Listen to your teacher and circle the correct symbol for the number you hear.

A 40 4 14
B 414 404 440th
C 513 530 533
D 2,832nd 3,382 2,300
E 82,260 82,216 83,216


Listen to your teacher and fill in the numbers.

City Population
New York  
Sao Paulo  

Unit 2


Reading and Vocabulary

1. Match the explanations/definitions in A (1 – 7) with the words in B (a – g):

1 measurement from bottom to top, distance to the top of sth from a level a build
2 general shape or structure of the human body b generous
3 lacking in generosity; selfish c extravert
4 ready to give, noble-minded d humour
5 capacity to cause or feel amusement e mean
6 a person more interested in what goes on around him than in his own thoughts and feelings, lively, cheerful person f sporty
7 to go in for sports (take part in or play) g height

Read the article and complete it with a word from the task 1 (column B)

Tanya My best friend’s name’s Kate. We’ve been friends since childhood. Kate is medium 1_____, a bit plump with short dark hair and green eyes and looks like her mother. She is not 2 _____ and she doesn’t play any sport game. Kate is quite 3 _____ and friendly. She gets on well with most of people. She is an intelligent girl, very 4_____, but a little lazy. She doesn’t talk much, she is good at listening. She is only in her first year at the faculty of Mathematics but she always copes with mathematical problems. She is very busy now but she always finds time for both her studies and her hobbies. Kate likes music and playing piano, reading and going out with her friends in her spare time Vadim My best friend is Maxim. We met at school. We’ve been friends for 9 years now. Max is tall and of strong 5_____. He looks like a sportsman, but, actually, he isn’t. He doesn’t play any sport, but he likes watching football on T.V. Maxim is a hardworking student. He always has excellent and good marks for his answers. He is open and friendly with a good sense of 6_____, but he is a bit 7_____. He is good at solving Calculus problems and is always ready to help his classmates. In his free time he likes music and playing guitar, but best of all he likes searching for some information on the Internet or playing


Find the words or phrases (1–8) in the text above which are explained / defined (a–h)? The first and the last letter are given to help you.

1 p---p a rounded, far in a pleasant-looking way
2 g-t on w--l with b work or live in a sociable way
3 i---------t c having, showing the power of learning, understanding and knowing
4 s---e time d additional to what is usually needed or in reserve for use when needed for leisure
5 be g--d at sth e efficient, competent, able to do satisfactorily what is required
6 c-- e with f manage successfully
7 s---e the problem g find the answer to (a problem)
8 s----h for h look carefully through


Test yourself. Cover the dictionary meanings/definitions and look at the words. What are the meanings?

Answer the questions about Tanya and Vlad’s friends.

1. What are they like?

2. What do they look like?

3. What do they like doing in their free time?

4. Do they go in for sports?

5. What do they have in common?


HELP box

Grammar focus: Questions without auxiliaries

Questions without an auxiliary · Do not use an auxiliary when the question word (Who? What? Which? How many?) is the subject of the verb in the question; the verb is used in the third person (when the question is used in one of the Present Tenses:
Subject Verb
What Which country Who happened won writes after the lecture? the Eurovision Song Contest? programmes for them?

Who writes their songs?

A Re-order the words in the chart below to make questions about Kate or Maxim .

1. Who medium is height
2. Who with on most of gets well people
3. What sport favourite Max’s is
4. What Kate’s is specialism
5. Who of a sense has good humour
6. What problems easy Max are to solve for
7. Who in time piano her plays free

B In pairs, ask and answer questions about Kate and Maxim.


1. In groups, ask one another about the date of birth, the telephone number and marks in Calculus and find out the following:

a. Whose birthday comes soon?

b. Whose telephone number ends with 5?

c. Who usually gets high marks in Calculus?

2. In pairs, describe the people whose profiles are given below and try to match them to their ‘ideal partners’.

What’s the ideal pair?

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