There are 2 main differences between Profane and Sacred which I fix

As 2 problems:

Beingasa ReadyProduct- «обналиченноебытие»(терминХайдеггера) in the “average being understanding.

Being as a Quest-Project(only for microcosmical axis because a cosmical axis in the mythological space

exists only thanks to dedicated objects, in other words which presupposes mediator-dedicated objects). Albeit I guess that we can say that the world for mythological mind at least exists exactly as a Problem-Quest, instead of “Quest-Project” which is peculiar to sacred microcosm=Being with Logos-Law, because the main task for mythological existence is in the permanent repetition of the cosmogonic act; so in mythological mind there is no place for Time understanding as Horizon.

So, in the first case the problem implies eliminating of Being’s distance which always breathes through us aspresenting in the way of an absent thing. I mean that closeness of Being presence for us is as far as it is not for us something usual, as far as we feel some distance, under which I understand the energy of either or “ki”- vital energy of space and lacuna - gaps in the symbolic meanings which refer us to the total Philosophical Wandering, or Being as Quest-Project.


What are the main reasons of our ignorance to Being’s Spell?

Why do we need feel distance?



#Being as Quest-Project

#Language is the House of Being
#Primary reactivity of hearing
#Philosophical wondering by own Sillence, which listens the Law and Home of BEING=Logos=Language=Dao'


Your faithfully ,

Nino Zakroshvili.

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