Find the words or phrases (1–7) in the text above which are explained / defined (a–g)? The first and the last letter are given to help you.

1 a---y to the university a ask for a place at the university
2 be a------d to the university b have the right to study at the university
3 t--e an exam/ p--s an exam c be tested on one’s knowledge or ability
4 a----d classes d go to, be present at
5 m--s classes e not to go, be absent
6 do r------h f investigate sth in order to discover new facts, get additional information
7 b------r g (a man or a woman who has taken) the first university degree


Test yourself. Cover the dictionary meanings and look at the words. What are the meanings?

Are the following statements about these two students true or false?

a. They are first-year students.

b. Dasha Klimova entered the university at a second go.

c. The Faculty of Mathematics and IT offers three courses.

d. These students have problems with Calculus.

e. Dima and Dasha are going to get their Master’s degree.

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Grammar focus: Questions with auxiliaries

Questions with an auxiliary · Put the auxiliary verb before the subject in questions, e.g.: Is he studying maths now? Are there any lectures in Computer science today? · If there is no other auxiliary, we use do/does (present simple), did (past simple) or will (future simple). · There are many question words in English which are used to find out more information about each other, e.g.:
Question word Auxiliary Subject Infinitive (without to)
What city / town Where Which CD Who When How many classes How much time do does did did will do do you she he you they they you live in? come from? buy? share a room with? graduate from the university? have a day? spend on doing your home tasks?



A Re-order the words in the chart below to make questions about Dima/Dasha.

Age? 1 How is old s/he
From? 2 Where s/he does come from
Entrance exams? 3 Did entrance exams s/he pass
External tests scores? 4 What his/her external were scores
Faculty? 5 What does s/he study faculty at
Course? 6 What does course take s/he
Subjects? 7 What s/he study subjects does
Lives in (at)? 8 Does a dormitory s/he live in
Future plans? 9 What s/he to do is after degree going his/her Bachelor’s


In pairs, ask and answer questions about Dima and Dasha

Interview your partner to complete the form


Name ______________

Nationality      ___________________________________________________

Address           ___________________________________________________

Place of birth   ___________________________________________________

Date of birth    ___________________________________________________

Place of study ___________________________________________________

Faculty            ___________________________________________________

Course of study ___________________________________________________

Interests          ___________________________________________________


A Complete the questions you need to ask to fill in the form

What               ___________________________________________________

What               ___________________________________________________

What               ___________________________________________________

Where              ___________________________________________________

Where              ___________________________________________________

When               ___________________________________________________

Where              ___________________________________________________

What faculty   ___________________________________________________

What course    ___________________________________________________

What               _______________________________________ in your free time.

Learn mathematics in English

Cardinal and ordinal numbers

In pairs, practice reading cardinal/ordinal numerals in the table below. Cover the column with spoken forms of numerals and then read number symbols in the direct or reverse order (Take turns).

For example: A asks B to read numerals from 11 till 21 or from 222nd till 201st. A checks and corrects the answer.



1 One 1st First
2 Two 2nd Second
3 Three 3rd Third
4 Four 4th Fourth
5 Five 5th Fifth
6 Six 6th Sixth
7 Seven 7th Seventh
8 Eight 8th Eighth
9 Nine 9th Ninth
10 Ten 10th Tenth
11 Eleven 11th Eleventh
12 Twelve 12th Twelfth
13 Thirteen 13th Thirteenth
14 Fourteen 14th Fourteenth
15 Fifteen 15th Fifteenth
16 Sixteen 16th Sixteenth
17 Seventeen 17th Seventeenth
18 Eighteen 18th Eighteenth
19 Nineteen 19th nineteenth
20 Twenty 20th Twentieth
21 Twenty-one 21st Twenty-first
22 Twenty-two 22nd Twenty-second
30 Thirty 30th Thirtieth
40 Forty 40th Fortieth
50 Fifty 50th Fiftieth
60 Sixty 60th Sixtieth
70 Seventy 70th Seventieth
80 Eighty 80th Eightieth
90 Ninety 90th Ninetieth
100 A/one hundred 100th Hundredth
101 A/one hundred and one 101st One hundred and first
222 Two hundred and twenty-two 222nd Two hundred and twenty second
1,000 A/one thousand 1,000th Thousandth
2,008 Two thousand and eight 2,000th Two thousand and eighth
10,000 Ten thousand 10,000th Ten thousandth
100,000 A/one hundred thousand 100,000th Hundred thousandth
555,555 Five hundred and fifty-five thousand five hundred and fifty-five 555,555th Five hundred and fifty five thousand five hundred and fifty-fifth
1,000,000 A/one million 1,000,000th Millionth
5,000,003 Five million and three 5,000,003rd Five million and third


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