Many teachers assign homework to students every day.

I believe that daily homework is not necessary. Students already spend most of the day in

school. They need their time outside of school to do other things. They need time to spend

with their families, to work, and to just relax. They can learn their lessons with homework

two or three times a week, but every day isn't necessary.

All students need to spend time with their families. They are still young and they need the

guidance and support their parents can give them. They need the companionship of their

brothers and sisters. In addition, many families rely on their older children to help out at

home. They take care of the younger children and help with the cooking and cleaning. If

students have too much homework, they won't have time for their families.

Many high school students have jobs. They go to their jobs after school and on weekends.

Some work in order to help their families. Others work to save money for college. Students'

jobs are important to them. If they have too much homework, they won't have time and

energy to go to work.

Students need time to relax. They study hard in school all day and many work at jobs after

school. But they are still young. They need to spend time with their friends and have fun.

When students relax with friends, they then have more energy for school and work. They have

a chance to develop social skills or to pursue their own interests. Having free time is important

for a child's development. If students have too much homework, they won't have time for


Homework is important for students, but other things are important, too. Some homework

is good, but daily homework can take time away from a student's family, job, and relaxation.

There needs to be a balance.

Is daily homework necessary?

There is much controversy about the necessity of daily homework for students. Some say homework is necessary since practice makes perfect, while others disagree because they believe a student should have the freedom to study whatever in whatever forms just as he/she likes to. Many teachers believe that daily homework is the key to education and school success.

In my opinion, daily homework is necessary for students. First, a teacher could assign homework as a measure for the students to study. A student needs guidance from a teacher because he/she does not have an overall understanding of the knowledge he is going to study from the teacher. This means, at the beginning, a student could not well plan his/her study, just as a kid who is for the first time in a swimming pool could do nothing but to play with water. A teacher could make a good study plan for him/her, so that he/she could learn efficiently.

Daily homework is the best way for students to review what he learned during the day, study on the problems that he does not understand, and prepare for the next day's work.

Secondly, even when a student has already understood what he/she should do in order to master some skill or knowledge, he/she is still unwilling to do this for the lack of motivation. Hey, do not tell me that you have never been lazy at all when you were young. Some homework could function as a task for the student to perform which is helpful to motivate him/her.

Daily homework is the bases of success in exams. This is especially true for those students who are not so bright, and the only way to succeed at school is doing homework each day.

Thirdly, homework is an important form of feedback for a teacher to understand the effectively of his/her teacher. As I have mentioned before, a teacher makes a study plan for the students; but does it really work? Or does it work for all the students? It's not difficult to know this only if the teacher pays some attention to the homework of the students. Then he/she may be able to find if there's some problems in his/her teaching, and make corresponding adjustment of his/her teaching, either for all the students or for a single one. Without some feedback, it is impossible for the teacher to do this. A test is also a good form of feedback, but obviously one or two tests are not enough, and sometimes this kind of feedback just comes too late.

Daily homework can help students develop good learning habits. Learning is not always an enjoyable experience and students always need to spend hard time on it.

However, this conclusion might be misleading that one may believe all forms of homework are necessary. Actually, only proper amount of homework in proper forms is acceptable; some homework may not only fail to help the students, but on contrary bore them, so much so that they may lose their innate interest to study. "Proper" homework, in my opinion, should vary in its forms; it might be some extensive reading, a paper, or even just a game, as well as other ordinary exercises. And it should leave enough freedom to the students so that they could do things they really like to do with self-motivation, rather than unwillingness. We should always remember that homework is something for us to guide the students, rather than drive them. Only if a teacher keeps this in his/her mind, the homework could be of most help to the students.

Life requires us to keep learning in order to catch on with this fast pacing society. A good learning habit and method that we developed when we are students can benefit us for the rest of our life.


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