Here are some final tips for travellers.

· In France you shouldn't sit down in a cafe until you've shaken hands with everyone you know.

· In Afghanistan you should spend at least five minutes saying hello.

· In Pakistan you mustn't wink. It is offensive.

· In the Middle East you must never use the left hand for greeting, eating, drinking, or smoking. Also, you should take care not to admire anything in your hosts' home. They will feel that they have to give it to you.

· In Russia you must match your hosts drink for drink or they will think you are unfriendly.

· In Thailand you should clasp your hands together and lower your head and your eyes when you greet someone.

· In America you should eat your hamburger with both hands and as quickly as possible. You shouldn't r try to have a conversation until it is eaten.

Exercise 1.       Read the article again and answer the questions. Discuss the questions in pairs.


1. Which nationalities are the most and least punctual?

2. Why did the British think that everyone understood their customs?

3. Which nationalities do not like to eat and do business at the same time?

4. 'They (the French) have to be well fed and watered.' What or who do you normally have to feed and water?

5. Look at the pictures. What nationality are they? How do you know?

6. An American friend of yours is going to work in Japan. Give some advice about how he/she should and shouldn't behave.

7. Imagine you are at a party in (a) England (b) America. How could you begin a conversation with a stranger? Continue the conversations with your partner.

8. Which nationalities have rules of behaviour about hands? What are the rules?

9. Why is it not a good idea to ...

... say that you absolutely love your Egyptian friend's vase.

... go to Russia if you don't drink alcohol.

... say 'Hi! See you later!' when you're introduced to someone in Afghanistan.

... discuss politics with your American friend in a McDonald's.

Exercise 2.   Answer the following questions.


1. Do you agree with the saying 'When in Rome, do as the Romans do'? Do you have a similar saying in your language?

2. What are the 'rules' about greeting people in your country? When do you shake hands? When do you kiss? What about when you say goodbye?

3. Think of one or two examples of bad manners.

4. For example, in Britain it is considered impolite to ask people how much they earn.

5. What advice would you give somebody coming to live and work in your country?

Exercise 3.   Read the following story and answer the questions which follow.

An Asian-American Encounter

There are many ways of responding to stereotypes. The following Asian-American encounter illustrates that.

An American man attending an international relations banquet was sitting across from a man who looked Asian. He wanted to start a conversation so he asked the man loudly and in very simple English, "Like food?" The man politely nodded yes, but said nothing.

During the dinner program, the master of ceremony introduced the Asian-looking man as an award winning professor of economics at an important university. The professor was invited to give a short talk about world trade issues. After a short discussion in perfect English the professor sat down. He then looked across to his neighbor and asked loudly and in very simple English, "Like talk?"



1. What stereotype did the American have about the Asian-looking man?

2. How did the Asian-looking man respond to the stereotype?

3. Do you like the way he responded to the stereotype? Why or why not?

4. Have you ever been faced with stereotypes? How have you responded?

a. with anger at the person

b. with anger at the stereotype

c. with a joke

d. with an explanation of why the stereotype is wrong

e. with silence

f. _________


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