В did not remember                

Вариант 1 раздел 1

B) A proposal to adopt a wider perspective 4

C)       Where there is a will, there is a way 5

D)      Opposing priorities 3

E)       Initial efforts to support human rights 2

F)       The price of ethics 1

Раздел 2

According to the text, social networks

A) are being used by businesses for marketing.  

Why do advertisers like social network sites?

 A) Detailed information on each user allows targeted ads. 

What does the word 'Few' at the beginning of paragraph 6 mean?

 A) Hardly any 

What should users not do on social networks?

 A) be too free with their personal information 

Personal information on social network sites

 A) can be used in court 

Раздел 3

11) voluntary work as an assistance for unemployed people H

12) the impact of voluntary work on the development of individuals D

13) the requirement for both selflessness and self-interest in volunteers G

14) various areas in which people volunteer C

15) the benefit of voluntary work for the young E

16) a mistaken view of volunteering A

Раздел 4

A where event like this one are uncommon 21

B which gets delivered nationwide 17

C that were due for delivery that day 20

F which the driver later said was heavier than usual 19

G who was a regular visitor to the prisoner 18

Раздел 5

22. D most  23. C high             24. B upon           

25. A can   26. B qualified 27. C be reached  

28. D refresh 29. B interested 30.A choose         

31.C much        

Раздел 6

32       D        were

B        be living

34       A        at

C        asking

36       B        less

D        are sent

38    B         ask                           

C          love                  

40       B        were

C        are dying

42       D        are damaged

Вариант 2. раздел 1

B.       How the USA constitution was adopted. 2

C.       The role of the president in the US political system. 4

E.       National emblems of the USA. 1

F.       The content of the American constitution. 3

G.       The major political parties of the country. 5

Раздел 2

Joseph Pulitzer came to America because

D. the text does not say

As well as writing for newspapers

B. was the boss of some newspapers..

Pulitzer became an American citizen

B. in 1867.

What did the New York World not do?

B. Establish a famous prize for journalism.

The Pulitzer prizes are for

C. high quality journalism.

Раздел 3

A.which shows just how comprehensive the collection is 13

B. knowing that it is everything you've asked for 16

C. as an additional welcome 14

E. when you buy any other House of Bath item(s) 15

F. that cater for your entire country lifestyle 11

G. that we've come up with 12

Раздел 4

a)        Global Language 21

c)Great Borrower 20

f) French Influence 19

g) Crazy English 18

h) Do You Speak Cockney? 17

Раздел 5

22 C launched 23 B has come 24 D busiest

25 B have written 26 C bearing  27 A by

28 D can 29 B      more than 30 C As

31 A to increase

Раздел 6

32       A) considering

B) Diverse

34       D) known

D) stands for

36       C) Heritage

D) complete

38       B) Located

C) Include

40       B) Stay

A) around

42       A) gates


Вариант3. раздел1

A.       The Baker Rose Graduate Recruitment Programme  1

B.       Minimum qualifications 3

C.       When and how to apply 4

D.       Training programme 2

F.       Sponsorship 5


The main idea of the text is that

В the exchange of information and technology development are extremely important for today's world.

For man y people in developing countries information is not a priority because

D they have so many problems in satisfying their physical needs that the y don't have time to think about modern technologies.

The term «digital divide» is used to describe

A the contrast between countries that have information technology and those that don't.

The main reason why the United Nations wants the new technology to be spread in developing countries is to

C make local communities, languages and cultures stronger.

According to the text, one of the challenges of spreading the informational technology is that

A the spread of technology doesn't obviously mean the growth of working places.


A I never quite leave home 11

B but human nature does not 15

C that we are now harvesting 13

E not worse than those who came before us 12

F just as the farmers who came before me did 16

G that our ancestors have gone through this before 14


A as the story says, acquired its symbolic meaning thanks to a Scandinavian goddess.19

C represented life and immortality in ancient Egypt.21

D which can be found in man y world cultures, shows the link between people and their gods.20

F can be seen on many modern flags as a sign of peace and unity.18

G was depicted by Pablo Picasso on a poster for the World Peace Congress in 1949.17


22  B to return 23 A           was  24 D  killed

25 B dressed 26 A was admired for  27 B to be

28 D would win 29 C          to give up 30 B Was finally caught 31 B          to defeat

Раздел 6

32 B job 33 A warning 34 A education 35 B turned out 36 C secrets 37 D career 38 D trends 39 C directing 40 B chance 41 A expected 42 A make

Вариант4. раздел 1

A.       Preserving the scene 2

B.       Photographing the scene 4

C.       Assessing the scene 1

E.       The search for evidence 5

F.       Recording the scene  3


a) fights against criminals and against gender stereotypes 10

b) developed a characteristic new habit while giving up an old one 9

c) had an innocent appearance but always got to the bottom of things 8

g) can currently be seen in new TV episodes 3 4 7

h) appeared to be inexperienced and inattentive 6


A Although people do not expect much from the internet these days, this will change in the future. 16

B The managers recognize that customers find them impersonal and unnatural.13

C First National is also preparing to adopt this personal approach to its internet banking.15

D They have the attitude that some skills, such as keyboard skills and so on, can be taught, but a member of staff can’t be taught to be a nice person.12

F And if customers try to contact the bank by telephone, they are put through to a call centre in another country where they have to speak slowly in order to be understood.11

G Not everyone wants a chatty, friendly service.14


A.       contact details 21

B.       shock tactics 18

D.       appearance 20

F.       hypothetical questions 19

G.       one person's experience advice 17


22. C fit 23. D turned 24. D whole 25. B to                     

26. C joined 27. A fighting 28. B missing                       

29C put on 30. A of  31. B help 32. A get     


 33 A acted

В was

35 С always arrived

С was been repeated

37 A knew                           

D insisted

39 А decided to play                             

А entered                  

41 D was sitting

В did not remember                


Вариант 5. раздел 1

A Information System 5

C Student Profile 1

E Information Resources 4

F Housing and Facilities 3

G Extracurricular Activities 2

Раздел 2

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