Pronunciation Exercise:             Recognition Test


1         head  (a)          2         men   (a)          3         mat    (b)          4         bend  (a)                          

5         ten     (a)      6         sad         (b)      7         letter      (a)      8         sat      (b)

Drill 1


1         If Malcolm passes his exams, he’ll go to go to university.                                                                                         

2         If he doesn’t go to university, he’ll start work in a bank.

3         If he goes to university, he‘ll study history or languages.

4         If James becomes a tennis player, he’ll make a lot of money.

5         If he doesn’t improve his game, he’ll give he’ll give up tennis.                                                                  

6         If his mother makes him study law, he’ll be unhappy.

7         If she doesn’t say anything, they’ll decide themselves.                                                                          .

8         If they are both successful, everyone’ll be everyone’ll be happy.            


Drill 2


1 Have they come already?

2 It's landed already.

3 Have they told him already?

4 He’s asked her already.

5 Has he found one already?

6 He’s seen in already.

7 I’ve introduced them already.

8 I didn’t know John had bought a new house here.                              

Drill 3    


1        Ted and Bill would be on time, if Bill ate quickly.

2        They'd miss the kick-off unless they hurried

3        If they arrived late, they wouldn’t get a good seat.

4         Their team wouldn’t win unless there were a miracle.

5        would never score a goal unless he ran faster.

6        If they won today, Ted would be happy.

7        The team would improve if they bought new players.

8        If they got a new manager, he would buy new players.

Drill 4                              


1 If I'd had enough money, I'd have gone to Spain last summer.                                                                                   

2 If I hadn't had my flat done up, I wouldn’t have been hard up.

3 If we hadn’t gone to Ireland, we wouldn’t have seen Jill again.

4     If she’d had a spare room, we wouldn’t have stayed in a hotel.

5     If she hadn’t lent us her car, we wouldn’t have done any sightseeing.

6     If the weather had been bad, we wouldn’t have enjoyed our stay.

7     If we hadn’t got a cheap ticket, we wouldn’t have come home by boat.

8     If the boat hadn’t arrived late, we wouldn’t have misses the train home.

Drill 5 .


1 The government won't be pleased unless the oil companies succeed.

2 The workmen wouldn’t go on strike unless they were unhappy.

3 The men won’t be happy unless the oil companies pay them more money.

4 If the men were happy, they'd work harder.          The men wouldn’t work harder unless they were happy.

5 They won’t get the oil ashore this year unless they work harder.

6 They wouldn’t finish the job on time unless the weather stayed fine.

7 They won’t stop work unless the sea is too rough.    

8 The oil companies won’t make money unless they solve their problems.

Exercise 1


1         If they had played better, they would have won the match.

2         If I knew the answer, I would tell you.

3         If it rains, we'll go to the theatre.

4         If you had got up earlier, we wouldn’t have missed the train.

5         They wouldn’t have done it, if they had known how dangerous it was.

6         If I were you, I wouldn't marry that awful girl.

7         I would have hit him If he hadn’t apologised.

8         If pigs had wings, they would fly.

Exercise 2


1        If you invited them to the party, they'd be very pleased.

2        If it hadn't been too expensive, they'd have bought it.

3        He'll pass the exam, if he works harder.

4        You wouldn't be on time, unless you took a taxi.

5        If he has another glass of wine he’ll be drunk..

6        Your mother would have been angry, if you had stayed out late.

7        Patric will go mad. if he stays there any longer.

8        I'll feel sick if I eat any more.


Exercise 3


1 If you spoke to him nicely him  nicely he'd help you.

2 He would have had good weather if he had gone to South France in July.

3 He'll miss the train unless he takes a taxi to the station.

4 I would never have known if John hadn’t phoned to tell me the news.

5 If you didn’t (don’t) look at him closely, you would never guess he was seventy.

6 You'll never learn to speak German unless you spend six months in Germany.

7 1 won't go to the theatre unless you pay for thetickets.

8 She'll miss the plane if she doesn’t get to the airport by two o'clock.

Exercise 4


1. Where ever did they go?                                                           

2. Why ever did she say it?

3. Where ever did you put it?

4. Who ever can we ask?

5. How ever did they know?

6. What ever did they buy?

7. What ever were you doing?

8. Why ever did he buy it?


Exercise 5


1        At ten o'clock this morning John was still in bed.

2        Although he is only five years old, he can read quite well already.

3        Mary was still working when John went to bed, but at six o'clock she was already up again.

4        She always used to get up at six in the morning, andshe still does.

5        I phoned him just now, but he isn't back yet.

6        We had lunch only an hour ago. You can't be hungry yet.

7        Is James still home? No, he's gone to school.

8        I've had your book for three weeks already but I haven't read it yet..


Exercise 6

I         When I strike form, I usually beat John, but I always lose to Peter.

2        They are bound to know from experience why there is a hold-up.

3        He persists on asking stupid questions.

4        I am optimistic about my prospects of finishing the work before the target date next month.

5        If you were in my shoes you would go off your head.

6        Owing to the spell of bad weather they stopped work for a month.

7        Time flies; the holidays are drawing to a close already. 

8        He lived on a small island off the coast of Italy. 

9        After he had made his pile of money, he was eager for retirement. 

10      Get a move on now, or we'll be late for the lesson.



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