Робота над граматичним матеріалом. Revision. Оберіть потрібну форму герундія або інфінітива:

  1. Дайте загальну характеристик не особовим формам дієслова.

Оберіть потрібну форму герундія або інфінітива:

1 The teacher decided (accepting / to accept) the paper.

2 His father doesn’t approve of his (going / to go) to Europe.

3 We found it very difficult (reaching / to reach) a decision.

4 Donna is interested in (to open / opening) a bar.

5 George has no intention of (to leave / leaving) the city now.

6 We are eager (to return / returning) to school in the fall.

7 She refused (to accept / accepting) the gift.

8 Mary pretended (to be / being) sick yesterday.

9 Carlos hopes (to finish / finishing) his thesis this year.

10 They agreed (to leave / leaving) early.

11 Herry shouldn’t risk (to drive / driving) so fast.

12 He demands (to know / knowing) what is going on.

13 She is looking forward (to return / to returning) to her country

48. Поясніть правило узгодження часів. Виконайте модуль самостійної роботи за темою.

Convert into indirect speech.

1. "I want to sit in the armchair," said the boy. 2. The secretary said to me: "The delegation ar­rived in Kyiv yesterday." 3. "Open the window, please," she said to me. 4. He said: "I shall light a fire and make myself breakfast." 5. "Don't run to the door when you hear the bell," said the woman to her little daughter. 6. She asked me: "How long are you going to stay here?" 7. Mary asked me: "Will you spend your vacation in Moscow?" 8. "Lock the door when you leave the house," said my elder sister to me. 9. "Have you received a telegram from your wife?" she asked Robert. 10. Mabel said: "Nothing will change my decision and I shall leave for Cape Town tonight." 11. "Please don't smoke in the room," said the old woman to her nephew. 12. "I am shivering with cold," said the girl.

 Робота над текстом за професійним спрямуванням: Adolf Hitler

I.Вставте пропущені букви у словах першого абзацу.

II.Виберіть та вставте запропоновані у дужках слова (allied, blamed, unquestioned,

                     expansion, coalition, resentments, institute) в другому абзаці.

III.В третьому абзаці підкресліть правильну граматичну форму, запропоновану в


              Adolf Hitler was born on 20 April 1889 in Braunau-am-Inn on the Austrian-German border. His father was a c_stoms official. Hitler left school at 16 with no qualifications and struggled to make a living as a painter in Vienna. This was where many of his extr_me political and ra_ial ideas originated. In 1913, he moved to Munich and, on the o_tbreak of World War I, _nlisted in the German army, where he was w_unded and decorated. In 1919 he joined the fas_ist German Workers' Party (DAP).

He played to the __________ of right-wingers, promising extremist 'remedies' to Germany's post-war problems which he and many others __________ on Jews and Bolsheviks. By 1921 he was the __________ leader of what was now the National Socialist German Workers' Party (NSDAP or Nazi Party). In January 1933 Hitler became chancellor of a __________ government. He quickly took dictatorial powers and began to __________ anti-Jewish laws. He also began the process of German militarisation and territorial __________ that would eventually lead to World War II. He __________ with Italy and later Japan to create the Axis.

       Hitler's invasion of Poland in September 1939 (began, was begun) World War II. After military successes in Denmark, Norway and Western Europe, but after failing (subdued, to subdue) Britain in 1941, Hitler ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union. The Jewish populations of the countries (conquered, conquering) by the Nazis were rounded up and killed. (Million, millions) of others whom the Nazis considered racially inferior were also killed or worked to death. In December 1941, Hitler declared war on America. The war on the eastern front (was drained, drained) Germany's resources and in June 1944, the British and Americans landed in France. With Soviet troops poised to take the German capital, Hitler (had committed, committed) suicide in his bunker in Berlin on 30 April 1945.

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Практичне заняття № 3

Тема: Реклама і суспільство.

       Advertising has always played in immense role in our society. Without advertising, the average consumer would not be able to be told what to buy. They would have nothing in their home, because no one told them to buy anything. It has become fact that advertising affects our daily lives everyday. "In 1915, a person could go entire weeks without observing an ad. The average adult today sees some three thousand every day" (Twitchell 203). This study is based on the Circuit City advertisement for their newly priced high definition plasma televisions. There are six televisions on the advertisement along with every television playing the new released Star Wars Episode III. Every advertisement should be analyzed with great detail, which is what this study includes. Included is a complete analysis of the prices of the television, the incorporation of the newly released Star Wars film, and the “weasel words” that promote the purchase of the new home entertainment system.

       The consumers need to be entertained by television, newspaper, and internet has launched a new type of advertising. Advertisers are beginning to use famous entertainers in their advertisements so that people pay attention to them. Almost every advertisement that is seen today has somebody that the consumer will recognize. Whether it be a movie star, a comedian, athlete, or a reality television star, the advertiser will make sure that a percentage of the viewing audience knows that person. Not only do they attract our attention with the use of somebody famous, they also attract our trust. By seeing this person on television all the time and especially if you like this person, you feel comfortable with the product almost immediately without even knowing what it is or does.

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