Translate the following sentences from Russian into English using the Present Continuous Tense.

Сейчас ученые проводят эксперимент, используя метод окраски лопастей для того, чтобы птицы могли их заметить. Например, вместо того, чтобы использовать обычную белую краску, они окрашивают лопасти в черно-оранжевые полосы. Ветряные мельницы становятся все более популярными, так как растет и их надежность.

3. Fill in the proper prepositions:


to x3, with x2, at x2, by x2, in x2, for x2, of x3, fromx2, around, on x2


1) Compared _______ other renewable energy sources, wind power competes _______ conventional energy _______ a price less than 4 cents per kilowatt-hour, Collins said.

2) Wind energy projects _______ the world now generate enough energy to power nine million typical U.S. homes, according _______ the American Wind Energy Association, a Washington, D.C.-based trade group.

3) One of the newest trends _______ wind power is the construction _______ offshore wind farms, clusters _______ electricity-generating turbines erected _______ open-water areas _______ strong winds.

4) While few homes generate their own wind power in the U.S., many power companies allow consumers to opt _______ power generated _______ a wind plant or other renewable source.

5) On Tuesday, Colorado voters will consider a ballot initiative that would require power companies to provide 10 percent _______ their electricity _______ wind and other renewable sources _______ 2015.

6) "If that passes, power companies will offer more rebates _______ homeowners" to encourage renewable energy production, said Sheila Hayter, an NREL senior engineer.

7) Humans relied _______ the natural systems of the earth to meet their energy needs.

8) Smog and acid rain could be eliminated _______ renewables.

9) Renewable sources of energy have been used _______ various peoples to supply power _______ their specific needs, but always _______ a small scale.

4. Find and learn Russian equivalents for the following words and expressions:


1) atop a)  
2) energy infrastructure b)  
3) release energy c)
4) viable source of energy d)
5) standalone systems e)
6) intermittent source f)
7) gasoline-powered g)
8) to disrupt the view h)
9) flight paths. i)
10) maintenance j)


5. Find and learn English equivalents for the following words and expressions:


1) электростанция общего назначения a)  
2) ветровая электростанция b)
3) поля орошения c)
4) лесопилка; лесопильный завод d)
5) приемлемый источник энергии e)
6) продолжительный срок службы f)
7) энергетическая система g)
8) раздражающий h)
9) перелетные птицы i)
10) внутренний механизм j)

Translate the following article from English into Russian.

Wind turbine control, SCADA systems


SCADA systems The SCADA system (Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition) from DEIF Wind Power Technology offers full remote control and supervision of the entire wind park and the individual wind turbines. The SCADA system can run on a computer in the control room of the wind park or it can run on any internet-connected computer accessing the wind park using TCP/IP. Main features of the SCADA system:  - Park overview - Park control - Turbine overview - Turbine control - Log viewer - Report generator   The SCADA system for wind turbines from DEIF Wind Power Tech-nology provides full monitoring and control of the individual wind turbine and the entire wind park.

Park overview

The park overview of the SCADA system provides a graphical overview of the wind park indicating the status of each individual turbine. Furthermore, current wind and production data are shown.

Park control

The park overview makes it possible to start/stop the entire wind park, clusters of turbines or individual wind turbines. Furthermore, the park control can be used for setting production limits for the wind park.

Turbine overview The turbine overview of the SCADA system gives a full overview of all relevant parameters of the wind turbine, for instance temperatures, pitch angle, electrical parameters, rotor speed, yaw system, etc. Log viewer The SCADA system features a flexible browsing of the log data of the wind turbine. All relevant log data are accessible and can be sorted by different parameters. Report generator The report generator of the SCADA system makes it possible to make all relevant reports based on the log data. The reports can be graphically presented to provide the best possible overview.

1.  Think about advantages and disadvantages of using wind power and make a list. Discuss with your partners.

2.  Prepare a presentation on the topic being discussed.


Go to one of these sites and write a short report on it.

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