Paraphrase using a phrasal verb.


Final Test

Unit 2

Guess what word is defined.

1. the amount of money that is spent by a government or an organization   spending  
2. a compulsive shopper shopaholic  
3. a great deal of trouble; difficulty; nuisance pain  
4. a gullible person, esp one who is swindled easily mug  
5. a large shop divided into departments selling a great many kinds of goods department store  
6. a means of protecting or safeguarding against risk or injury insurance  
7. a period of rapid growth in the number of items sold booming sales  
8. a public sale of goods or property, esp one in which prospective purchasers bid against each other until the highest price is reached auction  
9. a short period of time that you spend doing one particular activity that you enjoy, but often too much of it spree  
10. a ticket or label on an article for sale showing its price   price tag  
11. an account prepared by a bank for each of its clients to show all credits and debits since the last account and the balance at the end of the period bank account/ credit card statement
12. an arrangement that you have with a bank that allows you to keep your money there, to pay in or take out money, etc account  
13. an institution or organization set up to provide help, money, etc., to those in need charity  
14. an open-air market selling cheap and often second-hand goods flea market  
15. an organization or idea that people support or fight for cause  
16. anything designed to be discarded after use rather than reused, refilled, etc.; disposable throwaway  
17. buying goods without planning to do so in advance, and without thinking about it carefully impulse buy
18. essential must-have  
19. growing or developing unchecked rampant  
20. indulgence in and enjoyment of rich, comfortable, and sumptuous living;  something that is considered an indulgence rather than a necessity luxury  
21. keen perception or judgment discernment  
22. money saved for future use savings  
23. not willing to give or share things, especially money   mean  
24. something bought or offered at a low price bargain  
25. something very pleasant and enjoyable, especially something that you give somebody or do for them treat
26. spending in a lavish or ostentatious way, esp to impress others with one's wealth conspicuous consumption
27. the extra money that you pay back when you borrow money or that you receive when you invest money interest
28. the fee allotted to an agent for services rendered commission  
29. the place where a product is sold   the point of sale
30. the technique or process of attracting public attention to people, products, etc., as by the use of the mass media publicity/advertising
31. to be very economical or sparing in the use (of) scrimp and save  
32. to limit or reduce (expense, waste, etc.) economize  
33. to obtain or receive (something, such as money) on loan for temporary use, intending to give it, or something equivalent or identical, back to the lender borrow  
34. to provide (money) temporarily, often at interest lend  
35. wealth or property possessions  


Insert one word to complete the collocations.


1. It is well known that all marriages have challenges, so what could be so wrong when the … other is a celebrity? significant
2. A drive with Osella in F1 in 1986 was an opportunity not to be …, although it was a difficult introduction to F1. missed  
3. Agents are particularly capable of effectively … insurance costs for their customers when several types of insurance are being purchased. negotiating  
4. As an organisation committed to sustainable finance, we have … an approach of constructive engagement with our clients to influence positively their E&S management practices. adopted  
5. These type issues begin with … lines of communication with your legislators and helping educate them on the fundamental aspects of this issue. opening
6. Product …, or embedded marketing, is a form of advertisement, where branded goods or services are placed in a context usually devoid of ads. placement  
7. CBI experiences allow students to see, hear, smell and do things in real life …. settings  
8. They browsed their local newspaper and saw ads that … their attention. grabbed/attracted/drew  
9. Our triangle jar is original and … from other products on the shop shelf. distinguishes  
10. Price was the … factor in making my purchase. determining  
11. Though much of the discussion focused on how comedians use Twitter and Facebook to market themselves, you can … their advice to businesses looking to build their brand on these platforms. apply  
12. You have to … a nest egg for your retirement, as opposed to saving for it! create  
13. Standard of …is generally measured by standards such as real (i.e. inflation adjusted) income per person and poverty rate. living
14. Building a successful and profitable affiliate marketing business can … a celebrity lifestyle that most people only dream about. provide
15. It isn't just the federal government that's … in debt. US states also face obligations that could top $4 trillion. massively


Insert a preposition.


1. Their fascination …  Native culture is due in large part to Karl May, the best-selling German author of all time. with
2. Members can borrow up to ten books … the library at any one time. from
3. Unfortunately someone had already put a deposit on it, but I tried it out … size anyway. for
4. The appeal to the Crown Court is … way of rehearing. by
5. He allayed people's fear … the state of the nation's economy. on
6. The dropping of an atomic bomb on Hiroshima brought … the curtain of WW II. down
7. He is known for his involvement … charities around the globe, from children's hospitals to global warming organizations. with/in
8. The donation is the biggest private gift … a humanitarian cause. to
9. Is Big Brother also monitoring what websites we visit … the net and whom we e-mail? on
10. You could be exposing yourself … unnecessary risks when driving alone. to


Paraphrase using an idiom.

1. The novel's success caused a number of sequels to happen. gave rise to  
2. My account is $100 in debit. in the red  
3. He spends money in large quantities. like water  
4. It still had $100 million in cash, but President Guy W. Vaughan was saving it for a time when the company would need it. for a rainy day  
5. Trying to have all the possessions and social achievements that your friends and neighbours have today is a lot more difficult than it was years ago. Keeping up with the Joneses  
6. All those years of hard work, and all in vain! nothing to show for it  
7. Clothes are likely to be suitable as a present for a teenager. a safe bet  
8. Computers, contrary to destroying jobs, can create employment. far from  
9. You'll have to move—you're stopping me from moving. in my way  
10. We were taken out for a meal paid by the company. at the company's expense  


Paraphrase using a phrasal verb.


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