Task. Choose the correct variant.


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Listening Comprehension


The Perfect Dog

Duringsummervacations, I wouldvolunteeratthevet's, soI'dseen a lotofdogs. Minniewasbyfarthefunniest-lookingdogI'deverseen. Thincurlyhairbarelycoveredhersausage-shapedbody. Herbugged-outeyesalwaysseemedsurprised. Andhertaillookedlike a rat'stail.

Shewasbroughttothevettobeputtosleepbecauseherownersdidn'twantheranymore. I thoughtMinniehad a sweetpersonality, though. "Nooneshouldjudgeherbyherlooks," I thought. Sothevetspayedherandgaveherthenecessaryshots. Finally, I advertisedMinnieinthelocalpaper: "Funny-lookingdog, wellbehaved, needslovingfamily."

When a youngmancalled, I warnedhimthatMinniewasstrangelooking. Theboyonthephonetoldmethathisgrandfather’ssixteen-year-olddoghadjustdied. TheywantedMinnienomatterwhat. I gaveMinnie a goodbathandfluffedupwhatwasleftofherscragglyhair. Thenwewaitedforthemtoarrive.

Atlast, anoldcardroveupinfrontofthevet’s. Twokidsracedtothedoor. TheyscoopedMinnieintotheirarmsandrushedherouttotheirgrandfather, whowaswaitinginthecar. I hurriedbehindthemtoseehisreactiontoMinnie.

Insidethecar, thegrandfathercradledMinnieinhisarmsandstrokedhersofthair. Shelickedhisface. Herrattailwaggedaroundsoquicklythatitlookedlikeitmightflyoffherbody. Itwasloveatfirstlick.

"She’sperfect!" theoldmanexclaimed.

I wasthankfulthatMinniehadfoundthegoodhomethatshedeserved.

That’swhen I sawthatthegrandfather’seyeswere a milkywhitecolor - hewasblind.


Task 1. Mark sentences as true or false.


1. The teller is a doctor.

2. Minnie had a rather unusual look.

3. Some people wanted the dog to die.

4. The veterinarian gave the dog an injection that killed her.

5. The teller decided to save the dog.

6. There was a protest campaign in the local newspaper.

7. The teller had to make a few phone calls.

8. The young man wanted a particular kind of dog.

9. The dog and her new master liked each other.

10. The old man had some health problems.


Task 2. Choose the correct variant.

11. We can come to a conclusion that the teller helped the vet

A). as a part of daily routine.

B). on his own initiative.

C). for fun.

D). against his will.

12. The dog looked strange because one could easily see her

A). eyes.

B). body.

C). tail.

D). skin.

13. Minnie`s masters wanted to

A). get rid of her

B). find her a new family.

C). have her treated.

D). go to sleep

14. The dog seemed to have

A). a nice tail.

B). nice hair,

C). nice character

D). a nice appearance.

15. The vet made all the necessary

A). corrections.

B). reflections.

C). inflections.

D). attractions.

16. The teller used the media to address

A). the dog`s masters.

B). the public.

C). the vet.

D). the dog.

17. The man who called needed the dog

A). to eat somebody.

B). to hunt somebody.

C). to please somebody.

D). to find somebody.

18. The dog seemed to get a good … before leaving

A). caring

B). beating.

C). piercing.

D). sharing.

19. At the vet`s the two boys moved very

A). quickly.

B). calmly.

C). confidently.

D). indifferently.

20. In the car, Minnie`s tail showed her

A). readiness to fly.

B). wish to escape.

C). eagerness to eat.

D). emotional state.




Kids need exercise, but what kind?

HaleyMoran-Wollensisnotaneliteathlete. Sheis a 13-year-old who, likelotsofotherteenagers, wantstobefit. And, like a growingnumberofteenagerswhoseparentscanaffordit, shehas a personaltrainer.

Inhercase, thetrainerisRodicaVranceanu, whocharges $75 anhourforafterschoolworkoutsatRaduPhysical Center, a gyminMidtownManhattan.

''I don'twanttobetheskinniest,'' Haleysaid. ''I justwanttoworkout. But a lotofpeopledoitforthenicebodies, evenatmyage.''

ThoughpersonaltrainingisbynomeansthenormforAmericanchildren, a smallbutgrowingnumberoftheirparentsarepayingthemembershipfeestoprivategymsforaerobics, weightlifting, andbody-moldingactivitiesonceconsideredforadultsonly.

AttheSpectrumClubinValencia, Calif., childrenages 13 to 17 canbecomeTeenFitmembers.

  ``Theytendtogoforthestationarybicyclesandweights``, saidCindyBreakfield, sportsmanager, whoaddedthatpersonaltrainerswereavailablefortheyoungerset.

TheEastcoastAthleticClubinPortWashington, N.Y., has a programcalled Excel, whichofferspersonaltrainingat $45 anhourtochildrenages 12 to 17, saidChristopherPatti, thefitnessdirector.

Somehealthexpertshailthetrend, sayingthattoomanychildrendonotgetenoughexercise. Butothersdisagree.

''It's a sadprecedent,'' saidRichardKillingsworth, a scientistattheCentersforDiseaseControlandPreventioninAtlanta. ''Weareteaching a behaviorthatit's O.K. tobesedentaryalldayexceptfortheone-hourexerciseclass. Inthepastdecade, ourchildrenhavelosttheideaofwhatitistoenjoybeingyoungandphysicallyactive.''


Task. Choose the correct variant.

1.Haley Moran-Wollens can be characterized as…

A). a girl that wants to be in a good shape.

B). a competitive athlete.

C). a girl with little money.

D). a personal trainer working with teenagers.

2. Personal training for… is becoming more popular in America.

A). retirees.

B). adults.

C). teenagers.

D). small children.

3. Using personal trainers might seem

A). fairly expensive.

B). quite boring.

C). pretty useless.

D). mostly useless.

4. The article states that a lot of teenagers try to

A). just lose weight.

B). look nice.

C). be strong.

D). kill free time.

5. All of the following are physical fitness centers in the article EXCEPT…

A). Excel.

B). Eastcoast Athletic Club.

C). Spectrum Club.

D). Radu Physical Center.

6. The article implies that most of the US schoolchildren

A). use personal fitness trainers.

B). use traditional sport activities.

C). never take up sports.

D). look like adults.

7. One can conclude that

A). adults tend to look like teenagers.

B). more teenagers quit difficult sports.

C). sports become younger.

D). fitness activities are concentrated in one area.

8. The idea of personal training for schoolchildren faces

A). ultimate support and understanding.

B). absolute resistance.

C). both approval and disapproval.

D). none of the above.

9. According to Richard Killingsworth, personal trainers for teenagers are…

A). a good way for teenagers to stay fit.

B). not normal for all American children.

C). too expensive for all families.

D). allowing teens to be inactive.

10. In the last paragraph, the word ``sedentary`` most probably means:

A). energetic.

B). hard-working.

C). unhappy.

D). inactive.



Written Comprehension

1. Describe your ideal living situation, including city or country, an apartment or house, alone or with a family.

2. Write advice for a foreigner visiting your country. Discuss when to come, what to bring, where to go and what to expect.

3. A youth magazine `` The Best Teacher of the Year`` competition and has asked its readers to submit their compositions describing their teachers. Write about your `` Best Teacher``. Why is he/she the best?



Speaking Comprehension

1. Imagine you`ve got a chance to choose any career you`d like. What would it be? Why?

2. Tell about a good book or a good movie you`ve recently read / seen.

3. What do you feel when you have to go and see the doctor? What`s the reason for feeling this way?

4. Do you think the story of Cinderella could happen in the 21st century?Why? How could that be?

5. What do you think is the right age to start driving? Drinking beer? Drinking alcohol? Why?

6. What school subjects would you not study at all? Which ones do you think you should study more? Why?

7. Does it matter for you if some animalor plant species disappear from our planet? Why?

8. Why do you think people laugh? Is humor very different in different countries? Explain your ideas.

9. Do you think people should encourage those who do services ( waiters, taxi-drivers etc.) by tipping them? What makes you think so?

10.  Who is more important in the world history: men or women? What makes you think so?

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