Pronunciation: Recognition Test

1         seat, sat            (b, c)                                  2         peak, pack       (a, c)

3         did, Dad            (d, b)                                  4         bit, bet               (a, b)


Drill I (R)             


1 Is Mrs. Williams as old as Mrs. Jones as She isn't as old as Mrs. Jones, but she's older than Mrs. Smith.

Mrs. Smith?

2 Is the grey car as expensive as the blue It isn't as expensive as the blue one, but it's more expensive than the red         one or the red one?                               one. 

3 Is Peter as good as James?                        He isn’t as good as John, but he’s better than James.

4 Was this year as bad as the last year      It wasn’t as bad as the last year, but it was worse than the year before.

or the year before?

5 Is Mary as beautiful as Sheila or Jane?  She isn’t as beautiful as Sheila, but she’s more beautiful than Jane.

6 Have we got as much money as the      We haven’t got as much (money) as the Williams, but we’ve got more

Williams or the Smiths?                              (money) than the Smiths.

7 Is London as far from here as Cambridge It isn’t as far from here as Cambridge but it’s farther than Oxford.

or Oxford?

8 Did you buy as many books as Malcolm I didn’t buy as many (books) as Malcolm but I bought more (books)

or James?                                                      than James.

Drill 2 (R)                            


1. That was the worst meal I've ever had.                              I agree. I've never had such a bad meal before.

2. They served us the toughest meat I've ever eaten.                          I agree. I've never eaten such tough meat before.

3. And our waiter was the rudest man I’ve ever met.          I agree. I’ve never met such a rude man.

4. And the music they played was terrible.                                            I agree. I’ve never heard such terrible music before.

5. And they gave us the sourest wine I’ve ever tasted.        I agree. I’ve never tasted such sour wine before.

6. And that was the most uncomfortable chair I’ve            I agree. I’ve never sat in such an uncomfortable chair ever sat in.                                                                        before.

7. But the cabaret was the best I’ve ever watched.              I agree. I’ve never watched such a good cabaret before.

8. That blond was the most beautiful girl I’ve ever set      I agree. I’ve never set eyes on such a beautiful girl before.

eyes on.



Drill 3   


1         The blue one is the most powerful of the five.

2         Paul is the best student in the class.

3         Manchester United is the most famous football club in England.

4 Ted is the hardest worker in the group.

5 That one is the most boring of the four.

6 Evans is the worst player in the team.

7 Ted’s got the least money of all.

8 Ted is the least skilful soldier in the army.


Drill 4  


1         He doesn't like football, but he does like tennis.

2         She does go to England, but only occasionally.

3         They didn’t want to see Peter, but they did want to see Mary.

4         He does take a holiday, but only in winter when he isn’t busy.

5         He doesn’t drink wine, but he does drink beer.

6         I don’t like your new short, but I do like your new tie.

7         They do drive to work but only it’s raining.

8         I don’t like dogs, but I do like cats.

Drill 5                



1         No, I'd never wear a dress like that.

2         Yes, it's so bright that you can hardly bear to look at it.

3         No’ I’d never buy a car like that.

4         Yes, it’s so big that you couldn’t park it anywhere.

5         No’ I’d never live in a house like that.

6         Yes, it’s so ugly that it depresses you to look at it.

7         No’ I’d never marry a man like that.

8         Yes, he’s so stupid that I can’t even talk to him.


Written Exercise Answers

Exercise 1


1 older than the red one … more expensive than the red one

2 It isn’t older … the same age as … in better condition … the cheapest one in the garage … not as good as

3 the same model as the red one

4 similar to the red one … a more powerful engine than the red one … it goes much faster … It’s easier to drive than the others

5 It’s the most expensive of the three

6 the least expensive of all … to drive much further (farther)


Exercise 2


1. My hands are so cold that I can hardly hold my pen.

2. I’ve never swum in such cold water.

3. Petrol is so expensive that I cam hardly afford to run my car.

4. I’ve never seen such high mountains.

5. He’s such a ride man that no one ever talks to him.

6. You’ve never given me such good advice.

7. He’s such a dangerous driver that no one wants to go in his car.

8. I didn’t feel like working in such beautiful weather.


Exercise 3


1         He does go to the theatre but only rarely.

2         She did eat some potatoes but only a few.

3          They do understand French but they don’t speak it very well.

4          Peter does want to see Mary but he doesn’t want to see John.

5         They did enjoy the party but they were very tired.

6         I do want to learn Russian but I don’t have any time.

7         Mary does like Peter but she doesn’t want to marry him.

8         The children did do the exercise but they didn’t understand it.

Exercise 4


1         c) I'm going to work now.

2         a) like each other much.

3         a) b) will go if Mary goes. 

4         d) bear their company.

5         d) succeeded in.

6         b) can manage without them.


Exercise 5


1 Where did you get it from?                           5         How far did you drive?

2 How much did it cost?                                   6         Why did the car stop?

3 What colour is it?                                            7         What time did you get home?

4 Who did you take (for a drive in it)?           8         Who became rather angry?



Exercise 6                        


I         If you could mix water with petrol, it would be cheap to run a car.

2         She takes a delight in making catty remarks about her neighbours.

3         When you have added up all these numbers, come and tell me.

4         They try to make out that they are superior to everyone else in the street.

5         I've a good mind to tell them what I think of them.

6         The thief fell and broke his leg while he was trying to get away from the police.

7         I got sick of doing the same job for years on end.

8         Don't walk so fast. I can't keep up with you.



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