II. Read the text and the statements to it. Write if the statements are true or false.

Th form



Variant 1

I. Read the text and choose the correct answer.


By now you probably know all about the physical (1) ________of exercise, but new research shows that getting fit improves your mental health, too. Regular exercise can help you feel less stressed, get more sleep and improve your self-confidence.

So, think of your (2) _________as a mini vacation. For 30 minutes, you will not answer the phone or take care of others. It is hard to worry about all the things you have to do when you are concentrating on doing one more push-up!

Exercise makes sure a good night’s rest in two key ways: the simple act of (3) _______tires your body out, and working out also reduces (4) _________which can cause sleeplessness. So, the equation is simple: more physical activity equals less insomnia.

By taking positive steps to improve your health and looks, you gain a feeling of control over your life and body. That sense of confidence will carry over to other areas of your life, raising your overall (5) ____________. While you are working out, you can think and appreciate all that your body can do instead of thinking negative thoughts about your appearance.


  A B C D
1 uses benefits health Activity
2 workout life rest Lifestyle
3 sleeping moving resting Studying
4 stress laziness tiredness Health
5 character hope lifestyle self-respect


II. Read the text and the statements to it. Write if the statements are true or false.


Are parents always fair, patient and tolerant towards their children? This story shows how true love can cope with misunderstanding and unfairness. There was a father who had three children and had to bring them up by himself because his wife died. He often felt tired, busy and stressed. One morning he asked his eldest daughter, Valery, to wash the breakfast dishes before going to school. But she was already running late, so she burst into tears. The father decided that she was just trying to get out of an unpleasant chore, and he demanded that she dry her tears and get back to work immediately. She silently did what he wanted, but that day they were driving to school in silence.

The man dropped his daughters and moved to his office. He tried to work but couldn’t focus on his job; all he could see was his daughter’s unhappy face as she got out of the car. So he decided to say sorry to his daughter. He took permission from the school to take his daughter for lunch. When she came out, he turned towards his daughter and said, «Valery, I am sorry. It’s not that I shouldn’t have asked you to help out at home, but I had no right to it this morning without any previous warning. I upset you at a time when you most needed my love and support. And I let you go without saying «I love you». Please forgive me».

Valery put her arms around her father’s neck and said, «Oh, dad, of course I forgive you. I love you, too».


1) The man in the story had no wife.

2) Valery was the only child.

3) It was Valery’s duty to wash the dishes every morning.

4) The father was rude with his daughter.

5) The father felt guilty and couldn’t work.

6) Valery easily forgave her father.


III. Complete the text with the words (a—f). There are two choices you don’t need to use.

a) subject

b) comprehensive

c) attend

d) A levels

e) language

f) examination



British children ought to (1)_________school until they are 16 years old.

At the age of 16, students write an (2) _________called the GCSE (General Certificate of Secondary Education). All students are tested in Mathematics, English Literature, English Composition, Chemistry, Biology, Physics, History or the Classics, one modern language, and one more (3) __________, such as Art or Computer Studies.

After completing the GCSE, some students leave school, others enter a technical college, while others continue at high school for two more years and take a further set of standardised exams, known as (4) ___________, in three or four subjects. These exams determine whether a student is smart enough for a university.

8th form



Variant 2

I. Read the text and choose the correct answer.


What is shyness? It is when one feels so uncomfortable in social situations that one cannot enjoy oneself.

Scientists believe that all people are more or less shy. However, some (1) _________are able to deal with it, whereas others are less successful.

Most people don’t regard shyness as a serious problem, but for some it can become a real suffering. You start feeling dizzy, your (2) _________beats faster, your knees feel weak, and it seems to last forever. Shyness is possible to recognise: turning red is one of the most visible signs, for example. Yet we don’t judge someone harshly because of this. But shyness does mean you’re harder to approach, so you become more isolated and (3)__________.

There are different ways to solve the problem of being shy. The one that seems rather successful is finding an interest in common with other people. You can start by listening to what the others’re talking about and before you know it, you’ll be having (4) ___________. You could also join a class of tapdancing or flamenco, where people are likely to laugh a lot. You’ll feel relaxed, and also too busy to feel shy. (5) __________, remember that most people make a fool of themselves so often — and it’s not the end of the world if you do!


  A B C D
1 scientists scholars qualities People
2 heart head body Mind
3 happy reserved easy-going Sociable
4 an interest a conversation friends a problem
5 First Firstly To start with Lastly


II. Read the text and the statements to it. Write if the statements are true or false.

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