Public Relations in ancient times.


Prove that PR started in ancient times.

What first steps in PR development do you know?

What contribution did the Greek and Roman theorists make to public relations development?

What rudimentary elements of PR were found in the ancient civilizations of Asia?

How did PR started in England?


Ivy Lee, Edward Bernays, Carl Byoir, Samuel Adams and their contribution to Public Relations.


Speak about the most important facts from their biographies which are connected with PR activity.

What contribution did these prominent people make to the development of PR.?


Functions of Public Relations specialist.


Define PR. How does the conceptual definition of public relations unify the main activities and purposes of PR?

What is the function of PR practitioner in case of disaster?

What are the duties and responsibilities of PR specialist?


Speak about the topic of your diploma project.


What’s the goal of your diploma project?

Why is the problem you discuss in your diploma project so actual?

What is the practical use of your diploma project?


Для начинающих.


1. Introducing yourself. (Name, age, country, occupation, personal qualities for your future profession of PR writer).

2. Talk about a famous PR writer or an advertiser in history.

3. Talk about your leisure activities (your favourite season, hobbies, interests connected with your future profession).

4. Describe your future working place.

5. Talk about your last holiday.

6. Talk about your home town.

7. Talk about your future profession.

8. Differences between two professions: advertiser and PR writer.

9. Work experience (have you already had any work experience in PR or advertising? Tell about it.)

10. Speak about your diploma project.



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