A Underline the correct form.

1. Will/Are you going to buy a new computer? (a future plan and intention)

2. Will/shall I carry this notebook for you? ( an offer)

3. In the future computers will wright/are writing own software.(a prediction)

4. We will run/are running a new program on Tuesday. (an arrangement)

5. In the next decade implanted chips will correct/are correcting our poor vision. (a prediction)

6. I will study/am going to study Computer Science here next year. (a plan)

7. A This is heavy. B I will help/shall help you (an offer).

8. A You must bring my keyboard tomorrow. B I won’t/ am not going to forget. (a promise)

9. It’s getting dark. It is raining/ is going to rain soon. (a prediction)

10. A Do you have any plans for tonight? B I will meet/ am meeting some friends. (an arrangement)


B Complete the sentences with the correct future form of the verbs in parentheses.

1. _____ (I/shut) the door? It’s freezing in here. (a suggestion)

2. I _____ (travel) around Ukraine after my studies. (a plan)

3. I _____ (stay) at a friend’s house next Friday, because they’re painting mine. (an arrangement)

4. I _____ (make) the Easter cake tomorrow. (a promise)

5. That bag looks very heavy. _____ (I/carry) it for you. (an offer)

6. I _____ (go) on a diet after Easter. (an intention)

7. Look at the traffic! I don’t think he _____ (arrive) on time. (a prediction)

8. Hasn’t Ann come yet? Tell her I _____ (call) back in fifty minutes.

(an instant decision)

9. _____ (I/open) the window? It’s a bit stuffy in here. (a suggestion)

10.  We _____ (meet) some friends after studies tonight. (an arrangement)



1. (Pair work) Look at the chart and compare the two computers. Use fast, slow, expensive, cheap, big, small .

  Hi-Tech 2010 Series
Type PC Notebook
CPU 933 MHz 1.5 GHz
RAM 256 MB 512 MB
Monitor/Screen 17 inch 15 inch
Hard disk 20 GB 40 GB
Price €2,000 €2,999

Find some information about new computers on the Internet or in magazines. Choose the one you like. Make notes of its specifications. Explain why you like it .

Your elderly neighbour is going to buy a computer, but she doesn’t know much about them. Explain to her how it works and give your recommendations as to what computer to buy .

Unit 12


Reading and Vocabulary

Match the definitions/explanations in A (1 – 5) with the words in B (a – e):


following the fashion


a heap


the mass of soft grey matter inthe head, mind, intellect (colloq.)




number of things, mass of material, piled up




a diagram which shows the logical steps of a computer system




things wrongly done




Read the article below and complete it with a word from the task 1 (column B).

    Today computers are everywhere. When they came in use it was 1_____ to talk of them as ‘electronic 2_____’, but it is safer to think of them as ‘high-speed morons’. They will do the wrong thing as readily as the right, introduce error where there was none and do the stupid as readily as the seemingly intelligent. They are ignorant of right or wrong, good or bad, accurate or inaccurate.

People must supply these things and monitor what the machines do at all time, and these people are programmers. I think a programmer is the main figure today because a computer without a program is just a 3_____ of metal, and can you imagine our lives today without a computer?

    Programmers write programs using special languages called programming languages. They often do some systems analysis. Their first task is usually to analyze the problem, so that they can design a system to deal with it. When they have designed a code for a system and tested it, they then have to create documentation, that is, notes which explain the structure and logical steps of the program for future users and trainers. They have to be involved in the initial training of users, so that they can make changes to the program according to information obtained from the users.

They sometimes use diagrams, called flowcharts, to show the sequence of logical steps in a program. 4_____ have arrowheads to indicate the direction of program flow and special symbols to indicate different functions in the program.

    It is very difficult to write a program without any 5_____. The errors, or bugs as they are commonly known, can be caused by a number of factors, and programs usually have to be debugged, i.e. tested and altered to eliminate all the errors, before they are used.

    Programming is very stressful. Programmers are often asked to fix something on the network so that gives them a break. They never spend a whole day programming. It’s impossible. Things in computing are changing amazingly quickly so it’s vital to keep up.

Computer magazines and the Internet are good for finding out what’s new on the scene, and this takes up your free time as well as work time, but you enjoy it, especially at the end of the day when things are beginning to go well.

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