Do you recycle or throw away all the waste?

I should say I fully support recycling and always try to do it. In our school students collect old newspapers, metal cans, plastics. We stick to the point that old newspapers, plastics and metals aren’t garbage and they can be recycled. Some people hate recycling. They claim it's a waste of time, money, effort, and energy. According to this point of view, recycling is an example of "feel-good" environmentalism: something people do mainly to make themselves feel better. It's very easy to find statistics about the benefits of recycling. For example, by recycling 1 ton of newspapers we save 17 trees. Of all the different materials we toss in the trash, plastics cause by far the biggest problem. They last a long time in the environment without breaking down—sometimes as much as 500 years. Throwing things away is a bad habit; recycling them is a good habit. Recycling isn't all that difficult: it's simply a matter of changing your habit. The essential difference between a bag of trash and a bag of valuable, recyclable waste is that the trash is all mixed up together and the recyclable waste is sorted out and separated.

What would you like to ask your local authorities about measures that are taken to protect the environment in your area?

Are there any environmental organisations in our area? 

Do all the schools in our town take part in any programmes to protect environment? 

What measures are taken by our local authority to protect the environment?

I wonder who controls the discharge of waste at our local enterprises.

What can you say about the ecological situation in our area?

Are you optimistic about the future of the humanity?


Green School of the Year contest is held in the country and you want your school to enter it. Give advice on how to organise some «green events».

I have some ideas for my school to enter Green School of the Year contest. First of all we should turn off all unnecessary lights and turn off appliances at the mains. We can organize planting as many trees as possible and enter the international competition ‘Plant your own forest’. We can hold a campaign ‘Reuse your mobile phone’. Teenagers change their mobile phones very often. So they can donate their old phones to their peers in poorer countries. I can also suggest organizing a campaign ‘Put your gum in a bin’, as in the UK people buy about 1000 million packets of chewing gum a year and it costs 150 million pounds to clean up. And the main suggestion that we should smile and smile back as people’s mood is based on how they are get treated. Everything we do adds up and  makes the world the way we want it.

5. People say that the ecological problems in Belarus are serious. What do you think about it?

The cities of Belarus are heavily polluted, especially industrial centers such as Soligorsk and Novopolatsk, largely because of the development of heavy industries in the years following World War II (1939-1945). Automobile exhaust is now the source of about half the air pollution in the cities. The nuclear accident of Chernobyl has seriously aggravated the ecological situation in Belarus. About 18 per cent of the country‘s soil is unfit for farming and some districts of the country are dangerous to live. The worse situation is in big cities and towns. Millions cars and factories pollute the air we breathe. Deforestation also aggravates the ecological situation in the country. Another area of concern is the number of threatened species. For example, bison were once plentiful in Belarus but are now endangered and protected by government decree.

Belarus is already suffering consequences of climate changes reflected on yield, river flow and average annual temperature rise. Today floods represent a great problem for the country. Sudden and premature dramatic seasonal changes cause snow pack to melt and river overflow, flooding the surrounding terrain. Heavy storms occasionally occur, forcing evacuations, causing great damages on electric grids and great financial damage in general.


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