I. Choose the correct variant.

1. Derek … flowers for his mum every Mother’s Day.

a) buys            b) to buy          c) has bought        d) is buying

2. He … the car at the moment.

a) has washed        b) washes       c) is washing            d) washed

3. Look! It …

a) snowed            b) snowing         c) snows         d) is snowing

4. I … him since yesterday morning.

a) am seeing          b) not see         c) hasn’t seen       d) haven’t seen

5. William felt ill last night because he … too many cakes.

a) ate             b) had eaten          c) eat          d) has eaten

6. He … his mother on Tuesday.

a) is seeing         b) see         c) will see        d) sees

7. The train … at 7 p.m.

a) is leaving          b) will leave         c) leaves           d) is going to leave

8. I … to the disco tonight.

a) will not go         b) are not going      c) is not going         d) not go

9. I … home very late last night.

a) was coming       b) am coming        c) came          d) come

10. Mum … the dishes when the phone …

a) washed; rang b) washes; ring c) was washing; was ringing d) was washing; rang

11. Last month I decided to buy a new car and yesterday I finally …

a) buy             b) bought              c) had bought             d) have bought

12. Dad … in his car while mum … .

a) waited; shop         b) was waiting; shopped     c) was waiting; was shopping

d) has waited; was shopping


II. Use Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1. The pupils ________________ (play) cards when their teacher ______________(enter).

2. My mother ___________________ (cook) dinner while we ___________________ (do) our homework.

3. While they ____________________ (watch) TV, a thief _________________(climb) in.

4. We _______________ (sing) a song when our headmaster _______________ (come in).

8th form



Variant 2

I. Choose the correct variant.

1. Jane … the house every Saturday.

a) is cleaning            b) cleans          c) has cleaned        d) are cleaning

2. She … the composition at the moment.

a) has written        b) is writing       c) wrote            d) have written

3. Look! It …

a) raining            b) rains        c) is raining         d) was raining

4. I … my aunt since Monday.

a) am seeing          b) not see         c) hasn’t seen       d) haven’t seen

5. When we arrived at the station, the train … .

a) had already left  b) has already left   c) already left  d) leaves

6. I … my dentist on Friday.

a) will see         b) am seeing         c) see        d) has seen

7. My plane … at 10 a.m.

a) arrives        b) will arrive       c) is arriving       d) is going to arrive

8. He … get a good mark, he doesn’t study hard enough.

a) doesn’t         b) is going to      c) will         d) might not

9. I … my wallet yesterday.

a) has lost       b) have lost        c) lost          d) loses

10. Dad … the newspaper when the doorbell …

a) read; rang b) reads; ring c) was reading; was ringing d) was reading; rang

11. Last year Tom … his grandparents in Rome.

a) visited             b) visits              c) had visited          d) is visiting

12. Carla … the carpets while Jack … the chair .

a) were cleaning; repaired         b) cleaned; repaired     c) was cleaning; had repaired         d) was cleaning; was repairing


II. Use Past Simple or Past Continuous.

1. The children __________________ (do) sums when the bell _______________(ring).

2. My sister ___________________ (bake) a cake while I ___________________ (make) some salad.

3. While we ____________________ (have) supper, a thief _________________(break) into our house.

4. They __________________ (paint) when their teacher ________________ (come in).



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