Problems and how to solve them


Troubles in our lives happen often. Sometimes they happen because we are not thinking clearly, we have made a mistake, or simply because of chance.

People deal with problems in many different ways. If someone's problems are due to their own design, they may chose to focus on themselves in order to cease their problems. This is very hard to do. When one is forced to evaluate their own minds it can be quite hard because they have to use the very organ they are seeking to change. If that same person has a poor environment to try and work on themselves, they may find that it is even harder to do. If a person is trying to improve themself, they require time, a good environment, and much support.

In our lives we make mistakes. This can be due to a lack of experience or action contrary to better judgment. This kind of problem is better delt with after the fact. If a person is wise, they will learn from their mistake and attempt to avoid a similar issue in the future.

In life we also have problems happen to us by chance. We can not do anything about issues or incidents which are beyond our control. People deal with this in many ways. Often, how they chose to deal with it depends on the nature of the occurrence. Whether it is economic, health, family related, or emotional. Some of these issues can be delt with or coped with but not avoided. One must take care to evaluate the specific problem and consider whether or not it can be avoided in the future or not. People deal with these unforeseen or uncontrollable problems in different ways. If they are blessed with a strong parter or family they can deal with it. Some people depend on strong faith to help them through these issues.

All together, problems in our lives are inevitable. How we chose to prepare for them and who we have to help us greatly determine the outcome of our lives.


Youth problems

The modern world is full of problems – war, hunger, poverty, disease, unemployment. It’s a long list. The world is facing a drugs crisis. There are more young addicts today than ever before. Drugs have played continually significant role in youth sub – cultures. There 3 main kinds of drugs: hard, soft and legal. Hard drugs include heroin, cocaine, LCD and crack. Soft drugs are- marijuana, glue and ecstasy. Legal drugs include alcohol, tobacco, tranquilizers. The government in all countries tries to help the young addicts save their lives. Special hospitals have been opened; big antidrugs campaigns have been organized in schools. Many schools have a drug – educational programs for children. Programs like these books, videos and cassettes. Other problem with many teenagers is smoking. It kills more 2 million people a year. Each cigarette knocks 5 minute off life. For many teenagers a great problem is to control their weight. Many of them are keeping to a diet in early age. Hamburgers and pizzas are careful and are favorites among teenagers, few of them are careful about the diet, few buy fresh food (only 14%), 54% enjoy fast food, 62% eat a lot of snacks rather then 3 meals a day. 


Your childhood memory

My childhood memory.

When we were kids most of our parents thought that summer camp was the best way of rest for their children. So did our parents. I think that our memories about camp times are very similar. We spend there our time playing sport games on the open air, swimming, making friends. Sometimes we gambled on sweets, fruits, toys or wishes. When we had absolutely nothing to do we told each other terrible stories, or tried to invite ghosts. And I want to tell you about one day of my camp life.

My sister and I have never gone to camps in south cities of our country, that’s why the most part of our summer we spent in Dubna or near it. July was particularly cold that summer. But one day director and our camp teachers, who were mostly students of different universities, decided to made a special Neptune day. We all were taken to Lipnya island. It was raining and the weather was quite nasty. We weren’t allowed to swim, so we could only walk around the island and eat. That’s why our teachers invented us a special game: we had to run through the Lipnya’s forest finding footpaths by a special maps and signs on trees. Teaches decorated themselves to look like mermaids, frights and LESHIE(forest strange creatures). They hided somewhere in the forest and we had to find them and to took part in their special joke competitions.

       I remind you that it was pretty cold and we were dressed warmly. Our team went to the first competition and when we finally found our first group of teachers we saw that they were wonderful sea creatures. We were interested what they would told us and came closer…

And they threw all of us with dirty and sand from the beach, because they were bed sea creatures. The all day was as fun as this part. But we went home absolutely dirty. Our parents were shocked.      

Golden opportunity


You certainly know that some people divide world in two parts: East and West. For centuries it was thought, that in western societies the most important things were modern events and in eastern societies based on customs and traditions. And it will be very interesting to learn about this traditions as much as it possible. I think that traveling is the best way to enjoy it. Traveling is grate!

Certainly all the eastern countries are seemed to be very similar, but if to look closer, they are extremely different. I can’t visit all of them. And probably visiting Thailand is the golden opportunity to get to know much about typical eastern traditions and special customs of this country.

Thailand is famous for its hospitality, and the average visitor will have no difficulty in adapting to local customs. The following tips are mostly common sense, but to avoid giving offence, foreign visitors may find them useful.

When addressing a Thai person it is polite to use just their first name. In more formal situations you should use the word ‘Khun’. This is like ‘Mr’ and is used for addressing both men and women. It is not usual to shake hands when you meet a Thai person. Instead you do a ‘wai’ – you put your hand together as if you are saying a prayer, and bow your head slightly. You should always use this greeting when you meet older people. Couples should be careful about how they behave. You don’t see Thai couples kissing in public. The head is very important in Thai culture. It is not respectful to touch another person’s head. If you’re invited to someone’s home, you should always take off your shoes. It’s very important to remember this! When eating a meal with Thai people, you should expect the food to be served in large bowls in the centre of the table. Everyone helps themselves, using a spoon and fork. Finally, you should never insult the Thai royal family. Thais always show respect towards their royalty, and they expect visitors to do the same.



Mass media play an important role in the modern society. We live in the era of information. This information is necessary for our life, work and entertainment.


Mass media give us all kinds of information. The most important mass media are newspapers, radio, television and the Internet.

Newspapers and magazines are sold in the streets all around the city, but you can also subscribe to any papers and magazines you like at the post-office.


Television now gives people a great chance to learn about the world. Some people like to travel, yet you can not visit all places on the Earth. But television offers you a wide range of programmes about wild life and other countries. Such films as 芦Walking with Dinosaurs禄 and 芦Wild Life禄 are television masterpieces. The first one is the reconstruction of the life on the Earth and what it was like in the era of Dinosaurs. The other portrays wild animals in their habitat. Then there are news programmes, talk shows, quizzes and other kinds of programmes. What I like about TV is watching films. I like science fiction: 芦Star troopers禄, 芦Robocop禄, and 芦X-files禄, but I also watch films about Russian history by Parfyonov, Kiselyov, and alike. I would watch MTV if we had it. But if you spend too much time in front of your telly, it can ruin your eye-sight. Then you can become a couch potato, a person who lies on the sofa and watches TV. This person does not socialize, does not go in for sports. Some people call TV set 芦a boob tube禄 because they think that watching television turns a man into a booby (a fool). I can not agree with this point of view. I believe there are many useful things on TV.

The Internet is the newest kind of mass media. Only few people in Russia now use it on the regular basis. There are several reasons for that: it is rather expensive, not all places have connection and many people do not have telephones or computers, especially in the village. In the Internet you can now find any kind of information. It can be called a kind of combination of newspapers, radio, TV and computers. All main newspapers and broad卢casting companies have their sites in the Internet. So, you can find there the latest news without buying a paper. I'd like to use the Internet, because I can find there any information I want - information about different countries, pop stars' songs and even prepared papers on all topics. With e-mail and in chat rooms I can communicate with people all over the world. With the help of search engines one can easily find the necessary information.

All the mass media have their advantages. They supply us with political and other important information, entertain and give food for thought. But they also have some disadvantages. You can read your newspaper wherever you want, but you need a radio set if you want to listen to it. You can watch TV only in the place with a TV aerial and electricity. You need both telephone and electricity to navigate the Internet. But the worst thing about mass media is advertising. They all catch our attention just to get more money for the advertisements. I understand that they have to sell time to buy good films and make programmes, but it is a shame to cut a good film to show soap or beer. One more disadvantage is that informa卢tion is not always reliable, especially in the Internet.

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