Find the following information in the text.

a. The origin of the word ‘fraction’.

b. Three types of fractions used today.

c. Another word for ‘common fraction’.

d. The definition of a proper fraction.

e. The definition of an improper fraction.


Work in groups. Match number symbols with the correct written expression.

Group A   Group B  
Three quarters .9 Nine-thousandths
Two-thirds 9.0 Ninety
One-fifth .009 Nine-tenth
A quarter 0.09 Nine point oh
One-tenth 90 Nine-hundredths
Five-halves 9.009 Point one nine
A third .19 Nine point oh oh nine
Group C   Group D  
.4 Point oh oh four 63 The negative of the cube root of six
4.0 Four point oh 1/63 Six to the third power
.004 Point four √63 The square root of six cubed
.04 Forty 63 One over six to the third power
40 Point oh four Six to the negative third power

Listen to your teacher and complete the conversion of non-metric measures into their metric equivalents

a. One inch equals ________________________________________

b. One foot equals ________________________________________

c. One yard equals ________________________________________

d. One acre equals ________________________________________

e. One mile equals ________________________________________

f. One pint equals _________________________________________

g. One gallon equals _______________________________________

h. One ounce equals _______________________________________

i. One pound equals _______________________________________

j. One stone equals ________________________________________



Unit 5


Reading and Vocabulary

Match the definitions/explanations in A (1–5) with the words in B (a–e):

1 companies, organizations a slag heaps
2 made in the earth from which coal (black mineral that burns and supplies heat) is extracted b enterprises
3 hills of waste matter dumped from mine c forged (figures)
4 shaped by heating and hammering d bustling
5 moving quickly and excitedly e coal mine


Read the article about Donetsk and complete it with a word from the task 1 (column B).

1. I study in Donetsk, which is a big city on the river Kalmius in the south-east of Ukraine. It has a population of more than a million people and it is Ukraine’s fourth biggest city.

2. The city was founded in 1869 by a Welshbusinessman, John Hughes, who built a steel plant near the 1_____ in Alexandrovka. The town that grew around the plant was named Yuzovka after him (‘Yuz’ being a Russian approximation of Hughes). During the Soviet times the city’s steel industry was expanded and in 1924 it was renamed Stalino (from Russian ‘stal’ meaning steel). Although Stalino comes from ‘steel’ during Nikita Khrushchev‘s destalinization in 1961 the city was renamed Donetsk, after the Seversky Donets river, in order to distance itself from the former leader Joseph Stalin. Yuzovka got its city status in 1917, and it became a regional center in 1933.

3. Donetsk is an important center of heavy industry and coal mining in the Donets Basin (Donbass) and Ukraine. There are 17 coal mines and more than 200 industrial 2____ including 5 metallurgical plants. Although Donetsk is an industrial city it’s very beautiful, and it’s great for walking around. There are lots of wide streets, green avenues and boulevards. Donetsk is also a cultural and educational center. It has three theatres: the Artyom Drama Theatre, the Anatoly Solovyanenko Opera and Ballet Theatre and the Puppet Theatre. There are about 140 museums, the Arts Museum and the Local Studies Museum being the most known. Donetsk has 5 universities, 3 academies and 11 institutes.

4. Donetsk is famous for its 3_____ and roses. It is called the city of a million roses. You can see roses everywhere! The biggest attractions to my mind are Pushkin boulevard, the 4_____Figures Park, and of course one of the best European stadiums Donbass Arena and the area around it. There are festivals called World Ballet Stars, Prokofyev Spring and Belle Canto Festival, but the main holiday is the Day of Donetsk which is celebrated in August, with a carnival and lots of fireworks.

5. I like living here because it’s 5_____with life. There are so many places to go with your friends – you are never bored, but the best things about Donetsk are the people and its friendly atmosphere.

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