Розмовні ситуації      8 клас SPEAKING

1. Would you like to change anything in your school?

• What is it, and why do you think it is necessary to be changed?

• What advantages and disadvantages of this change, can you see?

• Do you know any other school where the changes you propose al­ready work?

2. What school subject will be most helpful in your, future career? Why?

• Would you suggest adding class time for learning this subject?
How much does your attitude to the subject depend on the teachers?

• What subjects would you exclude from the curriculum? Why?

3. What sport is of the greatest interest for you? Why?

• Describe the sport, its advantages and disadvantages?

• Is it possible to do it in school? If not, why?

• How would you advertise this sport to your schoolmates and tea­chers?

4. Imagine that you are given a chance to go on a one day tour to Great Britain or the USA.

Where would you choose to go?

• Why would you choose this particular place? What do you know about it?

Compare the place you would like to visit with a similar one in Ukraine. What is common, about them?

5. You are a giving a talk in the Cabinet of Ministers about your city (town / village).

• . What is it that makes it special for you? For other people?

How much would you change in it?

• Persuade the Cabinet to significantly invest in its development.

6. Speak about the book you have recently read on your own initiative.

• What is the genre of it? What other books in this genre do you know?

• Did you like the book? Why / why not?

• Are books of this kind popular with children of your age? Why?
.7. What do you think about school uniforms?

Does your school have its uniform? Is it obligatory or optional?

• Who do you think should choose the uniform: students, parents, teachers, someone else?

• What kind of school uniform would you suggest if you had to? Why?

8. Where do you normally do food and non-food shopping?

• What are advantages and disadvantages of supermarkets / small shops / markets

What is your opinion about buying things over the Internet?

• How do you view shopping in 30 years time?

9. What do you think of zoos and places like that? How often do you go to the zoo? Why?

• Why do you think zoos don't die out in the modern world?

• What would you change in the system of zoos if you had enough money?

10. What do you think of art? How important is it to you?

• Do you prefer watching or listening or doing something yourself?

• What trends of art are you particularly keen on? Why?

• Do you think computer art and music will replace the traditional styles? Why / why not?

11. If you won a travel to any place on the earth, what place would you choose?

• Whom would you take with you? Why?

What would you like to do after you arrive? Why?  What way of traveling would you choose? Why?

12. Speak about the film you have recently seen.

• What genre was the film?

· Did it highlight any social problems or was it just entertaining?

• What films are most popular with teenagers nowadays? Why?

13. Do you think that a room can tell a lot about a person?

• What is your room like?

• Who chose the decoration and the style? Does it suit you?

• How does your room reflect your personality?

14. Would you like to create your own music?

• What style of music would you make? Why?                                

• Would you like to play live or record your music on a computer?

• What would your songs be about?

15. You are going to prepare a surprise for your teacher's birthday.

• What kind of surprise would it be? Would you need to buy, make or prepare it?

• Why would you like to greet this particular teacher?

Would you do this alone or invite a friend or friends to partici­pate?

16. What do you feel about environmental pollution?

• Do you feel it yourself or just learn it from mass media or text­-books?

• What are the reasons of it? Who is to blame?

• What steps would you take to ease the situation?

17. Transportation is very important in the modern world, especially in big cities.

• What are the advantages and disadvantages of modern means of transportation?

• What new means of transportation would you suggest for a big city? Why?          

• How do you view transportation in a big city 50 years from now?

18. The number of mobile phones in Ukraine is twice as many as the number of people.

• Why do people today prefer to have mobile phones?

• What do you think of multi-functional mobile devices including cameras, mp3-players, etc?           

• Do you have a mobile? What do you personally use it for? Why?

19. What choice of free time activities is offered for young people today?

Do you think it is enough or you would suggest some more? What would they be? Why?

• What are good and bad sides of the existing activities?

• What activities do you personally like? Why? What about your friends?

20. You have a chance to travel back in time. Where and when would you travel?

• Why do you choose that time and place above all others?          

• How would your knowledge of that time and place affect your visit to the past


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