere of the moon and the stars bodies of water and air,

and filled them with light.


And when the dust of the earth became hot, it brought forth

all the trees, and plants, and seeds, and roots which had been [planted] inside it on the Third Day.



The Creation. Fifth Day


And on the Fifth Day, God commanded the waters,

and they brought forth all kind of fish of divers appearances,

and creatures which move about, and twist themselves and wriggle in the waters,


and serpents, and Leviathan,


and beasts of terrible aspects, and feathered fowl of the air and of the waters.


And on this same day God made from the earth all the cattle and wild beasts,

and all the reptiles which creep about upon the earth.



The Creation. Sixth Day


And on the Sixth Day, which is the Eve of the Sabbath,

God formed man out of the dust, and Eve from his rib.


And on the Seventh Day God rested from His labours, and it is called " Sabbath."


The [Succession] of the Generations                                                                      CHAPTER TWO

Divisions 31-60

The Cave of Treasures

v 41 Mysteries of Heaven?


The Creation of Adam


Now the formation of Adam took place in this wise.


On the Sixth Day, which is the Eve of the Sabbath, at the first hour of the day,

When quietness was reigning over all the Ranks [of the Angels], and the hosts [of heaven],

God said,


"Come ye, let Us make man in Our image, and according to Our likeness."            Genesis 1:26


Now by this word " Us" He maketh known concerning the Glorious Persons [of the Trinity].




And when the angels heard this utterance,

they fell into a state of fear and trembling, and they said to one another,


"A mighty miracle will be made manifest to us this day

[that is to say], the likeness of God, our Maker."


And they saw the right hand of God opened out flat, and stretched out over the whole world;

and all creatures were collected in the palm of His right hand.


And they saw that He took from the whole mass of the earth one grain of dust,

and from the whole nature of water one drop of water,

and from all the air which is above one puff of wind,

and from the whole nature of fire a little of its heat and warmth.


And the angels saw that when these four feeble (or inert) materials

were placed in the palm of His right hand,

that is to say, fromcold, and heat, and dryness, and moisture, God formed Adam.




Now, for what reason did God make Adam out of these four materials unless it were

[to display] that everything which is in the world should be in subordination to him through them?


He took a grain [of sand] from the earth

in order that everything in nature which is formed of earth should be subject unto him;

and a drop of water in order that everything which is in the seas and rivers should be his;


and a puff of air so that all kinds [of creatures] which fly in the air might be given unto him;

and the heat of fire so that all the beings that are fiery in nature,

and the celestial hosts, might be his helpers.



God formed Adam with His holy hands, in His own Image and Likeness

and when the angels saw Adam's glorious appearance

they were greatly moved by the beauty thereof.


For they saw the image of his face burning with glorious splendour like the orb of the sun,

and the light of his eyes was like the light of the sun,

and the image of his body was like unto the sparkling of crystal.


And when he rose at full length and stood upright in the centre of the earth,

he planted his two feet on that spot whereon was set up the Cross of our Redeemer;

for Adam was created in Jerusalem.


There he was arrayed in the apparel of sovereignty,

and there was the crown of glory set upon his head,


there was he made king, and priest, and prophet,

there did God make him to sit upon his honourable throne,

and there did God give him dominion over all creatures and things.




And all the wild beasts, and all the cattle, and the feathered fowl were gathered together,

and they passed before Adam and he assigned names to them;

and they bowed their heads before him;

and everything in nature worshipped him, and submitted themselves unto him.


And the angels and the hosts of heaven heard the Voice of God saying unto him,


"Adam, behold;

I have made thee king, and priest, and prophet,

and lord, and head, and governor of everything which hath been made and created;


and they shall be in subjection unto thee) and they shall be thine,

and I have given unto thee power over everything which I have created."


And when the angels heard this speech they all bowed the knee and worshipped Him.



The Revolt of Satan, and the Battle in Heaven


And when the prince of the lower order of angels

saw what great majesty had been given unto Adam, he was jealous of him from that day,

and he did not wish to worship him.


And he said unto his hosts,

"Ye shall not worship him, and ye shall not praise him with the angels.


It is meet that ye should worship me, because I am fire and spirit;

and not that I should worship a thing of dust, which hath been fashioned of fine dust."


And the Rebel meditating these things would not render obedience to God,

and of his own free will he asserted his independence and separated himself from God.




Yet he was swept away out of heaven and fell,

and the fall of himself and of all his company from heaven took place on the "Sâtânâ"

because he turned aside [from the right way],

and "Shêdâ" because he was cast out,

and "Daiwâ" because he lost the apparel of his glory.


And behold, from that time until the present day,

he and all his hosts have been stripped of their apparel, and they go naked and have horrible faces.


And when Sâtânâ was cast out from heaven,

Adam was raised up so that he might ascend to Paradise in a chariot of fire.


And the angels went before him, singing praises, and the Seraphim ascribed holiness unto him,

and the Cherubim ascribed blessing;

and amid cries of joy and praises Adam went into Paradise.


And as soon as Adam entered Paradise he was commanded not to eat of a [certain] tree;


And his entrance into heaven took place at the third hour of the Eve of the Sabbath. (Friday morn)


The [Succession] of the Generations                                                                  CHAPTER THREE

Divisions 61-90

The Cave of Treasures



The Making of Eve


And God cast a sleep upon Adam and he slept.


And God took a rib from the loins on the right side of Adam,

and He made Khâwâ(Eve) from it:


and when Adam woke up, and saw Eve, he rejoiced greatly for her.


And Adam and Eve were in Paradise,

and clothed with glory and shining with praise for three hours.


Now this Paradise was situated on a high range of hills, and it was 30 spans

--according to the measurement of the spirit--

higher than all the high mountains, and it surrounded the whole earth.


Now Moses the prophet said that God planted Paradise in Eden and placed Adam there.

Genesis 2:8



The Symbolism of Eden


Now Eden is the Holy Church,

and the Church is the compassion of God which He was about to extend to the children of men.


For God, according to His foreknowledge, knew what Satan had devised against Adam,

and therefore He set Adam beforehand in the bosom of His compassion,

even as the blessed David singeth concerning Him in the Psalm 90, saying


"Lord, Thou hast been an abiding place for us throughout all generations,"                 Psalm 90


that is to say,

Thou hast made us to have our abiding place in Thy compassion."


And, when entreating God on behalf of the redemption of the children of men, David said,


"Remember Thy Church, which Thou didst acquire in olden time"                             Psalm 74:2


That is to say,

"Remember Thy compassion, which Thou art about to spread over our feeble race."


Eden is the Holy Church,

and the Paradise which was in it is the land of rest and the inheritance of life,

which God hath prepared for all the holy children of men.


And because Adam was priest, and king, and prophet,

God brought him into Paradise that he might minister in Eden, the Holy Church,

even as the blessed man Moses testifieth concerning him, saying,


"That he might serve God by means of priestly ministration with praise,

and that he might keep that commandment

which had been entrusted to him by the compassion of God."                                 Genesis 2:15


And God made Adam and Eve to dwell in Paradise.


True is this word, and it proclaimeth the truth:


That Tree of Life which was in the midst of Paradise prefigured the Redeeming Cross,

which is the veritable Tree of Life,

and this it was that was fixed in the middle of the earth.



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