He sent me a phone message (during – as – so that – when) I could meet him.

Ships – Trains – Planes – Rockets) can travel into space.

There (must – might – should - can’t) have been anyone with no seat at the                   meeting with the president.


Drinks – Cars – Lifeboats – Fishermen), on a ship, are necessary in time of                  danger.

The (passengers – crew – people – women) fired rockets as a message for help.

I think he (must be – should have been – must have been – shouldn’t have been)    rude to his friends.

No one answered my call. My aunt (can’t – must – might – may) have been at              home.

She bought a new Mercedes. She (must have paid – can’t have paid – must pay –   can’t pay) a wealth for it.

This Ahmed’s passport. He (must have – can’t have – might have – had) travelled        yet.

Fadi looks happy. He (didn’t pass – can’t have passed – must have passed – might       have passed)

His exams.

I am not sure, he (must have attended – can’t have attended – might attend –              might have attended) the party yesterday.

He adds much (salt – pepper – paper – sugar) to his food to make it taste hot.

2) Re-write the following sentences using the words(s) in brackets to give the same meaning:

He bought a camera to take photos of the journey. (so that)

She looked beautiful while she was attending the wedding party. (during)

I'm sure he wasn’t at home yesterday. (can’t)

It isn’t necessary to do all the work now. (needn’t)

I don’t think he traveled abroad. (might)

I don’t think he passed the test. (have)

I think he wasn’t at school. (might)

Perhaps she wrote the report. (might)

I’m certain that Ali went to the cinema. (must)

I think I forgot my keys at home. (must)

I am sure dad didn’t go to work yesterday. (can’t)

I don’t think Salaw went shopping. (might)

I am almost sure they missed the train. (have)

It is certain Adel didn’t come back. (have)

It isn’t allowed to enter this office. (mustn’t)

Must you arrange everything for the journey? (Do)

I'm sure he did what was best for us. (must)

3) Read and correct the underlined words:

1- The crew of the ship sent a letter for help.

2- Columbus discovered Africa.

3- You needn’t disobey your parents.

4- She can’t have passed the test. She is very happy.


4) Write what you would say in each of the following situations:

You see a thief running in the street.

You are almost sure your father forgot his mobile phone somewhere.

Your friend didn’t help a friend in trouble. You advise him.

Students say Ali stole a calculator. You are quite sure he didn’t.



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